Why Are Madewell Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Madewell Jeans So Expensive

Have you ever come across a pair of jeans that finally fits you the way you want? It takes time to get a company that makes this kind of jeans for women. Hence, I was so excited when I came across Madewell Jeans despite their high price tag. 

Madewell Jeans are expensive because they have the best jeans in the market. Madewell is a brand known for its cult-following thanks to its timeless, versatile, and inclusive jeans for women. 

I might sound like a crazy fan. But to be honest, every pair of Madewell Jeans I’ve bought has been worth it. I prefer paying the extra amount for a good pair rather than shopping for jeans every month. 

How Expensive Are We Talking Here?

A pair of my favorite High Rise Skinny Jeans cost $103.50. The price can be lower, but I’ve not come across a pair that’s less than $90. 

It’s too high when you compare this amount with other skinny jeans in the market. A friend of mine once commented that she could get three good pairs for that price. While that may be true, I always choose quality over quantity. 

With Madewell Jeans, it’s the brand’s top quality that I need. My favorite feature about them is the stretch which makes them fit perfectly. I struggled to find fitting high waist jeans until I came across Madewell.

Can I Find a Better Deal on Amazon or eBay?

No. Madewell Jeans come with a high price tag even on Amazon. While you can find deals for other brands, getting them for this brand is impossible. 

You might come across some lower price tags on eBay, but don’t forget to check the shipping price. It simply translates to the price of buying a good pair from a store. 

The best place to buy original Madewell Jeans is from the official company website. Also, check out Amazon for a few options. 

What Do I Get for My Money?

I’ll tell you my favorite 4 kinds of Madewell Jeans. First is the perfect pair of Vintage Jeans. Do you remember the high-rise 90’s Esque fit and broken feel? Well, these jeans fit the bill to the tee. I love wearing mine with a slouchy sweatshirt. The good news is there’s variety in terms of washes, fits, stretch, and lengths. 

My second favorite pair of Madewell Jeans is the Cali Demi Boot Jeans. It’s the best merging of boot cuts and straight jeans I’ve ever seen. I love wearing mine with sneakers on lazy days and a pair of ankle boots on cold nights. I love the amount of spice they bring to my collection. 

Third, I love to wear my High-Rise Skinny Jeans that Madewell has kept alive for quite some time. The issue I’ve always come across with high-rise jeans is the waist. When you have curves, the waist is big, which feels awkward. But, Madewell jeans have a small waist and enough stretch to fit my curves comfortably. 

Lastly, a friend got me the Classic Straight Jeans by Madewell. Imagine straight jeans that fit well on the waist and hips. At the same time, the same pair gives off a beat-up look on the legs. Add a pair of sneakers and a T-shirt, and you have a perfect look. 

Are They Really Superior to Other Jeans?

In my opinion, Madewell Jeans are superior to other brands in the market. The simple reason for this is your quality from every pair. Plus, this company knows how to keep up with the latest trend. 

Madewell Jean’s target demographic is young women. Today, we mostly prefer well-fitting jeans with some stretch for maximum comfort. The company has done well in sizing so that most people can find the kind that fits them without much fuss. 

Imagine coming across a pair of jeans that stretch and are comfortable. If you don’t want one that stretches, you can go for the Vintage design. Madewell has skinny jeans for most women who fit well so that you won’t worry about sag jeans. 

Do Madewell Jeans Shrink?

I always wanted to know if these jeans will shrink someday for the money I pay. Will I wake up and try them on only to find out they no longer fit. 

Thankfully, Madewell Jeans don’t shrink as much when I wash them. Since the 1980s, the company has focused on using plenty of washes on denim. 

Today, the Madewell Jeans in the market use special stretch denim that’s good quality. It won’t shrink or expand, which causes other jeans to lose their shape. 

But, remember the number one rule of denim. It’s better not to wash the jeans often if you want them to last. I usually avoid having my jeans touch water, which keeps the color intact.

Who Founded Madewell Jeans?

Russian immigrant Julius Kivowitz is the brains behind the fun favorite Madewell Jeans. In the beginning, the company sold jeans, bib overalls, and dungarees. The target market at the time was factory workers and fishers. 

That was way back in 1937 when many people worked in factories or docks across the country. The trend continued until 1989 when the last factory shut down. 

In 2006, the company turned its head to the thriving retail industry in the country. The change came after the acquisition of the brand by J Crew. Plus, a shift of the target market to young women. 

With time, Madewell began garnering a massive following and today is among the best jean brands in the world. 


Madewell Jeans are the answer I’ve been seeking in quality jeans with a great fit. My favorites include the vintage and high-rise designs. The company has taken great steps to keep in touch with what the target demographic wants. 

While a pair of Madewell Jeans is expensive, I love them because of the quality. Each pair I get lasts a long time, so this is more of an investment in myself.