Why Are Hudson Jeans so Expensive? (Explained)

Why Are Hudson Jeans so Expensive

Many people love to appear all cool and casual in nice denim jeans. It’s not just about any denim, but high-quality, durable jeans. 

There are lots of jean brands in the US, and over a long time, with many shopping adventures later, some names stand out among others. 

Hudson Jeans almost stood out as a household name in the denim jeans industry, catering to a large population

Hudson Jeans stand out as a strong name in the industry that offers cool American-inspired denim styles for all types of people with different sizes and fits.

Hudson has been celebrated and featured in many lifestyle guides, with awards following.

Top celebrities have worn their product, including a known star, Renee Zellweger. As a result, this brand has carved a name for itself in the overcrowded American denim market. 

Particular among their features is the high price tag attached to each piece. While some people are skeptical of this issue, others are remarkably uninterested. 

Hudson Jeans are made of higher superior materials in the market. A team makes the styles and design of highly experienced fashion designers who have an elevated taste to produce quality results. 

Other essential features make this jean brand a best seller in the market. This article will check out some probable reasons why the manufacturers have placed a high market value on their products. 

First, let’s go down the history lane of the Hudson business.

Hudson Overview

Hudson Jeans started making a name for itself when its founder, Peter Kim, started it in 2002. A famous quote from the owner states that Hudson uses denim “…  it is our canvas, which we use as a channel to delivering a pretty large message and identity and also linking with the community at large.” 

The business has been involved with many philanthropic gestures, especially in Los Angeles, its headquarters. 

However, as of 2016, over 70% of their production of high-quality jeans came from their Mexico factory.

The business is currently under another firm’s ownership, Centric Brands, although its founder still functions as its CEO.

Factors Responsible for Hudson’s High Price

The Hudson brand is one of the top competing businesses that produce high-end denim. There may be reasons why the jean’s price may be too high for buyers on a budget. 

A typical Hudson Jean goes approximately $100-$200, with others placed at higher prices. 

Little wonder, it is often described as an “investment piece.” here are some reasons why the jean may be too expensive.

High-Grade Raw Materials

The materials used in the production of denim are sourced from the best places. They are then transported to the factory in Los Angeles or Mexico, where they are processed.

The materials undergo some industrial processes before the final finishing touches and are sent to the showroom.

High Cost of Production

Hudson Jeans are highly revered because of the high cost of production. Particular among it is because most of the pieces are produced in Mexico before being sent to the US. 

This extra cost of producing in a different country before they are brought down to the US is why they are on the high side. 

Of course, there are other brands that sell denim for lower prices. However, many of them still produce within the United States, eliminating the extra cost of transportation. 

Long life of the Hudson Jeans

Reviews of many people have shown that Hudson Jeans features a long life of freshness. It takes a long time before the jeans begin to show signs of an overwash. 

While the jeans are surprisingly high cost, they also last way longer than the cheaper options, retaining their fresh face along the way. 

One of the particular reasons for the high shelf life is its resilient design that keeps them in shape even after wearing and washing them for a while. 

Great Shape and Size

One feature that will interest you about Hudson’s wears is how they produce denim. They are invested in creating fit sizes for all types of people. 

The denim comes pretreated to offer strategic stretching while retaining its high comfort. Users do not need to squeeze in and out to put them on. 

The good thing is that the stretching does not affect the fitness or size of the jeans, as it is designed to fit correctly after stretching out. 

Hudson’s jean designs are also stylish. They have all types of fits for men, women, and even children. 

Soft Texture

One vital feature of Hudson jeans is the soft texture. Softness, comfort, and no loss of color after a wash make the jean a good fit. It’s also one strong reason for its high price. 

Reviews on Men and Women’s Hudson Jeans

The fits come in different forms for everyone. Hudson has something for everyone from skinny to straight cut to bootcut to boyfriend jeans. Here’s a review of some of their bestsellers. 

Hudson Men Jeans

The Blake Slim jean comes with a slimmer thigh and hip that gives the man curve more meaning, directly gluing the calves. The price is between $174 and $237.

The Hudson Straight Leg Byron Jean is the perfect companion for a tee.

It gives the vintage 90s fabulous, designed in a relaxed, but trimmed slim fit, mid-rise waist that is straightened at the leg and hip. The price is between $88 and $131. 

Hudson Female Jeans

The Hudson Low-Rise Jean (Krista) offers extreme comfort for the outer lean woman, exposing the curvy hips. It is available for $195.

The Hudson Collin Skinny Jean Mid-Rise offers a relaxed waistline with a calm designer stretch that keeps the denim in shape. It is priced at $205. 

The Hudson Beth Baby Bootcut type is designed for the winter and fall seasons. It comes in five distinct washes having a super soft feel. 

It is curved at the calves and thighs, displaying those feminine shapes. It is currently priced at $205. 

Final Words

Although the price of Hudson denim jeans may be understandable, certain factors may be discouraging to customers. 

Below-average customer service on the business’s website may be one lingering factor. 

Other than that, the product offers some of the best quality denim in the market. 


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