Why are Kimes Ranch Jeans so Expensive? (Here’s the thing)

Why are Kimes Ranch Jeans so Expensive

If you consider multi-functionality as a prime factor, Kimes Ranch jeans are among the top jeans. 

The brand prides itself on producing high-quality jeans that have a fine blend of the good ol’ West fashion with the current trends in Jeans fashion

For the brand, the idea of infusing two different niches of jeans design into one is why Kimes Ranch jeans are now a famous sight in stores.

To appeal to the end-users, Kimes Ranch jeans are produced in the US to appeal to the end-users, from sourcing for the raw materials to the final production.

Many reviewers have praised the brand, claiming the design is perfect for work, either in the corporate environment or on the ranch. 

As a top-rated denim brand, one factor you’d have probably noticed about Ranch is the premium price placed on all their jeans. 

Why is the price tag almost above average for a jeans brand that seems to promote the American dream? 

Let’s go through some possible reasons for this, but first, a little overview of how the business started.

Overview of Kimes Ranch Jeans

Kimes Ranch was started in 2009 to close a perceived gap in the jeans marketplace. 

Matt and Amanda Kimes, its founders, wanted to produce a jeans line that offered the perfect dream jeans – good fitting, durable, high-quality and has the perfect combination of western vibes and the modern jeans fashion. 

The business started as Longhorn Jean Company because of its logo- a Longhorn. In 2014, the company rebranded and became Kimes Ranch. It was in recognition of the family’s history and their cattle ranch. 

Their jeans brand has seen many celebrities adorn them, including Yellowstone cast’s popular TV series. 

So, How Expensive are the Kimes Ranch Jeans?

Let’s establish a fact here, the Kimes Ranch (KR) jeans have prices above the average market price for a pair of jeans. 

However, if you compare the KR branded jeans to other designer denim jeans, it is probably one of the most affordable you can get on the market. 

A survey through the official KR store shows that customers could get denim jeans for $99. Their prices range between $99 and $150. 

You could get some for a lower price, though, if you catch the company during a promo sales period. Some jeans could go as low as $79, especially the female jeans. 

Aside from jeans, you could also get some sweatshirts on their site. 

Why are Kimes Ranch Jeans Expensive?

The Kimes Ranch jeans are produced in the best interests of their customers. 

Generally, designer jeans cost a lot in the market and combined with the reason they produce high-quality jeans, the price of jeans needs a budget or some planning. 

Here are some potential reasons why the Kimes Ranch jeans are high

High-quality Materials

Lovers of denim jeans are always after the best quality of jeans. According to Kimes Ranch, the materials used in making their jeans come from the best heavy-duty denim material in the market.

A heavy denim material does not come cheap in the market and guarantees a longer “life.” 

Cost of Production

Since all KR jeans are made in the United States, it is safe to say the cost of making the jeans, especially with their novel technology of bringing different ideas into a pair of jeans, is expensive.

There are many local manufacturers too, but the cost of higher quality raw materials is expensive to pay upfront, which will also reflect the final retail price. 

The price will be higher if the production is done outside the United States.

Are the Kimes Ranch Jeans worth it?

Yes, the Kimes Ranch jeans are expensive. After all, they are designer jeans focusing on promoting the American culture. 

But is the denim worth the price?

Reviews from top blogs claim everyone, especially people who love ranching, should own at least a pair of Kimes Ranch jeans.

If not for anything, they can withstand the usual stress and burden of working on the ranch. So, yes. The Kimes Ranch jeans are worth the high price.

Where to get Affordable Kimes Ranch Jeans?

The KR jeans’ price differs from one store to another. Since the goal is to get it at an affordable rate, here are some places you could beam your search on:

The Official Kimes Ranch Website

This should be your first stop when searching for your favorite KR jeans. Not just because it’s the brand’s website, but because they offer promo prices regularly.

For $99, you could get a promo price of $79 on the website. This is rare and happens in a while. You’ll need to bookmark the site and regularly check for updates. 

Amazon Store

Amazon is another top site you can check out. As the number one e-commerce platform globally, you can get high-quality Kimes Ranch jeans

You can even read reviews of previous buyers of the same product on the description page. 


If the first two do not display the particular style of jeans you’re searching for, try eBay. There are many styles to choose from, and the prices are also affordable. 

Depending on when you’re shopping, you could hit some affordable prices in the store

Buying Tips for getting the best Kimes Ranch Jeans

Here are some proven tips to help you purchase the best Kimes Ranch jeans for your style.

  • Stitching: The stitching around the pockets, side seams, and hems will determine its ability to withstand pressure from working.
  • Heavy fabric: All materials used for KR jeans are made with heavy materials. High-quality jeans should weigh at least 12 ounces to show strength.
  • Price tag: As you’ve discovered, KR jeans do not come cheap. But high-quality materials do not come cheap, and you should consider it an investment by spending a few extra dollars to buy something that lasts longer. 

Final Remarks

There are different criteria you can consider when buying KR denim jeans. 

While they have an expensive price tag attached, the materials used are rigid and can last longer and better. 

There are many stores where you can check out the different sizes and fits to purchase. Don’t forget to use the tips when shopping.


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