Why Are Wii Games So Expensive? (4 Facts Revealed!)

Nintendo Wii game system

Wii games were undoubtedly a winner of its generation. A decade ago, Nintendo outsold both the Xbox 360 and PS3 by several million units in hardware sales. But if there are so many in the market, why are Wii games expensive?

Most Wii games are expensive because they are still exclusive and retain their brand value. Their high price is also because the production of all Wii games stopped in 2013.

If you’ve been trying to find an affordable Wii game but are unsure why the seller quotes such high prices, continue reading to find the answer.

What Makes Wii Games Popular?

Anyone old enough to play video games in the early 2000s cannot forget the original white Wii console, standing upright on its stand. 

They pretty much took off after they launched ‘Wii Sports’ in November 2006 – the very first game of the Wii series. The games even fell into short supply in some markets!

But even after the development ceased in 2013, Wii games are still popular. 

Here’s why:

Fun to Play

Wii games are buckets and buckets of fun with lots of potential for memorable moments. Nintendo went far and beyond in creating gameplay that players of all ages can enjoy.

So the next time you’re bummed for party plans, why not pull out your Wii console. Depending on people’s willingness to move around, have fights, and laugh, you can have fun with classic party games such as Wii Sports and Mario Kart Wii. 

You can also play more recent ones with creative additions like Just Dance and Super Mario Galaxy 2. 

Nostalgia Gaming

Remember the Wiimote and Nunchuck control system and create Miis and compete against other players or the computer? 

It’s no hidden fact that games trigger nostalgia, perhaps even more than toys. People are drawn to retro games like this because they elicit a positive emotional response in some people. 

Nostalgia induces cravings to play, and those who have the game handy will pick a Wii game over a newer generation one.

Mastery of the Game

The desire to win and compete is in a lot of us. Probably it’s because we invest more time and emotions in mastering how to play them. 

And the heightened feelings of competitiveness, frustration, joy, and pride accompanying the experience.

What better way to show off to your cohorts than to display your competency in a retro game. It’s suitable for both competitive and casual play. 

Collector’s Item

This game was, and still is, a cultural phenomenon. Since Nintendo launched the console in 2006, the Wii has had hundreds of games developed – a whooping 1595 Wii games! Some, however, remain unreleased in the U.S. 

Some Wii games have turned into collectibles and will set you back a pretty penny if you ever want to own them. And that’s after you go through the grueling task of finding a viable seller and a suitable price. 

See if you can catch up to Antonio Romero Monteiro, a die-hard game collector, and archivist in Texas.

Perceived Health Benefits

Nintendo’s Wii prioritizes the physical act of gameplay and interaction between the player, the controller, and the game. 

Although it is not a substitute for regular exercise, it doesn’t hurt when the game is physically-engaging.

What’s the Average Price of a Wii Game?

When the Nintendo Wii first came out, you could buy the games for $10 – $30 each. However, this was only for first-party games. The publishers set the price of third-party Wii titles.

Following newer gaming systems, most Wii games cost between $30 and $300+. However, it depends on several factors, such as:

  • Availability of the game.
  • Current condition, including original packaging.
  • Format of the game. Digital versions are less costly than tangible game disks.
  • Your location. Trying to purchase a title from another country means you may have to contact an overseas seller. Plus, you must include shipping and handling fees.

Most Popular Wii Games

New Super Mario Bros. Wii – $223 (new) or $60 (used or imported from Japan)

  • Wii Sports Resort – $120
  • Wii Sports – $106
  • Mario Kart Wii – $90+
  • Wii Play – $31 to $75

Rare Wii Games

  • Rhythm Heaven Fever – About $90 (new)
  • Sukeban Shachou Rena – $135 (used)
  • Ju-On: The Grudge – Above $135 (used)
  • American Mensa Academy – $175+ (new) or $149+ (used)
  • Metroid Prime Trilogy: Collector’s Edition – $230+ (new) or $120 (used)

Why Are Wii Games So Expensive?

Typically, it is up to video game publishers to determine the price of each game they release. But other factors also play a role when we’re talking about Wii games in particular.

For instance, the more the years go by, the rare it is to get one and the higher the prices.

After Nintendo discontinued development in 2013, market trends did what they usually do. One cannot succinctly say whether it’s due to low overall quality, general obscurity, or low print runs. 

As the shelves emptied, fans scrambled for the few remaining copies. When the reserves in the stores started to dwindle, prices began to soar.

When a console’s lifecycle comes to an end, its specific cartridge format production ceases. As demand rises a decade or two after the last units left the factory, an already scarce supply becomes even more valuable, often becoming a collectible. And this is what we see with the Wii. 

Some Wii titles have become rarer than others. More often than not, when you manage to track one down, it is often a used version and costs upwards of $100.

Most of the inventory is with avid Wii fans who rushed to get a copy of the games as they were released, purely for personal ownership. 

On the flip side, most of the ‘unused’ titles are held by video game gougers who play the role of third-party sellers on websites. They bought and stored, hoping to inflate higher prices than the original MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

However, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel as we get into 2022. Gaming prophets assert that we may soon see a drop in the price of Wii titles. The current price is directly proportional to the number of people who remember playing the games or the systems when they were new. 

But I think the tide might go the other way: More Wii games in the market will become obsolete, effectively turning into collectibles with an inflated price to match.

Why Did They Stop Making Wii Games?

The Nintendo Wii and its online service and games were phased out entirely in 2020. It is widely assumed that Wii games are no longer developed because the API is outdated. 

Additionally, most players had upgraded their console to the Wii U or Nintendo Switch by this time.

Some argue this is because Nintendo wanted to promote their newer console (at the time), the Wii U (In 2012, the Wii U was released as a successor to the Wii).

With it, nearly all of Nintendo’s significant flagships have migrated to the Wii U. This includes Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Star Fox, and even Pikmin and Rayman.



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