Why Are Cinch Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Cinch Jeans So Expensive

Cinch Jeans have become some of the most popular jeans brands on the market. With a good number of reliable retailers, you’re guaranteed to get quality jeans within your locality. 

The brand offers top-quality products for both men, women, and boys. They’re also available in different washes, including medium, dark, rinse, and light. 

However, Cinch jeans are so expensive thanks to being durable and tough. For this reason, we recommend them for riding purposes. 

And even though they’re expensive, the jeans are without question worth it. 

Here, we provide all possible answers to why your favorite jeans might be so expensive. 

How Expensive Are Cinch Jeans?

If you think you’ll get quality Cinch jeans for less than $20, we are sorry to disappoint you. The price of most cinch jeans is $59.99

You might be wondering, why are these jeans so expensive? The high price of this brand can be attributed to it being developed as a western lifestyle brand with great quality, styling, and fits. 

A great team of experts has invested careful attention and much time to come up with this lovely brand. The jeans are also highly durable and of top-quality materials.

And the price could be even higher if you order the wrong size and ask the company to ship another pair of jeans in exchange. In such a case, you’ll pay for the shipping costs. 

All in all, Cinch jeans are among the most reliable jeans despite the higher prices. 

Are There Better Deals on eBay or Amazon?

No. If you come across cheaper Cinch jeans on any other platform, trust me, you aren’t getting an authentic product. 

Platforms such as eBay and Amazon have a wide collection of authentic Cinch jeans for almost the same prices like those on Cinch’s website. For instance, you can get jeans as low as $29 and as high as $99 on Amazon. 

Don’t fear going for more expensive Cinch jeans since they have exemplary quality. 

Where Can I Buy Affordable Yet Quality Cinch Jeans?

Your aim should be purchasing quality yet affordable Cinch jeans. But where can you get such products? Below are some top known sites you can visit:


This should be your first stop when you want to buy quality jeans. It’s the manufacturer’s site and offers quality jeans for men, women, and boys. 

The price for men’s jeans averages about $59.99. Apart from jeans, there are shirts for sale available on the site. 


Amazon is, without question, the number one retailer platform in the world. It’s therefore without question among the best places you can shop for quality yet affordable Cinch jeans. 

With Amazon, you’ll get jeans of different price ranges. There are jeans as low as $31 and as high as $99. The higher the price, the better the quality.

The good news is that even the cheapest jeans are high quality. 


eBay is another top platform where you can buy quality Cinch jeans. There are jeans of all sizes and prices on this site. 

In fact, eBay has some of the cheapest jeans options on the market. You can get quality jeans as low as $18. 

Take your time to go through the site and select the best jeans for yourself. 

Cinch Jeans Buying Tips

Before buying Cinch jeans from any of the platforms we have recommended above, consider several factors. Let’s go through each below:

Consider Buying Jeans with Heavier Fabric

The quality is always in the touch. The best jeans are developed from heavier and stronger materials. Apart from the jeans feeling luxurious, they should also look luxurious. 

It’s therefore important that you have your hands on the fabric while shopping for the jeans. We recommend checking for the fabric weight, especially if you’re shopping online. 

Most of the time, the fabric weight is listed as medium, heavy, or light. 

Long-Lasting Stitching

Check the stitches around the jeans pockets, side seams, and hems since they determine their quality. Consider buying jeans with a heavy and good stitch that won’t split or pull under pressure. 

We recommend buying jeans with chain-stitching or double-stitching. However, you can still buy single-stitching, especially when done with durable and thick thread. 

Consider The Stretching

If you’re looking for comfortable jeans, you should consider the stretching capabilities. You can check the jeans for the percentages of Spandex or Lycra. 

At least 1% of either Spandex or Lycra will provide you with the stretch you require. If you go for something above 2%, expect the jeans to become baggy or wear out quickly. 

Consider The Design Details

The design materials and features can inform you whether Cinch jeans are quality or not. It’ll also inform you whether it’ll last for long. 

Some of the features you should keenly include are the types of rivets and buttons used. For instance, if the buttons are copper, the jeans are well-designed products. 

However, you should be aware of fake products. There are many fake jeans on the market with similar features and materials as the original Cinch jeans. 

The Price of The Jeans

As we have seen above, Cinch jeans aren’t available cheaply. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t risk a few dollars to buy one. 

If anything, you can use price to determine the quality of the jeans. The high-quality Cinch jeans are available at a high cost, while low-quality products are cheaper. 

It would help not compromise quality for the price. 

The Final Thoughts

Cinch jeans have been around for a long time, with the company investing resources in research and innovation to develop quality products. The brand produces quality jeans for men, women, and boys. 

Additionally, you can buy jeans in different washes, including medium, dark, rinse, and light. However, the jeans are reputable for being expensive, thanks to being made with tough materials. They’re also highly durable compared to other brands. 

You can buy Cinch jeans from online platforms such as eBay and Amazon. To get the best deal at an affordable price, consider the tips we recommended above. 


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