Why Are Silver Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Silver Jeans So Expensive

While there are some good jeans that you can buy at as low as $30, Silver jeans come at a much higher price. This has left so many people wondering why they are so expensive. 

Silver jeans prices can be tied to labor cost and the quality of the denim used. When the labor and the material used to cost a lot, the price tag on the jeans will obviously read higher. 

However, several other factors including their popularity can also contribute to their high pricing. We outline everything that may make these jeans expensive and help you decide if it is worth your money. 

Where are Silver Jeans Made?

All silver jeans are created and designed in Canada. When considering denim destinations, I am sure Canada will not be the first country to come to mind due to the cost of production.

Canada is known to have a higher minimum wage and this makes manufacturing costs high. However, Silver jeans production is slowly extending to other parts of the world, particularly China which is known to have lower manufacturing costs.

The good news is, they use skilled labor that produces quality. 

Meaning, you also get a great product in return. 

What Makes Silver Jeans So Popular?

Silver jeans’ rich history and family heritage are some of the things that make them very popular and expensive.

The brand is an extension of Western Glove that is recognized as North America’s first privately owned denim producer. This alone offers a lot of trust among the consumers no matter the price. 

The brand started with a unisex fit called “Frisco” which became very popular during their time. On their site, they indicated that Frisco went on to sell more than 2 million pairs. 

However, it is not easy to come across Frisco now, and a lot of people still ask for their whereabouts. 

Are Silver Jeans Worth the High Price?

Silver jeans don’t come cheap, but they are reasonably priced for the quality that they offer. With a lot of focus on skills and attention to detail, Silver jeans have all it takes to be expensive. 

Most of these jeans have a luxurious look right from the quality of the fabric, the strength of rivet and button to the quality of reinforced stitching.

The jeans are designed with authenticity, integrity, and most importantly, sustainability. Their pair will last for years in your wardrobe. 

I am especially loving some of the fits that are listed on their site. In addition to their quality, they look cute and stylish

It is not associated with celebrities or the wealthy like some of the top brands. Meaning, their pricing is purely based on their quality, labor, and design. 

You may be paying a lot for these jeans, but you are getting something that your body will appreciate. 

How Expensive are We Talking About Silver Jeans?

If you are looking for genuine silver jeans, don’t expect to spend $20 or $30 you usually spend on jeans. 

Original Silver jeans, both for men’s and women’s trousers, are going to cost you between $70 and $110. But if you are a fan of shorts, expect to spend around $68. 

This seems like a lot of money to pay for a pair of jeans, but given the quality that you get, it is worth it. 

Can I Get a Better Deal from an Online Site? 

You will surely find these jeans at lower prices on various sites. But don’t get excited just yet! The sites are overwhelmed with copied Silver jeans. 

Silver jeans are a highly selling jeans brand and are common on various sites including Silverjeans.com, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, among other sites. 

Given that it is a high-selling brand, a lot of fakers have gotten into the mix. These copied jeans are what you will find on most sites. 

That said, I don’t expect any price lower than the price range I have provided for Silver jeans. If you want a genuine site to buy Silver jeans, visit silverjeans.com. 

How do you Know if Silver jeans are Original?

I don’t mean other sites don’t offer genuine Silver jeans, you can find real Silver jeans on these sites too. However, there are higher chances of getting fake Silver jeans. 

If you are dead set on purchasing your jeans from these sites other than silverjeans.com, you must know how to authenticate them.

Just like other premium brand labels, Silver jeans spend resources on creating jeans that are set to standard manufacturing quality. Meaning, there is a ‘clue’ within the jeans that point to them being genuine.

With a limited budget to spend on designing the internal look of the jeans, fakers only try to mimic the outside of the Silver jeans. 

Some of the details that fakers are likely to miss are the stumped zipper tags and leathered branding patch. The stitching and fabric quality of fake Silver jeans are also low. 

If you are keen on these areas, you will be able to identify original Silver jeans with a lot of ease. 

Are Silver Jeans Going Out of Business?

Silver is an active jean brand with its jeans widely available on various online and physical stores in the US. The last time I checked, their jeans were widely available on various popular online stores including Etsy, eBay, Walmart, Amazon, among others. 

Though Silver jeans change with fashion, quality never changes. They always strive to make the best fitting, best-looking jeans with value to date.

Some of these jeans are now produced in Asia, specifically China, due to the low cost of production in the region. Asian-made Silver jeans trade at around $70 to $75 compared to the Canadian made that costs from $78 onwards.

What Do the Reviews Say About Silver Jeans?

Silver jeans don’t have a lot of reviews online. At the time of this writing, We could only find 4 on sitejabber.com with mixed feedback. The four consumers offered it a consumer rating of 2.75/5 which is still above the average.

However, 4 reviews are not enough to rate a brand. How I wish I could find more reviews from other third-party sites. 


Silver jeans are expensive for a good reason. Unlike other top brands that hype their prices due to brand recognition, Silver bases their pricing mostly on labor cost and quality. For that reason, you get something that is worth your money. 


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