Why Are Viking Freezers So Expensive? {8 Tips Explained!}

Expensive Viking Fridges

Viking is known as the gold standard in luxury appliances. 

Expectedly, its freezers are high-quality and typically more expensive than comparatively similar models from other brands. 

But why are Viking freezers so expensive?

Viking freezers are specifically designed to cater to the high-end freezer market. The brand is famous for its modern design and excellent quality. Viking freezers are spacious and offer unique features, making them pricier than models from other competitors.

What Do Customers Get for the Price?

While some people don’t mind the investment, it is not out of place to want to know the special features that make Viking freezers so expensive.

Here are some of the standout features of the brand’s freezers.

Air Filtration Technology

Viking freezers use Sharp’s Plasmacluster Ion Air Purifier to ensure airborne bacteria, mold, and other impurities are eliminated. 

The filtration technology also prevents odor from developing inside the freezers.


While other refrigerator companies maintain internal temperatures of 2 degrees, Viking freezers take it a step further. 

It offers temperature control within 1 degree. 

In addition to this, Viking uses a 1 compressor system and offers a 3-year warranty on its units. 

Seals and Crispers

Viking freezers have vacuum seals on all doors. This prevents outside air from getting into the unit. They also have high-humidity drawers complete with dividers and adjustable dairy compartments. 

Some of the models feature two high-humidity zone drawers and an adaptable cold zone.

Thanks to its separate temperature control, the cold zone can be used for extended fresh meat storage and produce storage. 

The deli and crisper drawers also combine to create a unique low-temperature zone.

How Long Do Viking Freezers Last?

On average, Viking freezers can last up to 10 years. 

The freezers are typically covered with a range of limited warranties, with expiry periods ranging from one to 12 years. 

What Type of Viking Freezer Configurations Are Available?

Viking has a lineup of refrigerating options for virtually every kitchen space. 

Its units range from 18 inches to 50 inches wide. Customers can also get various configurations, such as side-by-side and bottom-freezer configurations.

For users who require single-use units, there are all freezer and all-refrigerator models. 

Some Viking freezer models come equipped with water dispensers or the Plasmacluster ion air purifier.

Users can also enjoy large capacity ice makers for units with icemakers, a premium water filter, accessible controls, door alarm, and adaptive defrosts settings. 

The adaptive defrost settings help to improve food storage by limiting the number of times stored food defrosts. 

How Much Do Viking Freezers Cost?

As stated earlier, Viking freezers are designed as luxury appliances, and the prices underscore that. 

The cheapest Viking unit can be purchased for a little over $3,000, with the high-end units costing almost $10,000.

The brand manufactures its freezer models using top-of-the-line materials. This means the units are ideally suited for high-end luxury homes and commercial kitchens.

Are Viking Freezers Any Good?

Viking has made a name for itself as a brand that makes first-rate luxury appliances. It combines advanced technology, useful features, and sleek designs into high-end products. 

This commitment to excellent build quality is evident in its freezers. 

And while they are rather on the expensive end of the spectrum, this is offset by a superb food preservation performance. 

The freezers come in a variety of wood veneers and colors for customers to choose from. Meaning, you can find something to blend with most modern kitchen décors.

Every one of these factors informs the final retail price of a Viking Freezer. 

What Are the Common Issues with Viking Freezers?

Although Viking freezers are reliable, there are some issues to be aware of if you plan to buy any of its units. 

In the brand’s early days, some of its freezer units suffered from specific build-quality issues. 

A few of the notable issues include:

  • Frequent compressor issues
  • Inadequate center support for bottom food crispers. While this problem can be easily rectified, Viking’s repair service seems to ignore it.
  • Faulty light above water dispenser
  • Door hinges can get stuck, creating noise when the door is opened
  • The alarm has been known to go off randomly
  • The freezer doors tend to go out of alignment 
  • Specific models develop water in the vegetable shelves and crispers. This can lead to food spoilage.
  • Frequent Icemaker faults on units with icemakers
  • Screw on door hinge have frequently developed faults
  • Possible issues with repairs, such as defective parts, out of stock parts, and a general supply chain delay

The problems listed above seem to have a pattern, which has to do with the build quality or quality assurance. 

Indeed, not all Viking Freezers have these issues. In fact, it will be dishonest to say that. 

However, it appears that quite a number of the freezers tend to develop one build-quality fault or another. So, it isn’t entirely out of place for some people to associate build-quality issues with Viking. 

For the amount of money a Viking freezer costs, you should expect a build quality of the highest order. 

Unfortunately, Viking hasn’t been consistent in delivering such quality. 

Thankfully, the brand has greatly improved upon previous models.

However, it is still lagging technologically and feature-wise compared to other manufacturers. 


Viking Freezers command a massive retail price, which means users have to invest money and time to ensure they are adequately maintained. 

That means you can only have freezer issues fixed by accredited Viking dealers. At least, that’s the only way to not void your warranty. Plus, it ensures you get the best repairs.

This might seem like a no-brainer, but given the plethora of issues known to plague Viking Freezers, coupled with the high cost of a unit, it makes perfect sense.

Bottom line, Viking freezers are expensive because the units come with a plethora of customization offers and advanced technology. 

Also, you are buying a brand name renowned for creating luxury appliances over the years. 




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