Why are Duluth Underwear So Expensive? (For Beginners)

Why are Duluth Underwear So Expensive

On average, the price of men’s underwear should be around $20. However, if you are conversant with Duluth underwear, you will likely not be alien to the high price. 

Why will a pair of men’s underwear be so expensive?

Was it manufactured on Mars and shipped to earth? Or Is it made of gold? 

A pair of boxers is not meant for the public eyes. So why should you pay so much for something that will be tucked inside your pants?

Well, there is more to a pair of boxers than meets the eye. I believe Duluth understood this and decided to stand out in manufacturing high-quality boxers. 

Duluth manufactures high-quality underwear with many top features. Their underwear stands out with superb moisture-wicking ability impressive warranties, and the company spends a lot on advertising. This explains the high price of Duluth underwear, but you can get good deals at the time. 

This article will explore some features that make Duluth underwear expensive.

However, we will lay a foundation with some info on Duluth Manufacturing company.

Some Information on the Brand

Duluth trading company is a giant American Firm in charge of clothing and other accessories for working men. 

The company has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing various clothing accessories to support hard-working people on the job. 

Chances are, you might have come across a hilarious Duluth commercial on TV. The brand also stands out with funny and captivating adverts that are available on YouTube

With their years of experience in manufacturing men’s clothing accessories, they have introduced a series of innovations into their underwear. This explains why the product stands out in price. 

You will probably have a Duluth trading company store near you where you can pick up underwear. They are also available online. 

Are Duluth Underwear High Quality?

Chances are you will get a series of underwear even at an affordable price. Some boxers might be extremely tight, which could constrict the user. 

This could be downright uncomfortable, especially if you have a physical job. 

Duluth Trading Company stands out for its high-quality boxer briefs that meet and surpass all expectations.

Many users have revealed the comfortable feel they experience from using Duluth boxers. 

If you care about utmost comfort in your brief and you don’t want something baggy, Duluth has the perfect choice for you. 

Duluth briefs are perfect for working out and all other outdoor activities. The comfort is top-notch, and it will not distract you.

What Makes Duluth Underwear Expensive? 

Who can imagine that such detail and precision can go into making underwear!

Duluth blazed the trail and stood against all odds in producing high-quality briefs. Their underwear features a diamond-knit performance with nylon fabric. 

Nylon material feels smooth and cool to touch. It has a soft and silky feel, which resembles plastic. The nylon feature makes it stretchy so that you will be comfortable it. 

Duluth underwear also features an antimicrobial finish, which is a good feature for people who sweat a lot in their butt. 

Here are other reasons why Duluth underwear’s price seems to be on the high side:

High Advert Rate

Duluth stands head and shoulder above many underwear companies when it comes to advertising. The firm has advertised on TV, billboards, the internet, etc. 

There is a huge chance you will have come across their advert. This is one of the reasons Duluth is a household name that many people are familiar with. 

All these advert campaigns cost money, which will be passed to the product’s final cost. 

Comfortable with Less Irritation

One of the areas where Duluth stands out is comfort. Being a performance boxer brief, Duluth has done an excellent job of waistband support. 

Also, you can go about your day with minor irritation. In other words, users will not have to deal with chafing or itching when the day is over. 

Odor Control and Moisture

Duluth boxers are meant for working men and people who engage in a physical job. So it is expected that the boxers do an excellent job of wicking moisture.

Since the boxers come with mesh fabric, they can quickly dry and wick away moisture. In other words, it did a terrific job of absorbing liquid moisture from the skin fast. 

Not only that, but Duluth underwear also deals with vapor moisture equally. This is due to the high breathability of the boxers. 

Since Duluth designed the boxer briefs with a diamond-shaped knit, it gives the fabric good airflow, which helps get rid of moisture around the groin

You are guaranteed to be dry throughout the day, considering these combined attacks on moisture.

Above all, Duluth revealed that there is a treatment with its fabric that resists odor. While Duluth didn’t give much info about this, we believe it is one of the factors that contributed to the high price. 

Warranty and Value 

When you consider the details and technicality that went into manufacturing Duluth underwear, it is not surprising that they are high quality, which explains the high price. 

Also, the warranty is impressive. 

Duluth has what is called No Bull Guarantee, in which you can return the item for a refund within a year if you are not satisfied. 

If the items do not perform as intended, are defective, you are eligible for a refund. 

How to Get the Best Deal on Duluth Underwear?

Watch out for good sales during the holidays. 

Also, during the November period and Black Friday specials, you could be lucky to get special deals.

Some stores also offer discounts and clearance sales from time


Duluth underwear is the perfect choice for all working men in the country. They are extremely supportive, stretchy, and will not interfere with your job.

The design is perfect and gives extra ease when climbing, twisting, kneeling, or assuming any awkward position on the job. The moisture-wicking ability is excellent, making it better than cotton to keep you dry. 

All these features justify the high price of Duluth underwear. Besides, many people have bought and used it and have had fantastic feedback on the quality.

Duluth underwear is worth the price.  


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