Why Are Mugsy Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Mugsy Jeans So Expensive

Last Christmas, a friend wanted to surprise me. She knew I was having trouble finding the right type of jeans to suit my style. So, according to her, she did some research and bought me a pair. I wanted to add another one a week later since the Mugsy jeans were comfy. But the price tag threw me for a loop. 

Mugsy Jeans are expensive because they are made from a blend of spandex and rayon. The outcome is a soft and stretchy fabric that’s so comfortable to wear all day. These jeans permit extra movement, and you won’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable in them. 

Mugsy jeans have a higher price tag than other jeans in the market. But, the top quality and comfort you get make them worth the extra cash. 

How Expensive Are We Talking Here?

I must admit I had never paid more than $40 for a pair of jeans. In fact, my favorite pair had cost me $38, which was too much. I was shocked when I came across the Mugsy price tag. 

A good pair of Mugsy Jeans starts at $98 and above. 

I can almost hear your sharp intake of breath. That was the same reaction I had. Usually, I get jeans for $15 to $20, so this was the cost of 4 or more pairs. But, I also had to admit I was quite frustrated with the cheaper jeans. 

Mugsy takes time to craft top-quality comfortable jeans to fit modern times. While I love jeans, the tough material which permits minimal movement doesn’t work for me. I want a bit of spandex in my jeans. 

Is It Possible to Find a Better Deal?

No. Any Mugsy Jeans that you come across that are cheaper are mostly knock-offs. The originals do cost a pretty penny because of the excellent quality. 

I found this out the hard way when I searched for the same. The cheaper ‘Mugsy Jeans’ I bought barely lasted a summer before I had to go search for new ones. Even the fit felt off, so I knew these weren’t the same as the original brand. 

Check out the Original Mugsy Jeans website for all the latest designs in the market. 

Cheap is ultimately expensive. Thus, I find it better to pay the extra amount for a high-quality pair of Mugsy Jeans. Cheaper options never last. 

Who Founded Mugsy Jeans and Why?

Leo Tropeano is the brains behind Mugsy Jeans. He founded the company back in 2016. Leo is a man on a mission to change the manufacturing process of men’s jeans. 

When Leo founded Mugsy Jeans, he had no experience in the clothing industry. He also has a small amount of capital to use on this venture. But, he wanted the dream to work, so he worked odd jobs while creating the brand. 

The idea for Mugsy Jeans came after a colleague didn’t like the baggy jeans he was wearing. Leo tried to get other types from different brands. But the jeans were either too unattractive or stiff for comfortable wear. As a result, the dream of beautiful and comfortable jeans was born. 

Mugsy Jeans is now among the most popular in men’s fashion. The company operates out of Chicago and thrives on excellent customer service. 

Are they Really Superior to Other Jeans?

Mugsy Jeans are made using Rayon and Spandex. While rayon might not be the most durable material in the market, the jeans hold up well. Since I like to change my clothes often, this is not an issue. 

The biggest selling point is the comfort I get when wearing Mugsy Jeans. They are superior compared to the stiff and buggy cheaper options. These jeans are durable thanks to the blend of spandex that makes them stretchy. 

No matter the activity I participate in, the jeans move with me as I hustle throughout the day. Also, I never have to change when the kids want to play when I get home. I can sit comfortably on the floor or run around after them. 

What Extra Details Do Mugsy Jeans Have?

Inside the pants legs of every pair of Mugsy Jeans is a unique detail. There’s an electric blue hem inside of the pants legs.

I like this detail because sometimes I like cuffing my jeans. The trendy look works with modern times in my area. 

The minute I cuff the jeans, everyone can see the electric blue hem on my jeans. It’s an ID of sorts that lets others know I’m wearing an original pair of Mugsy Jeans. 

Are Mugsy Jeans Made in the USA?

Yes, Mugsy Jeans are made in the USA, that’s why I like and support the brand.

Another is the rayon material that they use that’s eco-friendly. 

What Else Do I Need to Know Before Purchasing Mugsy Jeans?

There are plenty of jeans brands in the market. But, most mass-produce the products resulting in poor quality and design. Mugsy Jeans are a brand that has the modern man in mind and aims for quality. Each pair of jeans is tailored to meet the needs of the one who wears them. 

It’s why Mugsy Jeans are worth it and gaining popularity each day. 

Apart from jeans, the company has also expanded to other clothing. I get chinos, shorts, bathing suits, jumpers, and blazers. All these are the same top quality as Mugsy jeans. The main theme with Mugsy is extra stretch comfort which permits me to wear a slimmer fit.

Summing Up

When I want a new pair of jeans, I have to dig deeper. Mugsy Jeans cost more than standard pairs in the market. However, these are top-quality and comfortable jeans that last. The company uses a mixture of rayon and spandex to make these extra-comfortable and durable pairs of jeans. 

Apart from jeans, the company now has chino pants, shorts, bathing suits, jumpers, and blazers. All employ the stretch policy, which permits comfortable wear all day. 


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