Are YRU Shoes Good Quality? (7 Hacks To Know)

YRU Shoes Good Quality

If you want to buy new shoes to add to your shoe collection or gift a friend, then YRU might be a good option. Especially if your friend has a thing for platform shoes as they have a variety from sandals to boots. The best part is they are pretty affordable.

But are YRU shoes good quality?

YRU shoes are the best bet for people who enjoy platform shoes, and they have a vast collection of platform sneakers, boots, and sandals, ensuring you are spoilt for choice. They are the best shoes for people who like exercising their freedom while expressing their individuality.

Despite their striking and unique look, some people are still dissatisfied with their purchases. But don’t let a few complaints deter you from getting yourself a pair. 

Do your research, and if you have time, it would be best to visit any YRU retail outlet to have a look and do a fitting to ensure you get the pair that meets your needs.

1. What is the Quality of YRU Shoes?

Although many are satisfied with the quality of YRU shoes, some buyers did not have a great experience, especially with the Sheidlina-Sand Storm, as the shoes fell apart after wearing for the first time. In addition, the rings in the shoe’s platform were not fixed properly. And some complained of poor artistry. Thus not worth the price.

With that said, some customers have positive experiences with their purchases and the services extended by YRU. At the same time, some had negative experiences. So do not base your purchase on people’s experience alone, do your research and see which shoes have the most complaints. 

Reviews will help you determine which high-quality shoes are best. You can use various review sites, including Sitejabber, Trustpilot, Reddit, Amazon, Hot topic, and review meta. You can also visit the YRU website and their social media channels.

Influencers also post reviews on products, so look for bloggers and vloggers who have posts reviewing YRU products, and you might come across a pair of shoes that would be the best fit for you.

2. Are the Shoes Comfortable?

Many people have positive things to say about the comfort level of YRU shoes, and many would recommend them 100%. But some had an awful experience, especially with platform shoes because they are high they might trip you. This is also attributed to the fact that the platform is together with glue instead of sewn.

Therefore, you’d better take it to a cobbler to sewn after buying and lace it up to your ankles to give your foot enough support not to trip.

You should size up to give your feet an allowance if you have a wide foot when buying. And the best part is that the laces will allow you to adjust the shoe’s fit.

3. Does YRU Protect their Customer’s Data

YRU respects their customers; they have put measures to protect their customer’s private information. They also use the data collected on their customers to learn their likes and design shoes that meet their needs, making their shopping experience more fun. 

Therefore, it’s safe to shop online on the YRU website as your banking information is safeguarded from hackers. YRU does not sell its customer’s data to third-party advertisers.

4. What is YRU Return Policy?

YRU allows returns of products within 15 days from the date the order was dispatched. But, after 15 days have elapsed, you cannot return your purchases, so pick up your shoes and have a fitting to determine if you need to return for a refund or exchange. 

However, keep in mind that items sold during a sale are not eligible for return. And every item sold at full price can be refunded, but the shipping cost is not refunded.

Any item that was extended a discount code can be exchanged for another item that goes for the same value, or you can claim store credit to be used at a future date.

When returning an item, include a note with your package with the order number, the reason for return, and your request. This will help YRU to process your refund or exchange faster.

You must ensure that the shoes are clean and have not been worn; otherwise, YRU will not accept the return. The shoes must also be in their original packaging and a shipping bag, or you will be required to pay $25.

Any refund will be effected within seven business days, and an email will be sent to your address with all the details. 

If you are an international client, all sales are final. So make sure that you’ve selected exactly what you want and pick your item on time because if it’s returned to YRU, you will be required to pay shipping fees anew. 

Note: YRU is not responsible for any damages to the shoes that were bought from other retailers

5. How is YRU Customer Service?

YRU has a prompt customer service team, and the most commonly asked questions are already answered in their FAQ section. 

However, like every other team, YRU is not without a blemish as some people complain of them being rude and insulting their customers. Some even claim that their emails were not replied to. 

6. What is the Pricing of YRU Shoes?

YRU shoes are pretty affordable because, with $20, you will get quality and unique shoes. The best part is that YRU websites extend gift certificates to their customers, and purchases made with gift certificates are processed within 24 hours. 

YRU has listed all the products on their sites with their prices, and if you are lucky, you will find that some are on sale for a much lower price. They also have a detailed description of the items from the color, size, fit, and the material used. This will help you make an informed decision. 

So always be on the lookout as prices are subject to change without notice.

7. What is the Shipping Process of YRU Shoes?

YRU sites state that shipping takes about 3 to 7 business days for all orders made within the United States. However, the delivery timeline may change due to unforeseen circumstances depending on YRU order fluctuation. And once the order is delivered to your state address, YRU is not liable for any loss or damage to the item.

Despite their set shipping timeframes, some customers complained about delays in their order shipping, and some were not delivered. And upon contacting the company’s customer care, they took them on a goose chase and were rude. 

Some got a full refund, while others got a partial refund after hounding them with calls. But keep in mind that the shipping fee is not refundable.

The downside about YRU is that they still list shoes that are out of stock on their website and keep selling to their customers, which is an inconvenience as the customers do not get their orders on time.

Final Thoughts

YRU shoes are the best for people who love platform shoes. And the best part is that they are pretty affordable, and their website provides a detailed description of all the items to make your purchase easier. 

When buying YRU shoes, you’d better do thorough research to avoid the ones with many complaints. Make sure to apply the tips above when buying YRU shoes.