4 Common Problems with YT Bikes (Reasons Revealed)

YT Bikes Problems

YT Bikes are among the top-class mountain bikes I use from time to time. Good grip, excellent balancing with a stylish design are the definition of this bike

People associate YT Bikes with the classification that caters to bikers of all types – from newbies to professionals. 

They have different models and I’m sure you may have seen a product or two from YT Industries at the bike store. 

People love many things about them, but alas! 

As with all top manufacturers, there are still certain flaws that, unfortunately, are reducing the general outlook of the brand. 

Some common problems you might experience with YT bikes are listed below:

  • High price
  • Bad customer service
  • Delay in delivery 
  • Poor warranty

Before we go into the issues you may encounter if you’re looking to buy one, let’s do a bit of a review of the bike and the company in general.

History of YT Industries

YT Industries, makers of the YT Mountain bikes, was founded by Markus Flossmann in early 2007. His major purpose was to provide economically feasible bikes for all riders.

In addition to beginner mountain bikes, Flossmann decided to expand into premium bikes with additional features. These bikes were tailored for expert bikers. 

An additional feature is the light carbon frames that also come with suspension brakes

The industry has its factory based in Forchheim, Germany. However, the bikes are designed by Markus and his team before they are sent to the factory for assembling

According to them, YT (Young Talent) industries operate a direct-to-consumer mechanism, which allows them to interact directly with the consumers

Although the company was running for a long time in Europe, it was not until 2015 before it expanded into the United States. 

According to them, their YT bikes feature a tubeless design with some tools in the entire package.

Categories of YT Bikes

There are different categories of bikes from this company. Here are some categories to watch out for:

  • E-MTB Enduro Bikes
  • Junior Bikes
  • Downhill Bikes
  • Enduro Bikes
  • All-Mountain Bikes
  • Dirt Bikes
  • Trail Bikes
  • E-MTB All-Mountain Bikes

Problems of the YT Bikes

Generally, many people say the YT Bikes are some of the best in the market. However, you will likely experience some issues with the bike that might arise from time as you use the bike. 

Here are possible flaws to watch out for:

1. Expensive Pricing

While the bikes come in different features, the pricing is something you should watch out for. 

If you’re looking to get a bike and are on a budget, you might want to reconsider your decision. 

Here are some of the prices for their bikes,

  • The Young Talent All-Mountain Bike: $3,568.00 – $6,186.00
  • The Young Talent Enduro Bike: $3,211.00 – $8,922.00
  • The Young Talent Downhill Bike: $4,163.00 – $7,494.00
  • The Young Talent Dirt Bike: $1,902.00

The prices are pretty high for mountain bikes which are out of budget for people who want a bike on a budget.

If the company claims they have a structure that eliminates the middleman, the pricing should be lower than what is obtained currently.

Some people complain that there are no financial options available for the purchase as well. 

For an international company just expanding into the United States, this option should be available to people who want a YT Bike but can’t pay for it outright. 

2. Bad Customer Service

YT Company is one of the top bike companies in the US right now.

However, like a giant company, they also suffer from the bad customer service menace. 

In fact, the issue with their customer service may be the terrible thing disrupting them from increased sales. 

The customer service takes long before responding to a request, complaint, or inquiry. 

This delay could be months, and sometimes it could leave you desperate to stop your bid to purchase a YT bike. 

One of the best things I look out for whenever I’m going for bikes is the quality of the customer service. 

This may seem a common problem with the big corporations, which have to deal with many orders, especially with them importing their products into the US. 

It may seem as if they’re deceiving the public, yet a simple response to a customer could be the way to quell rumors.

Unfortunately, YT Industries is lacking in this regard.

3. Delays in Delivery

I get it. Doorstep delivery of bikes from the warehouse could be a headache. 

The logistics behind moving one mountain bike is almost a headache, which is not suitable for business. 

Older users of this company’s bike have decried longer delays in their bikes reaching their doorstep.

It becomes worse when they check the website, and the only notification you’re getting is “your order is on the way.” 

Really frustrating! 

A longer delay will lead you to go back to the customer service for answers. Delay in responses begins, and if you’re lucky, you could get an explanation in days or not. 

Some people prefer to pick up their orders themselves, but what if there is no distribution center in your region? 

It could be a real headache. 

4. Inadequate Warranty

Warranties are an essential aspect of every business, especially for a popular firm like YT Bikes. 

The warranty is inadequate and does not cover a simple matter as paint issues or paint defects on the bike. 

If the warranty cannot cover painting, I wonder what else the warranty will cover. 

The warranty is not effective at all for a company that claims they have the customer’s welfare at heart. 

Some of the bikes start showing signs of paint degradation from the first six months of use, which could be frustrating. 

If the warranty won’t cover, then there’s no need to spend such an amount of money on a bike which you’ll likely take to the mechanic and spend your hard-earned money on. 

Luckily, the warranty extends to 5 years and not the regular one or two years offers we see with other manufacturers. 

In addition, the company claims there is no estimated time for delivery for a bike if they eventually accept a warranty offer. 

The bikes are returned to Germany for repairs. 

Not good enough!

Wrapping Up

Many mountain bikes are available in the market, and YT bikes are one of the tops.

No doubt, the quality of their bikes is top-notch and comes with different purposes too. The manufacturer uses some excellent materials for the production of the bikes. 

However, the issues stated may be a cause of worry, but if you are ready to overlook them, YT might be a great bike for you after all.

However, the ultimate decision is yours. 

YT bikes are still among the class of quality mountain bikes though. But keep these issues in mind before buying. 


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