Why Are Neonate Babies So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Neonate Babies Expensive

In the 1900s, doll designers tried as much as possible to create dolls resembling actual babies. They finally achieved this realism in the 1930s by creating the first drink and wet dolls. Since then, babies and adults alike have embraced the doll culture worldwide.

Neonate Babies are one such example. They are out of the ordinary dolls here to give their competition a run for their money (Barbie included).

Neonate Babies are a favorite for babies and adults. They are a line of space-themed dolls, which stand out from the toy pile. Their character and appearance encourage kids to take care of them because they are delicate, sparkly, glittery, and colorful (you also can’t say no to those big eyes).

Although Neonate Babies fetch for much higher than ordinary dolls, they are totally worth your money. Their features stand out from any other regular doll.

How Expensive Are Neonate Babies?

Fortunately, unlike other dolls that cost $500, Neonate Babies cost between $25 to $180. That might seem like a small price for such an advanced doll. However, it does not take away from the beauty and functionality of Neonate Babies. They are also absolutely cute and lovable.

Now that I’ve told you about the price of Neonate Babies, let me explain a bit about why they cost this much. The Distroller World Brand has three types of Neonate Babies. The Nerlies, Zygoties, and Espongies. Besides the beautiful, carefully-crafted dolls, Neonate Babies come with a broad range of accessories.

These accessories are priced between $3.99 to $54.99 and comprise vitamins, incubators, food, and outfits.

Since the company releases Neonate Babies a few times yearly, the collectability makes it fun. Neonate Babies are a collector’s item. They are more than a purchased doll since they offer more of an experience to anyone that adopts them.

Why are Nerlie babies so expensive?

These are ordinary dolls, for crying out loud. Why should it cost an arm?

Well, Nerlie babies are worth more than the common dolls. They have various distinguishing factors that make them stand out from various dolls.

For instance, each doll comes with a diaper packaged in an incubator. There is also a birth certificate, a vaccine card, a nursery card, and a food bottle. 

You also get a unique care guide consisting of instructions on caring for the Nerlie baby. In addition, the doll comes with other accessories like food, bottles, and pacifiers, which gives kids the feel of playing and caring for a real baby. 

With this, the fun is complete, and your child’s enjoyment is second to none. This explains the seemingly high price of Nerlie babies.

Can I Find a Better Deal on Amazon or eBay?

Absolutely not. If you find a Neonate Baby that costs any cheaper than the official store, you are getting a dupe and not an authentic Neonate Baby.

Sites like Amazon and eBay sell authentic Neonate babies for the same price as the official store. Additionally, you can also get accessories such as clothes, bottles, incubators, and vaccines. The prices of these accessories vary from $16 to $110.

The best place to buy a Neonate Baby is the official Distroller World store at Distroller USA if you are in the United States. However, the company is originally Mexican.

There is a common saying that goes, “Cheap is expensive.” Don’t look for deals online that will be a complete waste of money. However, when you get a legit Neonate Baby deal from the official store, grab it and run with it.

Your investment will last you years, and the quality is impeccable. So, you will have fun and enjoyment to the maximum.

What Do I Get for My Money?

Once you purchase a Neonate Baby, it depends on what level the baby is at. If your Neonate Baby doll is wearing a diaper, here are the components in the package:

  • An incubator box (where the baby is)
  • A birth certificate
  • A vaccination card
  • Baby picture
  • A nursery card
  • A bottle of pretend food

You can also grab clothes, bottles, baby food, pacifiers, and vaccine playsets while shopping for your favorite Neonate Baby. Once you are ready to ship, the store would gladly do so. However, the USA store does not ship outside the United States.

It will take between 10 to 15 days to get your Neonate Baby (in perfect condition). In case of any issues, there is a return policy of up to 30 days. The item must be unused and in the same condition as during purchase to qualify for a refund. Moreover, it must come in the original packaging.

The official site does not indicate any warranty period, but it expresses situations outside the warranty’s scope. What stands out is that the company will not cover any intentional or malicious damage to the item.

Are They Really Superior to Other Dolls?

We are used to typical dolls with no unique designs and unexciting features. With Neonate Babies from Distroller, you get an unforgettable experience.

First off, you get a Neonate Baby who fully depends on you. They may not look like real babies, but they are cute with little tufts of hair and beautiful big eyes.

Neonate Babies are gentle and delicate. Therefore, kids are more interested in caring for them and following the instructions to the last detail.

If you want to get a Neonate Baby for your child, you will be doing the right thing because it teaches them responsibility while entertaining them at the same time.

Every single character in the Neonate Babies collection is unique. You can get Nerlies, Zygoties, and Espongies, each with a special twist to keep you company.

How Much Will the Accessories Cost Me?

Whether you choose to purchase your Neonate Baby from an online retailer like eBay or Distroller.com, expect to pay between $16 to $110 for different accessories.

Fortunately, the Neonate Baby doll itself does not have parts that come off, like the head or arms. So, you won’t need any replacement parts.

You can purchase accessories like clothes to change the look of your Neonate Baby. The cute face and big eyes do not need any sprucing up because they are irresistibly adorable already.

Transform their look by buying clothes by the season. The Distroller brand comes up with Christmas, Valentine’s, and Easter-themed outfits.

You are assured to stay entertained with the Neonate Baby dolls because they need to be fed and changed often (not to forget loved).

Neonate Baby dolls are more than just dolls. They are play partners and buddies to bring with you wherever you go (just don’t forget the incubator).

What Else Do I Need to Know in Order to Make An Informed Buying Decision?

Would you pay for an over-purchased, mass-produced doll if you had the choice to get something unique and timeless? I think not.

Neonate Baby dolls are made with love and crafted individually and uniquely so that consumers can have perfect experiences with them.

Distroller World designed Neonate Babies for children three years and over. These dolls are a line of delicate young babies that need tender love and care. Other dolls are also supposed to teach adults and kids responsibility, but Neonate Babies go above and beyond.

With the Nerlies, you have to remove the umbilical cord, clean the belly button and care for the baby by feeding them and dressing them. Such detailed care is lacking in most dolls, even Barbies.

It’s not only about fun and playing with Neonate Babies. A lot of thought went into creating this line of dolls.


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