Why Are Topshop Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Topshop Jeans Expensive

Most people aged between 18-35 have owned Topshop jeans at some point in their life. One thing about Topshop jeans is that they offer the best quality you’ll ever come across in the industry. 

Like any other jeans, however, you’ll still be forced to pay so much to get these jeans. And whether you’re buying the jeans from Next, Asos, or Nordstrom, the price is more or less the same. On these sites, the jeans go for less than $100. 

However, this amount is still too high, especially for those who prefer shopping in bulk. But why would the prices be so high? 

Here, we offer you all the answers you need. 

How Expensive Are Topshop Jeans?

Even though Topshop jeans might be expensive to the average earner, it isn’t as expensive as other reputable brands. While for some brands, it’s difficult to get a pair of jeans for less than $200, you can easily purchase Topshop jeans for as little as $40.

With most sites such as Next, Asos, or Nordstrom, the price of most Topshop jeans falls below $100. For your information, the lower price doesn’t affect the quality of the jeans. 

According to reviewers, Topshop jeans are among the best quality and most durable jeans you’ll ever find. 

Regardless of the high price, this is one brand we recommend to anyone wishing to combine great quality and excellent style.

Topshop Jeans Styles You Should Know

Topshop jeans have at least five styles that you should be aware of. Let’s consider them below:


This happens to be most people’s favorite style. They happen to be high-rise and ankle-grazing skinny jeans available in stretch Jamie denim. 

For your information, Topshop Jamie jeans are available from Littlewoods Ireland and are designed with super-stretch technology. 

We recommend wearing these jeans with heeled boots and a gorgeous bodysuit for an exciting night out. 


Leigh is the dream jeans for anyone. These jeans are super-soft and will almost become like your second skin. 

They’re ankle-grazing and mid-rise skinny jeans designed in soft denim. People like them for the comfort they offer. 

We recommend wearing them with sneakers and sweatshirts for a more casual look. 


Some people like these jeans thanks to being high-waisted. They’re also designed with super-stretch technology to lift and shape for a flattering silhouette. 

These jeans have become common with most ladies due to their natural fit. We recommend putting them on with a white t-shirt. 


Once again, ladies are sorted with the Mom jeans, which present a classic style. They come with a flattering high-rise waist, thus being ideal for day-to-day wear. 

The jeans also come with a tapered leg having rolled hems and rigid denim. We recommend wearing them with lace-up boots and gorgeous chunky knit for autumnal greatness. 


If you can’t decide to wear Mom jeans or skinny jeans, there is no need to worry. Straight jeans act as the ideal in-between pair. They’re timeless and flattering jeans, perfect for both night and day.

We recommend that you wear them with loafers and shirts or heeled boots and a cardigan.  

Are There Some Topshop Jeans That You Won’t Like?

Absolutely! Topshop isn’t a perfect brand. There are some jeans types that customers have complained about. Below are some of them:

Straight Jeans-Size 28×30

There is no denying that this style is super classic, and this alone is reason enough to fall in love with it. However, some areas need improvement. 

For instance, the jeans have a tight knee area, at least according to some reviewers. They also happen to be tight in the bum. 

Other reviewers also complained that the back rise was a bit short for them. We recommend looking for another alternative. 

Petite Mom Jeans-Size 28

We can’t run away from the fact that these jeans have a cute style that you’ll certainly fall in love with. However, we don’t recommend it due to being tight through the hips.

Some reviewers also noted that the jeans were shorter for them. 

Petite Joni Legging-Size 8

If you’re looking for high-waisted jeans, this is the perfect brand for you. However, we don’t recommend it if you’re after more than just high-waisted jeans. 

The jeans happen to be too thin to fit most people. They’re also short and are only perfect for short people. 

Before you buy any Topshop jeans, ensure that it fits you well. 

What Should You Consider While Buying A Topshop Jeans?

Buying quality jeans is like starting a long-term relationship. You should take the right measures to get the right one for you. 

Below are things to consider:

Understand Your Size

You must know the size that fits you well before buying a pair of jeans. The solution here is to take measurements before making an order online. 

Take an accurate measurement of your preferred height and waist, then make an order as per those measurements. 

Alternatively, you can visit your local store and try to fit the available Topshop jeans. Take one that fits you well. 

Consider The Materials

The materials employed to make a piece of cloth matter a lot. Research about the top quality materials used to make jeans and relate with what the Topshop jeans you have spotted are made with. 

Only buy jeans with durable materials. Here, we recommend jeans that are designed with heavier fabric. 

The Price of The Jeans

While it might be obvious that the higher the price, the better the quality, this isn’t always the case with jeans. You can get very quality jeans at an affordable rate if you take the time to look for them. 

Always buy jeans that are within your budget. Remember clothing is just part of what you need and therefore must save money for other expenses. Top sites to get affordable Topshop jeans include Next, Asos, or Nordstrom.


Topshop jeans are the brand to go for, especially for those between 18 and 35. However, these jeans don’t come cheap as you’d expect. But compared with other brands that sell a pair for as high as $200, Topshop jeans are more affordable.

We can attribute the high prices to the quality styles such as Joni, Mom, Straight, Jamie, and Leigh. If you want to buy the best Topshop jeans, follow the considerations we have highlighted above. 

Your image is everything and what better brand to boost it than Topshop jeans!


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