Why Are Hollister Jeans Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Hollister Jeans Expensive

If you’re searching for some jeans to add to your closet, you may have heard of so many brands. Among them would be Hollister. 

For many people, Hollister as a brand is associated with top-notch productions, which explains why their Jeans are popular. 

Hollister offers different kinds of clothing materials. Aside from jeans, their tees and other body accessories are common in clothing stores and top e-commerce websites. Don’t be shocked to find clear top-designer jeans on the menu with the Hollister logo attached.

Hollister jeans also come in different washes: dark, light, rinse, and medium.

The prices attached to their denim products, yet, is another story. Hollister jeans are expensive and are above the regular average price for a jeans pair. However, you are paying for durability and more value compared to cheaper options. 

Here are the possible reasons to the burning question of why one of America’s most favorite jeans plugs is expensive. 

Are Hollister Jeans Expensive?

Hollister jeans are among the costly denim you could find. Seeing as Hollister has a specific demographic market, their denim jeans are expensive. 

You can buy a pair of jeans within the $15-$20 market price. If this is your budget to buy a pair of jeans from Hollister, you’d have to increase your budget or move to other products.

The lowest price of Hollister denim wear starts from $30, which is cheap if you compare it with other highly-ranked denim clothing lines. 

Why are they Expensive?

Hollister jeans are expensive and with lots of justifiable reasons. Here are some reasons why the popular jeans brand does not have a low price tag.

They Cater for a Particular Demographic

Hollister’s jeans are styled to fit the Gen Z population. Hollister jeans usually run small because they are tailored to target the smaller teenagers. 

Their jeans are usually straight with space and may not accommodate people with curves, perfect makeup for teens.

Reducing the target market to an age group comes with financial implications, which will reflect in the retail price. 

Qualities of the Jeans

Hollister jeans are well known because of their durability. 

When buying jeans, a specific trait many people look out for when buying a pair of jeans is how long they will serve and last without fading away. 

This brand is known to produce jeans that last for a long time, so it is expensive. The materials used also matter. 

Hollister jeans are made with some of the top denim raw materials in the market. That’s why the jeans are usually heavy and come with a strong feel. 

The Brand’s Fidelity

Hollister as a brand (often known as Hollister Co.) is owned by the famous corporation Abercrombie and Fitch Co. The company is known for producing and selling high-quality items to its customers. 

So, while you’re also paying for the long “life” pair of jeans, wearing denim that carries the popular trademark is another factor for its high price

It’s more of a lifestyle and inspiration design and not another design to fill the jeans market shelves.

Where are the Best Places to buy Hollister Jeans?

Since Hollister jeans are known to fulfill the desires of the Gen. Z population, they may be in lots of places to buy. There are three points recommended for you to start your search. They include:

The Hollister official Site

Hollister‘s online store is the perfect place to begin your shopping spree for Hollister jeans. It’s the one place guaranteed to get the original product you need. 

There are many fake Hollister jeans everywhere that could sell a couple of substandard jeans, making you lose trust in them. 

That’s not all; buying from the official site allows you to buy at a better price. If they are ever running a promotion, you’d be able to buy high-quality jeans at a promo price.


Amazon is the next best place you should check out. As one of the world’s top retailer platforms, you can shop for quality Hollister jeans without the fear of buying a counterfeit product. 

You can also read reviews from other buyers, which can help you know if it is the best for you or not. 

Just like the official site, you can get the different jeans fit at varying price ranges added to your cart if you don’t have money at the moment.


eBay is the next site on the list. eBay comes with nice features to filter the content to find your size and fit and streamline it to your budget. 

It is a good place to shop for some good Hollister jeans. They also offer the jeans at some good prices.

Hollister Jeans Buying Guide

About to buy some Hollister jeans? You should be conscious of buying the best and most affordable, especially if it is your first time shopping for Hollister jeans. 

There are some guides to consider before you swipe that bank card.


One important issue that always comes up when shopping for jeans is pricing. Yes, high-quality jeans are expensive, but that does not mean you’d have to empty your pockets.

As you now understand that Hollister jeans do not come cheap, you need to create a budget before you begin shopping. 

You can bookmark Hollister’s website and sign up for their newsletter if on a budget. That way, you’ll be informed if a flash sale is going on.

Your Style

An important piece of jeans purchase is if it expresses your style. If you love all teenager style, you might consider going for the Hollister jeans.

The Heavier Denim material

High-quality jeans are usually heavy when carried That’s because of the material used in making them. Proper Hollister jeans are heavy to the hand yet look and feel luxurious. 

Online stores will normally list the fabric’s weight as medium, light, or heavy. Heavy should be your first choice before considering the others. 


Your jeans should be comfortable when you put them on. Before you move to purchase the Hollister jeans you love, check if it contains Lycra or Spandex.

Even in low quantities, Spandex and Lycra are responsible for the stretch of jeans. 

But ensure it is within 1-2%. Anything higher than that, and your jeans will quickly lose face or become too overstretched. 


Hollister jeans come from a top brand, Abercrombie and Fitch. This firm has offered high-class designer materials to their customers, and their jeans are no different. 

Due to the high-quality raw materials used, their concentration on a certain demographic, the price of their jeans is above average. 

If you’re seeking long-lasting jeans, you should spend some extra money on them.

Buying jeans online could be challenging but less annoying if you follow our buying guide on getting the best Hollister jeans that fit your personality. 


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