Why Are Miss Me Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Miss Me Jeans So Expensive

Miss Me is a global company launched in 2001 to dress the modern ladies who are no longer definable but rather multi-dimensional in style and character. The brand is perfect for people who have a multitude of passions. 

One notable product offered by the brand is the Miss Me jeans which are designed with quality materials and great style. The only major complaint from customers is that the jeans are highly-priced. However, we checked the company site and found the jeans being moderately priced at an average rate of $100. 

Although the prices aren’t friendly to the average customer, the quality is worth everything. Keep reading to discover more about Miss Me jeans. 

Miss Me Jeans Pricing

If you think you’ll buy quality Miss Me jeans for as low as $50, then you better use the money for something else. Going through the company’s site, we noticed that most jeans are priced at about $100. 

For instance, the flowing dream straight jeans go for $109 while sweet and simple skinny jeans go for $99. 

The good news is that you’ll find various options on the site to select from. 

You can also purchase these jeans on Amazon. The price is almost the same as that on the Miss Me website. 

Don’t be scared of the high prices since the top-quality of the jeans outweighs it. 

Identifying Fake Miss Me Jeans

Most jeans brands, including Miss Me products, are always targets of counterfeit clothes. But how can you identify an original Miss Me jeans from a fake one? This guide will enable you to do it with ease. 

Noticing Fake Designer Labels

The easiest ways to identify fake labels include: 

  • Incorrect inseam length
  • Poor-quality materials
  • Wrong or missing label printings
  • Poorly stamped riveting
  • Poor quality stitching

Any fake brand jeans are noticed by determining cases where the counterfeits fail to reproduce style, security devices, and coloring. Instead of identifying a single problem, we recommend finding several flaws to authenticate the jeans.

The Basics

Reputable brands spend a lot of resources to produce products set to a certain manufacturing standard and quality. Quality control guarantees that every pair of cloth produced is similar within a specific product line. It’s therefore difficult to miss out on clues within the jeans pointing to their originality. 

Any fake jeans are designed using poor-quality materials. No research and innovation go into the development of such products. There is also less focus on reproducing the internal feel and look of the jeans. 

For instance, it’s common to find no tags within the jeans. 

Internals of Miss Me Jeans

The inside panels and labels for the size and style are designed with close and small stitched threads. Since it takes more time to stitch small threads together, it’s a sign of the high-quality presented by Miss Me jeans. 

A fake Miss Me jeans will likely have longer stitched threads and wider spacing between them. The inside stitching won’t be very neat. 

If you’re keen enough, you’ll notice style codes and numbers stitched in the tag. 

Does Miss Me Offer Return and Exchanges?

Absolutely! Apart from offering quality jeans, the company also provides customers with a clear return policy. If a customer isn’t satisfied with their jeans, they’re free to return them within 30-days from the purchase date. 

However, during return, the jeans should be in the same condition as when they were sold. Otherwise, the return won’t be processed. You should also note that returns will only be accepted via Missme.com. 

While shipping returns to the company, remember to include the order number or packing slip together with the reason for return. You should also use the shipment form. All returns will be processed within 10-days upon receipt. 

Please note that Miss Me doesn’t offer direct exchanges. 

Does Miss Me Stretch? 

Miss Me is top-quality, and we doubt if it’ll disappoint you. The jeans are comfortable and cute with some element of stretch that allows them to loosen up after being worn severally. 

However, you’ll never have to downsize the jeans as a result of stretching that gets out of hand. In fact, after washing, the jeans will regain their size. 

Caring for Miss Me Jeans

Some fading occurs thanks to laundry activities. If you want to maintain your jeans’ dark color, you better take them to a dry cleaner. However, this approach might be an added cost on top of an even more expensive pair of jeans. 

Below are suggestions to help you slow the fading in your jeans:

  • You must turn the jeans inside out before you wash them. This reduces the amount of friction, thus reducing wear and tear. 
  • If you decide to use a washer, limit the number of jeans to 3-4. This will avoid tight packing, which limits effective cleaning. 
  • Wash your Miss Me jeans on the delicate cycle if it has damages such as grinding and holes. 
  • Avoid using bleach anytime you wash your Miss Me jeans. You should also use either warm or cold water. 
  • Before taking the jeans for laundry, read the label inside. Most jeans, including Miss Me products, are recommended for dry cleaning. 

Miss Me Stores

If you’re not used to buying things online, most brands have alternative physical stores where you can make purchases. The good news is that Miss Me has many stores in several US states, including Virginia, Texas, Ohio, New York, Florida, Michigan, among others. Feel free to walk into any store near you and purchase as much as you want. 

We recommend visiting a physical store rather than buying online since you’ll get a chance to buy what fits you well. You’ll also check the quality of the material and select a durable one. 

Final Thoughts

Very few companies have pursued and achieved the goal of dressing modern ladies more than Miss Me. The brand has proven perfect, especially to people possessing a multitude of passions. 

If you decide to purchase Miss Me jeans, be ready to interact with quality materials and great style. And even though the jeans are overpriced, their durability makes everything worth it. 

Always be careful to avoid landing fake Miss Me jeans. We wish you well even as you take your fashion to the next level. 


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