Why Are Smart Dolls So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Girl feeding a smart doll

Smart Dolls emerged on the toy scene in 2013, and since then, have become wildly popular among kids and adults across the globe. Educators, corporations, and those just wanting the latest fashion doll have embraced Smart Dolls and their culture with a zeal that leaves their competition in the dust (with the possible exception of Barbie, of course).

Smart Dolls are quickly becoming a favorite among kids and adults alike. Their superior structure and durability make them a high ticket item that has much thought twice about purchasing them. While they are more expensive than other dolls, Smart Dolls are well worth the investment, and are much more than just another doll.

How Expensive Are We Talking Here?

If you’re looking for a $20 or $30 doll, stop reading now and go raid your fridge for a snack. A Smart Doll is going to cost you about $500USD.

Now that you’ve picked yourself up off the ground, let me explain a bit about why they’re so expensive. Each Smart Doll is handcrafted by a team of experts who lovingly piece her together using quality materials. The spinal skeleton is made up of ball joints, giving the Smart Doll the functionality and posable ability that no other doll can even come close to.

Smart Dolls are meant to be much more than a collector’s item or a useless trinket that sits in a corner. Danny Choo, the creator of Smart Dolls, meant for them to be an active companion for kids and adults of all walks of life.

They’ve become so successful, that the original Smart Doll, Mirai Suenaga, was made the official mascot of Japan Tourism in 2015.

Can I Find a Better Deal on Amazon or eBay?

No. If you find less expensive versions of Smart Dolls on any online site, you’re not getting an authentic Smart Doll.

Sites like Etsy, Amazon, eBay, and others have a wide variety of authentic Smart Doll accessories such as sweaters, underwear, bags, and footwear. These range in price from $20USD to more than $50USD.

The best place to buy a Smart Doll is from the official Culture Japan site at https://shop.smartdoll.jp/

Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” When it comes to Smart Dolls, your investment is sure to last many years and provide endless fun and enjoyment.

What Do I Get for My Money?

When you choose your Smart Doll, there are several items included with your purchase. You get:

·        The Smart Doll of your choice

·        Stand

·        Bag

·        Underwear set (sports bra/panties)

As you’re going through the shopping process, you can select additional apparel, fashion accessories, different bust sizes, eye color, and hand packs.  

Orders are shipped within 15 days of ordering, from the warehouse in Tokyo, Japan.

The dolls are covered under warranty for one year, or 3 replacements parts for up to one year.

You’ll even get a unique hashtag so you can show off your Smart Doll on Instagram.

Are They Really Superior to Other Dolls?

Because these are handcrafted, made of medium-soft vinyl, and have a ball-joint inner skeleton, we can say that yes, Smart Dolls are absolutely superior to other dolls. Take that, Barbie!

It cannot be stated enough – Smart Dolls are not just another fashion doll or a collector’s item to sit on a shelf in the original packaging.

Smart Dolls are used to help young students learn, from elementary school and beyond. University students in art, photography and engineering can gain further knowledge with the help of Smart Dolls.

Many Smart Dolls in the collection symbolize specific ideas and have been aptly named. For example, Resilient, Independence, Valiant, Strength, Reflection, and Freedom are just a few names in the Smart Doll collection.

How Much are the Accessories Going to Cost Me?

Whether you purchase online from a retailer like Amazon, or directly from the Culture Japan store, expect to pay anywhere from $20 – $50USD for accessories.

Replacement parts may be covered under warranty. There are endless combinations of accessories you can purchase for your Smart Doll to make her look exactly the way you want. Change up her fashion for the seasons, or keep her decked out in retro gear to remind you of the ‘good ol’ days”. Think knee-high boots, long sweaters, bikinis, tank tops, crop jeans, sandals, and much more.

You can even purchase accessories that can change your doll’s look entirely. Switch her eyes to brown, give her a blond wig and increase her bust size.

You’ll never get bored with your Smart Doll because you can keep her updated and fresh-looking every day. Change her clothes to match the weather; keep her on your desk and have her hold your smart phone while your work. The possibilities are endless!

If you want to truly transform your doll into a Super Smart Doll, consider purchasing a separate torso that allows you to plug in and charge your devices, such as your smart phone, iPad, etc.

Don’t think of a Smart Doll as just another useless toy, because it’s so much more than that. It’s an investment.

What Else Do I Need to Know in Order to Make An Informed Buying Decision?

What would you pay more for? Something that’s mass-produced in a factory setting, with little thought to design and quality? Or an item that is lovingly and painstakingly crafted so that each one is unique and carefully packaged with the intent to ship to the consumer so it can be enjoyed for generations to come?

That’s what makes Smart Dolls so very different from Barbie and virtually every other doll on the planet.

Smart Dolls are made by a qualified team of expert designers who take great care to make a product that showcases Japan’s culture, ideals, and philosophies that can enhance humankind. While that may seem a bit over-the-top, it’s not. Danny Choo had the vision to create something truly unique that would help both kids and adults learn, socialize and enjoy the best that life has to offer. You can read more of his vision here.