Why Are Hammocks So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Tropical resort with chaise longs and hammocks

Hammocks are one of a traveling nomad’s favorite devices and are ideal for outdoor home lovers. They allow you to live a stress-free life as you reconnect with nature while still promoting good spine health. High-quality hammocks may be generally expensive, but they are worth the investment.

Why Are Hammocks So Expensive?

The best hammocks are usually expensive to ensure you have the most comfortable experience out there. They are made out of high-quality materials to ensure they withstand a lot of weight without sustaining any damage and last longer. Other factors that affect a hammock’s price are the layers that come with it, accessories, and size. The brand you buy also matters; some brands are generally pricier than others.

What Makes Hammocks So Expensive?

In the hammock market, you will come across highly-priced models and others that are unusually cheap. However, several differences distinguish an expensive hammock from a cheap one, and one of the most obvious factors is quality. Other differences include:

Single Layer or Double Layer Hammocks

Single Layer

There is only one layer of cloth below you in a single layer hammock. While this reduces the hammock’s weight, it also eliminates the need for a separate pouch to store additional sleeping insulation.

In a single-layer hammock, you can try to lie on top of a pad, but most people find it difficult to position properly (because you’re sleeping on the pad, you’re trying to adjust.) The pad may shift and must be changed every time you wake up to pee in the middle of the night. Since a single-layer hammock uses less material than a double-layer hammock, it tends to be cheaper.

Double Layer

A double layer hammock gets its name because the section you rest on is made up of two layers of cloth. The two layers come together to form a pocket that can accommodate a foam or inflatable sleeping pad. The pocket keeps the insulation in place and keeps it out of the living compartment, which might be difficult to manage. The hammock’s second layer of cloth also supports a heavier person than a single-layer hammock.

Bottom Materials

Most hammocks are either made of polyester or nylon fabric materials. Normally, nylon production is more expensive, thereby making hammocks made from nylon more expensive.

Other common differences will include:

  • Accessories such as tarps and straps
  • Integrated bug net
  • Size – how big (length and width) is your hammock
  • Weight capacity – how much weight can your hammock withstand

What Are The Best Hammock Brands?


It is a company whose reputation has grown due to its quality camping gear and accessories. One of their products is the Roo Double Camping Hammock, intended for optimum comfort and to accommodate two people on a sunny park day, or hammock camping for one. The connected water-resistant and abrasion-resistant rolltop stuff sack conveniently compresses the Gravitas fabric for dry storage on the go.

Hennessy Hammock

Hennessy Hammock provides jungle hammocks, double bottom hammocks, winter hammocks, ultralites, and the proper size and weight for anyone up to 350 lbs. The design and patented characteristics of all Hennessy Hammocks are essentially the same. Size and the strength and weight of textiles, ropes, and webbing are the most significant variations.

Dutchware Gear

The members of DutchWare Gear are excited about the outdoor places we have right here at home. As a result, when creating and manufacturing our creative, high-quality camping hammocks and other items, they take a minimalist approach. They employ American manufacturers wherever feasible, giving back to American communities while also ensuring high quality.

Types of Hammocks

Rope Hammocks

These have patterns made of thick, supporting ropes that look like they’re hung between two palm palms on a sugar-sand tropical beach. They’re ideal for reading and resting, and their loose weave allows for plenty of airflows on hot days. Rope hammocks come with or without spreader bars. For maximum longevity, look for designs with polyester cords.

Quilted Hammocks

Are you seeking snug and supportive hammock? A quilted pattern may be great since these hammocks with conventional-like quilts have two layers of tightly woven cloth with batting sandwiched between them. They generally include spreader bars to protect them from turning over, as well as to show off the beautiful material you picked.

Fabric Hammocks

Fabric hammocks, like quilted hammocks, are less expensive and generally made of quick-drying materials, making them ideal for poolside and beach use. Most are constructed of polyester mixes and come in a variety of color and pattern combinations. Some fabric hammocks even come with built-in cushions. Fabric hammocks are also quite flat, making them easy to enter and depart.

Camping Hammocks

Camping hammocks are easy to pack, carry, and put up in the great outdoors since they are light and portable. They usually come with pockets or sacks attached that you can tuck them into for easy packing. Nylon fabric is often used in camping hammocks to make them light and resistant to mildew growth; it’s also easy to rinse off and dry when you return from your vacation.

A camping design is a fantastic choice if you want something that will last a long time or if you’re going to travel with your hammock. However, keep in mind that this sort of hammock does not provide as much support as other hammocks.

Why Should You Buy Hammocks From a Reputable Manufacturer?


These larger companies have a reputation to maintain. When it comes to the quality of their gear, outdoor enthusiasts are notoriously fussy. This is why in a given outdoor sector, one or two companies tend to dominate the market. Because hammock camping is a relatively young niche industry with only a few firms fighting for the top place, creating high-quality goods is essential.

Return Policy

Most reputable hammock manufacturers provide some sort of guarantee. Many less expensive hammocks don’t even have a brand name, and communicating with suppliers to receive a refund might be difficult. ENO’s guarantee, which covers faults for two years at the time of writing, is an example of an excellent warranty.

What Good Hammock Brands Can You Buy on a Budget?

Kammock, Hennessy, and Dutchware are three companies that I have discovered to provide high-quality items. Keep an eye out for hammocks from these companies; if you can locate a good bargain, you might be able to purchase one for the same price as an ENO.

When purchasing a hammock for the first time, a solid return policy is essential. I also recommend buying hammocks from a trustworthy vendor rather than from a store that ships from Asia. If you’re buying something on eBay or Amazon, find out how your purchase will be safeguarded against scammers and what the return policy is.

What Else Do You Need to Know Before Choosing a Hammock?

You have the option of purchasing a hammock with or without spreader bars. Spreader bars come pre-stretched in hammocks with spreader bars for your convenience. The cloth is held taut by rods attached to the ends. They’re perfect for hammock stands but are not ideal for sleeping because of their tightness; instead, use them for sunbathing and talking by the pool.

Hammocks without spreader bars are more flexible and can adapt to your body better. Because their cloth isn’t held taut by bars, this is the case. It might be simpler to get into and out of hammocks without spreader bars, especially if you have mobility difficulties. Aside from that, they’re perfect if you want a hammock that will wrap you.