Why are Women’s Underwear So Expensive? (Important Facts)

Why are Women’s Underwear So Expensive

Even though most women only buy pants and bras once in a while, we tend to look for the best deal for our money. 

In other words, no one is interested in spending a hundred dollars on some underwear, except you are a model or celebrity. 

Even if you manage to get cheap lingerie, chances are they will be poor-fitting and will not stand the test of time. It is safe to assume that good-quality lingerie comes with a high price tag

Which begs the question, why are women’s underwear so expensive?

This is just a tiny piece of clothing, not even up to a yard (Except for plus-size people). So why should I pay a fortune for something meant for my private eyes alone?

There are so many intricate details that go into the production of underwear. From the fabric choice to machines and tools to labor, there’s a lot to the production than meets the eye. This explains the high cost of women’s underwear. 

This article will shed light on various contributing factors to the high price of women’s underwear.

How Expensive Are We Talking About?

A typical online search for some women’s underwear shows a price range between $80 and $500. 

Yea, pretty outrageous, I know!

However, when you take the time to understand the reason, you will agree that the price justifies it. 

A user on Quora sheds more light:

According to him, he works in a lingerie company, and they are not alien to this question of the high cost of women’s underwear. He reiterated that you get what you pay for. 

You can decide to consider brands such as Adore Me and Victoria’s Secret since they are designers. However, the quality and reputation are two far ends of a pole. They use cheap material, so you will likely wear it a few times before it becomes bad. 

So with this, let’s get right into what’s cooking behind the curtain that makes lingerie pretty expensive.

Factors Responsible for High Price of Women’s Underwear

Many people love the feel of their lingerie. In fact, you probably cannot wait for your fellow girlfriends and partners to admire it. 

The carefully designed embroideries, the feel of the lustrous silk as you run your hands through it, etc., all mesmerize you. 

However, the price tag makes you rethink your decision. 

Why does a tiny piece of fabric cost so much? Unknown to many people; however, many things go into manufacturing women’s underwear. 

Here are a few factors responsible for the high price:


You love the look and feel of your underwear. That is because they use high-quality fabric.

Many manufacturers use silk as it is durable, strong, and beautiful but highly demanding to make. However, creating silk fabric consumes both time and money

Silk comes in various qualities, which affects the cost. Some could cost $500 while others can be triple this price. 

Cotton is another common fabric that is washable, comfortable, and absorbent

The price of cotton is a factor of the demand and crops. As a result, a pair of panties could cost more this season compared to the last. 

Also, cotton cultivated without chemicals and pesticides will cost more compared to traditional ones. Yet such cotton is softer, better, and good for the environment. 

Artificial fibers are also not cheap, even though beautiful.

Various synthetic fabrics exist that can even keep you dry, stretch well and are comfortable. Yet, they can take many years to develop.

Use of Sophisticated Industrial Machine

Another reason for the cost is the expensive industrial machines used in the manufacturing process.

Instruments and machines that cut bras in various sizes and model the cup are not cheap. 

Also, sophisticated machines are required for 3-point stitches, overlock stitch, and others. 

The company needs various tools and processes to make underwear. Not only that, maintenance of the machines comes at a cost. 

All these add to the final cost of the underwear.

Use of Extensive labor

A typical women’s underwear involves many small parts and pieces coupled together. 

This requires laser focus, attention to detail, and some complicated machines. 

As a result, the lingerie-making industry is pretty complicated. For excellent fit and the perfect finish, it involves a lot of people with extensive knowledge. 

When next you buy a piece of lingerie, explore the details – it all requires skillful people who will be paid. Such is another factor that affects the cost. 


Lingerie companies could have gone for cheap elastic, which is even more affordable when bought in bulk. However, the durability of their output will take a hit. 

As a result, a luxury piece of lingerie needs a fine elastic that feels smooth against the skin. It should also return to the original shape after removing it. 

Such is not cheap.

Tips to Get a Good Deal on Women’s Underwear 

Over the past couple of decades, many new brands of women’s underwear have sprung up. 

The law of demand and supply will play out, so you can get decent underwear without paying through your nose.

Here are tips that can get you a good deal:

Decide what you want

Is it something luxurious and sexy? Something that feels good and comfortable for daily use? Or any piece of underwear available?

Your priorities can determine how your shop.

Know the options you have

There are hundreds of lingerie brands available that make beautiful pieces. Many people might not be aware of half of them.

However, trying different brands can easily expose you to high-quality lingerie at a reasonable price. 

Wait for Sales

Provided you don’t mind, why not wait for clearance sales. You can get high-quality underwear for half the price, which will not necessarily sacrifice quality. 

Various online stores offer clearance sales. You just have to search online for such stores. 


Women’s underwear is pretty expensive, and it is for a good reason. 

The lingerie companies are not out to rip people off, as the cost of manufacturing and all justifies the final price. 

Manufacturing women’s underwear is complicated and technical, reflected in the final price. 

For many of these companies, don’t forget you are not just paying for the labor, profit, and parts alone; you are also paying for marketing, advertising, and the brand name. 


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