Why Are Coraline Dolls So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Expensive Coraline Dolls

If you’re like me and never heard of Coraline, you might want to move a little closer for some tidbits. I first went for the reviews, then quickly sifted through the book to learn more about it. My initial take on reading Neil Gaiman’s Coraline is that it’s unnervingly creepy.  What with a hole in the wall that leads into another world, button-eyed people, ghost children, and a talking cat?! It’s bizarre.

While I can’t get over how dark and weird this story is, it’s still a kid’s story that’s also been made into a general exhibition feature film by Laika. It also turns out the story has some valuable lessons for kids and their parents. Kids find it intriguing and consider it a fun, suspenseful adventure where, despite the uncertainty, everything turns out ok in the end.

How Expensive Are Coraline Dolls?

Coraline is one of the best-animated films ever made; It’s a brilliant plot with detailed animation and fascinating characters. It was a major hit and the reason there’s a replica of  Coraline dolls just like in the movie for adoring fans to keep as souvenirs. The dolls are wildly popular and veritable collector’s items hence the reason they’re so expensive.

If you want to know just how expensive a Coraline doll is, picture this; When some of Laika’s three stop-motion animated films items were auctioned: ParaNorman, Coraline, and The Boxtrolls in 2015 sold for more than $1 million. At the auction by Heritage House, the Evil Other Mother puppet from Coraline fetched the most by selling at $50, 190, while the puppet of Coraline in her blue sweater brought in $23,900. 

Can I Find a Better Deal on Amazon or eBay?

Yes, a cheap knock-off. But an original replica Coraline doll is a collector’s item meaning it isn’t cheap. Especially if it happens to be in excellent condition (with all its parts intact, including its original box), rare, or a limited edition. 

For an idea of what an original Coraline doll costs, I’d recommend using a price guide. However, you can’t rely on it entirely since the collectibles market springs its surprises. Remember, a collectible is only as valuable as the amount it eventually fetches. So as much as price guides are a good indicator, stay open-minded.

Examples of exclusive price guides you can reference are the Collectible Dolls Buying Guide,  Values and Identification by Sharon Verbetena, and The Official Price Guide to Dolls.

What Do I Get for My Money?

There are several places to buy Coraline dolls, like the NECA store or Laika shop; though pricey, you’ll at least be sure of the dolls’ authenticity and collectors’ value.

NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) manufactures collectibles licensed from films, video games, sports, music, and television. It has over 60 licenses, and its line of action figures and toys are some of the most widely sought-after products on the collector’s market. This alone makes it a reliable source of these dolls. On the other hand, Laika specializes in feature films and is responsible for Coraline’s production. Thus, you can be sure they’re a reliable source. If you buy from Laika expect;

  • An automatic 10% discount on your order.
  • Get the 7 inches tall Coraline doll. It’s articulated and bendable and even has moveable eyes for a variety of expressions. She’s dressed in her yellow raincoat, jeans, and rain boots from the film, made from real fabric clothing.
  • The doll comes with a display stand so you can proudly show her off.  

While you shop, lookout out for amazing Coraline merchandise like the 2021 Coraline screening limited edition t-shirt, Coraline and Other Mother Trellis apparel, and other assorted items like branded mugs, fridge magnets, journals, and more, shipping takes about 4 – 8 business days for customers in the US and Canada only.

If you want a cheaper deal for the dolls but without a guarantee of authenticity, check on popular retail sites like Amazon. I’d trust Amazon mostly because it has a stringent return policy, so it’s a win-win for you.

Are Coraline Dolls Really Superior to Other Dolls?

While you can’t equate them to Barbie, American Girls, Porcelain, or Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, they’re superior in their own right. The book and movie have dedicated fan bases driving their popularity; the dolls are movie replica quality and come in limited editions. These replica dolls are high quality with authentic texture on the face and hands, button eyes, really sturdy raincoat material, threaded hair, and come in a collectors box. Furthermore, Coralina merchandise spawns a vast industry worth a substantial value of money. 

How Much are the Accessories Going to Cost Me?

On Laika shop and Amazon, the price range is between $10 – 25 for accessories like hats, pins, totes, sunglasses, and more. Her yellow jacket is removable, so you can play dress-up with a wide variety of jackets as you please. 

What Else Do I Need to Know in Order to Make An Informed Buying Decision?

Coraline replica dolls are for posterity and best for display on a mantelpiece or among your other collectibles. So don’t be disappointed if you or your loved ones can’t play with them. However, if you only want it for playing or goofing around, cheap knock-offs are the best.

A collectible Coraline doll has certain features and qualities that make her valuable. To verify these, examine the doll thoroughly in good, clear lighting. Note the size of the doll, the material the doll is made of, the type of eyes, hair, and clothing details. Next, check the doll for markings. Doll marks are usually on the torso, back of the head, and occasionally on the feet. Coraline dolls have dirty feet and jackets as proof of their time in the garden of the Other World.

But always remember, a collectible is only as valuable as the price you’re willing to pay for it. Coraline fans are the only ones that can determine the value of these awesome dolls.