Why Are Robin’s Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Robin’s Jeans So Expensive

Robin’s jeans entered the fashion market in 2005. That marked the beginning of a revolution since men and women love this jeans brand to bits. Every fashionable person in the world ranks Robin’s jeans among the most luxurious brands in the fashion industry.

Robin’s jeans are unique and luxurious. They come with a spectacular set of angel wings (hand embroidered), leather applique, and crystal studding. The quality is without a doubt top-notch because they source the material from all over the world for originality and exclusivity.

Undisputedly, Robin’s jeans are more expensive than other brands of jeans. However, the price is totally worth the buck.

How Expensive are Robin’s Jeans?

Non-luxurious brands of jeans go for less than $100. However, if you expect to get a pair of Robin’s jeans for less than $200, you’re in for a rude shock.

Robin’s jeans cost between $299 to $699 for women and $275 to $699 for men. I bet you’re surprised. Let me shed some light on why these jeans are so expensive.

Robin’s jeans are manufactured with a lot of attention paid to detail. The brand is unique, especially because of the pair of wings embroidered by hand on the back. 

On top of that, their pair of trousers have leather applique and crystal studding (this goes down well with bikers). Unlike most brands that design their jeans around basic and overworn styles, Robin’s uses new fabrics.

Robin’s jeans are not your ordinary pair of $10 jeans. They make bold statements and portray class and style no matter the occasion. You can also style them in different ways, depending on your sense of style.

Can I Find a Better Deal on eBay or Amazon?

With luxury brands, you certainly don’t want to look for deals that will be a waste of your hard-earned money. Any Robin’s jeans that cost less than the price on the official store are not authentic.

A store like Amazon has jeans within the same price range as https://robinsjean.com/, which is the recommended store for purchasing Robin’s jeans.

Cheap is expensive, they say. If you invest in a pair of original Robin’s jeans, you will enjoy wearing them for long without them fading and looking like they were cheap.

I have a pair of Robin’s jeans that I have worn for over five years now. They look just as good as they did when I made the purchase (I hope that’s enough testimony of their quality).

What Do I Get for My Money?

Anyone interested in buying from a luxury brand needs to know what else they get for the high price. Here’s what you get for the price you pay:

  • Wonderful detailing
  • Hand embroidery
  • Perfect sizing
  • Wide range of color and design choices

On the Robin’s Jean website, you can also shop for studded belts, jackets, tees, shoes, shorts, and caps. These items are just as high-quality and unique as their jeans.

Shipping is done to the address you provide as long as it is compliant with shipping restrictions. Order processing takes one to two business days. Unfortunately, they do not deliver on Saturdays.  

Standard shipping typically takes six to ten business days from order to arrival. Moreover, 2nd-day air shipping is also available and will take three to four days for items to get to you. A notable exception is the additional five days the company allows itself to investigate suspicious purchases.

Robin’s Jean will gladly accept returns within 14 days of delivery if you have purchased from the official website. The customer covers the shipping cost and should wait up to seven days for processing.

Return the item in its original condition with the tags attached. Additionally, the jeans must remain unworn, unwashed, unaltered, and unhemmed.

Unfortunately, sale items more than 50% off retail price cannot be exchanged or returned. Items on sale for 50% or less qualify for online store credit. You can use this credit on your next purchase.

Are Robin’s Jeans Really Superior to Other Jeans?

There is no doubt about the quality of Robin’s jeans. The detailing is just perfect with hand-embroidered golden angel wings, stylish cuts, and Avante-Garde washes.

They go above and beyond to ensure every item has stunning studded embellishments and embroidery, which truly represents Robin’s Jean.  

I cannot state enough that Robin’s jeans are a statement piece. Fashion stylists and celebrities love this brand because it comes with status and exclusivity.

Many jeans brands mass produce their items. Therefore, the detailing is not as flawless. Also, the embroidery done by hand takes the pieces to a higher level of style and quality.

How Much are the Accessories Going to Cost Me?

Robin’s jeans are perfect. Still, completing the look with Robin’s Jean caps and belts makes you even more stylish.

You can get caps for $65-$249. Embellished belts cost between $279-$539. Their shoes are designed beautifully, with prices going up to $599.

Truthfully, you will never get tired of dressing up in Robin’s Jean items. They will give you a fresh and stylish look different from what other brands offer.

Don’t look at the price and think you’re spending too much on a pair of jeans. It’s much more than clothing. It is an investment.

What Else Do I Need to Know in Order to Make an Informed Buying Decision?

We all hate over-produced designs that you’ll find more than 20 people wearing in a group of 30 individuals. Each pair of jeans from Robin’s Jean is manufactured lovingly and carefully so that every detail stands out.

Would you prefer to purchase a common item available in every corner store or a bespoke pair of jeans with amazing detailing and hand embroidery?

That’s why Robin’s jeans are so loved. They are different from every typical pair of jeans available in stores.

Robin Chretien, the founder of Robin’s Jean, intended to produce unique designs with new fabrics and nuanced details. The team of experts he uses to manufacture jeans pays attention to the biker-chic aesthetic and innovative denim washes to ensure color and quality retention.

Robin’s vision to create an outstanding brand of jeans has become a revolution in the fashion industry, with celebrities, fashion stylists, and stylish individuals thronging to buy Robin’s Jeans items. They are, without a doubt, top on the list of brilliant brands.


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