Are Yeezy Shoes Good? (6 Hacks To Know)

Yeezy Shoes Good

Stylish shoes make us look and feel good. As insignificant as it may seem to some, shoes, among other accessories, reflect who we are and how we feel as we wear them. Shoes that can double as casual and sporty shoes are a joy to own.

Picture life with dull and fashion backward shoes. Boring right? Let’s get back to the good stuff. Imagine having a closet full of stylish, comfortable, and head-turning shoes. You’ll have a shoe for every occasion. No lack of variety!

Are Yeezy Shoes Any Good?

My friends and I have this thing where we collect timeless and fashion-forward pairs of shoes. Before then, I didn’t care much about the name behind the shoes I wore. But once I started wearing shoes from renowned brands, I couldn’t wear anything else.

It’s never about the price tag. When we attended a shoe launch for a famous brand, the experts spoke about the peace of mind from wearing a high-quality pair of shoes. I noticed he was wearing a Yeezy shoe (he looked good in it too).

After the launch, we all went home with a pair of Yeezys. The launch was over a year ago, and I’m now on my third pair.

So, are Yeezy shoes really good?

Absolutely! Yeezys are a designer brand. The company upholds exclusivity and top-notch quality in its products. After all, Kanye West came up with the original design. His aim was to offer customers an affordable yet unrivaled shoe brand. Yeezys come in various shapes and sizes too!

Choosing a pair of shoes is draining because you want them to be worth the buck and last long. Yeezys shoes wipe away all the sweat and tears by providing numerous options. However, before I make you fall in love with Yeezys even more, here are some wonderful facts.

Yeezy Shoes: The Backstory

February 2015 marked the release of the first Yeezy shoe, the Yeezy Boost 750. This release kicked off Yeezy season one and Kanye West’s first Adidas sneaker.

That was the beginning of wonderful partnerships, producing some of the world’s favorite sneakers. Yeezy shoes have been around since 2015, and their popularity is unmatched.

Yeezy shoes are a result of a partnership deal between Kanye West and Adidas (probably the best combo ever).

What Are the Benefits of Yeezys?

If you’re on your way to buy a pair of Yeezys, hold on for some more fascinating information. You won’t think twice about getting at least a pair after this.


Comfortability is no compromise with Yeezys. These shoes have ultra-soft padding and cushioned innersoles.

When wearing Yeezys, you feel like you’re stepping on fresh buns. Warm and soft. I know that’s a weird comparison, but you’ll understand what I mean once you wear them.


Not everyone can afford Yeezys, but that’s not a bad thing after all. Yeezys are a unique shoe brand whose value is only appreciated by fashionable individuals.

Undoubtedly, the price of Yeezys is on the upper side. However, anyone willing to spend up to $550 understands the wonderful features that come with Yeezys.

Unique Designs

Most sneaker brands create sneakers that look similar to their competitors’. However, Yeezy shoes have a unique styling system. 

Kanye West came up with the initial design, and Yeezy fans appreciate every stitch that goes into these shoes.

Wide Range of Options

Yeezy shoes are excellent because they suit men and women alike. The color variety is also a breath of fresh air since most companies have white, gray, and black options. Yeezy shoes have mono clay, ash pearls, and safflower options.  

Are There Different Types of Yeezy Shoes?

Yes. In fact, there are more Yeezy shoes than I thought was possible. Usually, exclusive brands have minimal options to choose from. You should have seen my face when I went shopping for my last pair of Yeezys. I was like a kid in a supermarket snack aisle.

Here are a few options available:

Yeezy Boost 750

The Yeezy Boost 750 was the first-ever Adidas and Kanye collab. The shoe came in four colors. Chocolate, glow in the dark, triple black, and light-brown. It was a cool high-top sneaker with a full suede upper, zipper running up the back heel, and cushioned sole.

Yeezy Boost 350 V2

The upper on this shoe is composed of re-engineered Primeknit. However, that’s not all, as the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 has reflective threads going into the laces. I won’t fail to mention the insole with Adidas’s innovative BOOST technology.

Yeezy Boost 950

The Yeezy Boost 950 is a perfect option if you’re looking for a streetwear vibe. The shoe has distressed laces and a nylon and textile upper. There’s an elevated, high-profile midsole, excellent for performance. This shoe had its audience as prices are as high as $2300 in some stores (resale price).  

How To Choose Yeezy Shoes?

Choosing from a list of incredible shoes might prove difficult. However, here are the essential features to guide you:


When you settle on Yeezy shoes, go in with a budget. I promise you’ll overspend if there’s no strict budget to follow. Some shoes cost more than others, so you need to consider that while drafting the budget.


If we were talking about anything other than shoes, I’d advise you to buy what most people are buying. However, your taste and preferences are vital in determining which Yeezy shoe pleases you the most.

Unique Features

Yeezy shoes fall under luxury shoes. Because of that, they have unique features, setting them apart from other shoe brands. Working with Adidas also gave Yeezys the best technologies, such as the BOOST Technology.

How Much Do Yeezy Shoes Cost?

Yeezy shoes are among the most expensive shoe brands in the market. Why? They are unique and exclusive shoes. The cheapest model costs about $200, and the most expensive goes for about $1500 (depending on the color).

 The price of Yeezys depends on the following:

  • The model and make
  • The color
  • Unique features

Yeezy shoes are an excellent investment. Unfortunately, only a few of each shoe get into the market, specifically 40,000 pairs, which means, that fewer people buy the shoe. That’s how you remain exclusive.  

Yeezys cannot be low-quality or sub-standard for the price they go for. Therefore, issues like returns are impossible to hear.

In short, Yeezys are all you’ve ever dreamed of and more. They have impeccable features and are affordable, considering they are a luxury brand.

The Bottom Line

I, like many others, prefer to spend a lot of money on a high-quality product. Yeezys, don’t disappoint in this sector. The brand is well-known for its outstanding pieces. Moreover, the founder is famous, increasing credibility and popularity.  

Yeezys are undoubtedly unique. You won’t see the style and features of Yeezys anywhere else, as they are excellent for your streetwear and contemporary vibe.  


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