6 Wood Flooring Going With Teak Furniture (With Pictures)

Floor going with teak furniture

Teak is a premium flooring option because of its scarcity and the advantages it comes with. On average, teak flooring can cost you between $9 to $13 per square foot.

Compared to other popular hardwood floorings in the US which range between $4 to $8 per sq, teak flooring is a very expensive option.

That is why most household owners with teak furniture often look for hardwood flooring alternatives that can go with teak furniture. 

Overall, you have several options when it comes to teak flooring alternatives that will match teak furniture. Wood is a versatile flooring material that comes in several colors and styles from different species of trees. 

To help you uncover the type of wood flooring that goes with teak furniture, we spoke to 22 designers and settled on what the majority suggested. Just read and learn. 

Oak Wood Flooring

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Oak is the most popular hardwood species that is used in flooring in the US. Most people love it because it is affordable, durable, and easy to work on.

White Oak is the most preferred type of Oak flooring by most US households. This is because it has a high level of hardness that makes it durable to high traffic levels in your home. 

When it comes to matching your teak furniture, white Oak still remains a strong option. Unstained Oak offers a raw organic look that serves as a great foundation on which you build layers and layers of colors. 

Though it has a lighter color than teak furniture, you can easily customize it to match your preferred teak furniture color. You can choose from a wide range of colors to stain it. You can stain it to acquire lines or darker streaks just like teak furniture. 

Alternatively, you can install the white Oak flooring and let it undergo a natural change. White Oak undergoes moderate color change over time taking a color between yellow and orange  (amber). This is a close color to that of natural teak which is honey brown. 

Though red Oak is slightly below white Oak in the Janka hardness scale, it is still a better option for its visual appeal. Even better, its natural color (reddish to amber) is closer to that of teak furniture than White Oak.

So, if you don’t want to go through the process of staining your Oak flooring to get teak furniture color, you can simply go for red Oak flooring. 

Walnut Wood Flooring

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American walnut is an excellent option for hardwood flooring since it is decay-resistant. Though walnut flooring tends to be more expensive than Oak due to their scarcity, they are much cheaper than teak flooring. 

The best part, some Walnut flooring looks pretty much like natural teak furniture. It comes in a range of colors from a very light tan to dark brown to almost black color. With this, you are sure to find one that looks exactly like your teak furniture in terms of color. 

Pine Wood Flooring

While pine is softwood rather than hardwood, it is still a durable and perfect choice for home flooring. One of the advantages it comes with as softwood is that it is budget-friendly. 

Most importantly, pine also comes close to teak furniture color. The best option is the white pine flooring that you can stain to match your teak. 

But if you want to install it naturally without staining, the pine will develop into an amber or orange patina (pumpkin pine) with time. Pumpkin pine color comes much closer to that of teak furniture than what most hardwood flooring will offer to you. 

Bamboo Wood Flooring

Bamboo is a type of hardened hardwood flooring. This is not a natural wood but considered hardwood flooring because of its appearance. 

The color of natural bamboo is pale yellow, almost white. When heated, it acquires a coffee brown color – something that is very close to the honey brown color of teak furniture. That said, bamboo flooring can perfectly go with your teak furniture. 

You should also note that bamboo is not easy to stain like real wood. Therefore, you will find most home improvement stores selling it prefinished in a number of color variations so that it may go with a wide range of home decor.

But if you want something that will perfectly match your teak furniture the heated coffee brown bamboo is the best. 

Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry is a hardwood but a bit softer than other hardwoods like Oak. For that reason, it tends to be cheaper than most hardwoods out there. 

Cherry is close-grained hardwoods like teak. The flooring mostly comes in light reddish-brown color with visible swirling grain. 

However, cherry is known to be highly photosensitive and will darken in a few months after installation acquiring a color that looks more like that of teak furniture. 

But have it in mind that cherry flooring material is highly vulnerable to staining, denting, warping, and scuffing. For that reason, it will require a lot of care. 

Maple Wood Flooring

Maple is a versatile hardwood that grows abundantly in the US. It is a very hard and durable hardwood, more than even Oak, but not as durable as teak.

Its abundance, affordability but the close similarity to teak makes it an effective substitute flooring material for teak. 

When freshly cut, maple is creamy yellow. This darkens to a reddish-brown color when exposed to sunlight. Have it in mind that teak furniture exhibits golden to medium brown coloration that darkens to a honey brown with age. You can see the color similarity.

Maple also comes with a mostly straight grain-like teak wood. That said, maple is one of the hardwood floorings that comes closest to teak furniture.


These six flooring options we have picked are abundant and more affordable than teak wood flooring. They are not close to teak in terms of color but they come very close to matching all the advantages that teak comes with.

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