Why Are Red Monkey Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Red Monkey Jeans So Expensive

This week I did some research on Red Monkey jeans prices and what! I never believed the stupid price tag attached to them.

Red Monkey Jeans brand is an invention of Hongkong-based Martin Ksohoh. The jeans hit the market in the early 2000s and are still highly selling despite the high prices. 

Why would they be that expensive?

Red Monkey jeans brand is a luxury label. The brand offers status, exclusivity and targets a specific class of people. It was very popular in the late 2000s with the hip hop urban community and has since been traded as a special jeans brand. 

But there is more to this pair of jeans than just being a fashion brand. I offer a detailed discussion that will help you decide whether it is worth your money or not. Just read and learn. 

Why are Red Monkey Jeans So Popular? 

I want you to do some research for the most popular jeans on social media sites, especially Yahoo. The last time I did this, Red Monkey Jeans was among the top three most searched jeans brands. 

So, why are they popular?

Big names in the music industry like Jay Z, P. Diddy, and Sean Combs are wearing Red Monkey Jeans. In addition, these jeans have been mentioned in the lyrics of the song Ghost Is Back by Ghostface Killah.

Celebrities bring a lot of awareness and desirability to a fashion brand. When top celebrities like Jay-Z are seen wearing a particular label at public events, that brand will not only grow in popularity but on demand. 

Their unique Japanese-influenced back pocket design also makes them very popular. It features dragons & phoenixes along with other Japanese characters that attract most westerners. 

The westerners are fans of oriental and prints. Furthermore, unique wears make people look special. 

How Expensive are Red Monkey Jeans? 

To get your hands on original Red Monkey jeans, also known as RMC (Red Monkey Company), expect to spend somewhere between $99-$600. That is a huge amount to pay for any other pair of jeans. 

For Red Monkey jeans, you are not just buying jeans, but something that will make you look special. If luxury is all you are looking for in a pair of jeans, then this is a great brand to consider. 

Can I get a Better Deal Online?

No! Red Monkey jeans are usually offered in the price range that I have offered or even more.

Don’t judge me wrong if you find Jeans with Red Monkey labels at very low prices in some retail shops online. These are probably fake. 

There are many fake RMC jeans out there, especially on online sites like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba among others. 

I was surprised to find Red Monkey jeans worth as low as $13.9 on eBay when I was doing research. Premium brand labels spend resources on creating jeans that are set to standard manufacturing quality. There is no way they can cost that low. 

In fact, if you find Red Monkey jeans with a price lower than $100, you will be right to start suspecting it. 

Is Red Monkey Worth the Price?

Quality is the most important driver of luxury perception when it comes to jeans.  

Red Monkeys are made from special material selected from Japan, America, Italy, and a special kind of Chinese-colored cotton, grown naturally in ivory. This special colored cotton is used instead of the pure white one because it reduces the use of dye in the dye bleaching process making it very eco-friendly. 

Each individual Red monkey jeans is constructed of the highest quality materials, supplemented with elite fabrication and detailed embroidery techniques.

The new dimension in the embroidery pattern is loved by fashionistas and won recognition in the industry.

The stitching technique in their jeans is also exceptional and long-lasting. The jeans are handcrafted with highly professional designers who understand fashion so well. 

These qualities plus the fact that it is a premium label brand, Red Monkey jeans are worth your money. 

How Do I Spot Fake Red Monkey Jeans?

Before you throw your hard-earned money into fake Red Monkey jeans, try to be very sure of what you are purchasing. 

As I mentioned before, a lot of fake Red Monkey jeans now exist in our market due to their popularity and demand. The real Red Monkey jeans are hard to come by because they are made in extremely limited editions. 

Fakers have mastered the Japanese-influenced back pocket design so well. They can create a dragon, crashing waves, and geishas that look exact. 

However, they can only mimic the external look of the jeans due to the limited budget spent on designing the copies. 

They rarely go into details such as stumped zipper tags and leathered branding patches. The jeans also feature a tab or flag which is always red, not any other color. 

These areas plus the general quality of the jeans are where to concentrate when doing your inspection. 

I usually use the price tags as my elimination method. I don’t bother to inspect anything below the range that I have indicated above. 

Given the brand image with wealthy people, global recognition, and excellent quality, there is no way it can sell at a throwaway price.

Is There Any Other Thing I Should Know About Red Monkey Jeans? 

Red Monkey jeans are produced in limited edition because the brand targets a particular class of people. 

Getting your hands on two pairs of these jeans may be a fuss. This is great news because westerners don’t like something that looks like a national uniform. 

Being the only one with a particular type of cloth always makes you feel special. 


Red Monkey is a luxury fashion brand tied with top fashion designers. Given its popularity among wealthy celebrities, its global recognition and perfect quality Red Monkey jeans are costly and only some particular class of people can afford them. 

Putting your hands on these jeans guarantees class and a special feeling. To find genuine Red Monkey jeans, visit the official RMC jeans clothing site. 


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