Why Are Lucky Brand Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Lucky Brand Jeans So Expensive

The denim world is fantastic, and higher-quality jeans are a thing of beauty. As with any other luxury brand, Lucky jeans are very costly since they have a reputation beyond fashion. These jeans are worn by celebrities and are loved by millennials.

The Lucky Brand jeans are expensive because they evoke a sense of sophistication to the wearer. They are not only made with unique elements, but they also have a great-fitting and vintage-inspired crafting. These jeans are a trendy statement that complements the casual look.

While some cannot afford to buy a pair of Lucky jeans, others are willing to pay as much as it takes for the same pair of jeans. This article will help you determine whether Lucky Brand jeans are a worthy investment.

How Expensive are Lucky Brand Jeans?

Lucky jeans have a uniquely American style and offer a vast classic and modern selection for men and women. The selection includes skinny, slim, straight, wide-legged, and even boot-cut options.

Although Lucky jeans have been in history since 1990, they’re still a leading designer and manufacturer of premium denim.

A pair of Lucky jeans can go up to $130. The older generation would grow up having the same pair of Lucky Jeans forever without wear and tear. High-quality denim is a thing of beauty and durability. You wouldn’t expect high-quality jeans in both material and construction to be cheap.

The excellent quality of these jeans is what makes them expensive. The lucky brand uses 100% cotton fabrics to manufacture their jeans. The fabric is firmer than regular denim fabrics. After making the jeans using 100% cotton, they put them through an enzyme wash to make the fabric softener.

Apart from the high-quality material and the top-notch construction, there is usually a visual difference that any jeans lover will identify between a pair of cheap and expensive jeans. All these qualities are what lead to the premium pricing of Lucky jeans.

Instead of getting a few cheap pairs of jeans, most people prefer getting a single, nice pair of Lucky Brand jeans. Their jeans will last you longer despite being expensive.

Are These Jeans Superior to Others?

Lucky Jeans are carefully crafted with personalized touches and authentic hardware, making them look like the blue American icon. The jeans have premium features that make them more unique than the rest. 

Some of the features include the following.

Lucky brand jeans have a high-end design. The design is vintage-inspired and versatile, depending on today’s changing fashion. The lucky brand offers a dependable collection because they are always ready to adjust the jeans’ designs according to your style and fashion preference. 

From the exclusive assortments of Lucky Jeans designs, anyone can choose their standard denim necessities like stretchy jeans, straight leg jeans, skinny jeans, and Bootcamp jeans. The jeans collection fits in various washes, ranging from relaxed light denim to dark denim, preferable for evening wear.

Jeans lovers will always go for comfortable jeans. Lucky jeans are very flexible and adjust themselves appropriately to give the wearer the ultimate comfort. The comfort superiority of Lucky jeans is to go for, and their flexibility guarantees it. Being 100% cotton gives the jeans a pleasurable and affirming experience.

The high-quality cotton makes the jeans have a substantial weight. The jeans feel soft and durable, free of ink runs. 

Other features that make Lucky Jeans stand out are:

  • They are machine washable
  • The jeans have a dark-tone
  • They have contrast stitching
  • These jeans whiskey lightly and do not fade easily
  • They have a design that integrates five pockets
  • The jeans have a straight silhouette
  • Lucky brands spirited bohemian fashion with classic fits

Where Can I Find Lucky Jeans at a Cheaper Price?

The lucky brand has ways of meeting its consumer demands through online channels. Every consumer wants convenience in the buying process. To enhance the customer experience, Lucky brand has online and in-store services.

The brand works with a strong salesforce that looks at the company’s analytics, drop-off rates, and how recommendable the jeans are. Some online sites stock the Lucky jeans at slightly lower prices to attract clientele who may not be up for high-end jeans. 

Below are online stores where you can find Lucky jeans at a lower cost than their store.

  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Alibaba Website
  • eBay
  • Walmart

How Can I Identify Authentic Lucky Jeans?

  1. The button over the zipper should bear the Lucky trademark clover symbol and the brand name.
  2. Tags inside the jeans bear have the size labeling on them. The size indication is on a small square tag.
  3. The fabric of Lucky jeans should feel thicker and heavier. Due to the cotton fabric, the jeans should have a soft feel.
  4. Loose threads along the seams indicate shoddy craftsmanship. Such features should suggest that the jeans in question are not from the Lucky brand.
  5. The label should not have any runs in ink and should be made of heavy material.
  6. Lastly, ensure to check for the Lucky Brand patch on the right back pocket.

Are Lucky Jeans a Worthy Investment?

Lucky jeans are much more than just denim. The jeans are put through fraying, sanding, patching, and washing, giving them a unique look. The first question that will run in your mind while purchasing a pair of these jeans is, “are these jeans worth my money?”

Lucky jeans are a worthy investment because they are great pieces that are well-fitting and comfortable. Quality material and top-notch craftsmanship are the other features that should propel you to get yourself a pair of Lucky jeans.

It is easy to find Lucky Jeans in various online stores and slightly lower prices. The lucky brand has dramatically advanced its online customer experience, and the clientele is excellent reviews about their jeans. 

The Net Promoter Score of Lucky Brand Jeans stands at five, meaning the jeans are good and many people love them.

Final Thought

Good quality jeans are versatile outfits and come with a statement of style. Individuals from every age group prefer having at least a pair of jeans in their closets. The lucky brand is among the world’s jeans brands that offer elegance, comfort, and added embellishments.

Lucky jeans are a blend of precious elements and authentic, high-quality fabric. If you are a jeans lover and have deep pockets, you can go for these luxury brand jeans.


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