Why Are G-Star Raw Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are G-Star Raw Jeans So Expensive

G-Star Raw is a Dutch clothing company that specializes in making raw denim. It was founded in 1989 and originally made clothes for the Dutch market. 

Currently, the brand has over 6,500 selling points globally. Its famous stores are in Los Angeles, Boston, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Paris, Shanghai, Cardiff, Mumbai, and Edinburgh.  

Celebrities, footballers, and influencers have embraced G-Star Raw for their good quality and premium-looking jeans. However, association with celebrities isn’t the only thing that makes the brand expensive.

G-Star Raw’s style is unique, authentic, futuristic, classic, and experimental all at the same time. Each jeans product from the brand has an authentic appeal that results from years of research and development. The company focuses on making jeans apparel that offers exclusivity rather than being trendy and common.  

Today’s article looks into the world of G-Star Raw, what makes them expensive, and why they may be the jeans you deserve. 

How Expensive Are G-Star Raw Jean?

Even though they’re not as expensive as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, or Armani, G-Star Raw hold their ground in offering good quality at reasonable prices. Most of their jeans range from $100 to $450 or even higher for custom-made apparel. 

And some may consider the pricing to be quite higher than they expect, but I beg to differ. G-Star Raw is a dedicated company that epitomizes perfection in its production lines. The fact that the company is pretty young compared to most established apparel companies has enabled it to focus on the future. 

You won’t find G-Star Raw focusing on its classic jeans clothes because there are none. And so what does the company do? Focus on innovation and constant improvement to disrupt the jeans industry.  

Additionally, the company makes unique jeans similar to military uniforms. Also, their raw and untreated denim line is praised for creating pieces that have a balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

The company’s values push the workforce to strive for better-looking jeans while being ethical. They don’t follow market trends to remain true to their authentic heritage, only bettering themselves and not competing with others. 

Are G-Star Raw Jeans High Quality?

Yes. G-Star Raw products are made with a high level of precision, sophistication, and craftsmanship. Each jeans apparel is durable, has uniform stitching, an expensive feel, and upholds the brand’s raw denim roots. 

Their jeans are so unique that you can easily spot one in the store or while walking down a street. They’ve got a rich blend of contemporary and military trends that show that denim’s role is classy and long-lasting.

The company began eliminating hazardous chemicals from its production lines following the 2011 Greenpeace campaign appeal. The company also opted to start recycling denim rather than wasting it. In 2013, it produced its first recycled denim, which is extraordinarily good. 

Further transitions towards environmental sustainability include G-Star Raw’s 2017 adoption of Archroma’s EarthColors for its denim. Archroma’s EarthColors are high-performance dyes from non-edible plant parts. 

Why The G-Star Raw Brand Is Popular?

Considering the higher than average price tags of G-Star Raw jeans, it’s best when you get good value for your money. And G-Star Raw has invested resources towards fully recyclable jeans. 

G-Star Raw’s Most Sustainable Jeans Ever line is the company’s fully recyclable clothing line. Its jeans lack the rivets and zippers that are synonymous with jeans. Additionally, all jeans under the Most Sustainable Jeans Ever are 98 percent recyclable. 

Environmental sustainability may attract new customers to the brand, but the following three reasons make G-Star Raw jeans popular.

Raw Denim 

Denim arrives at the factory from denim mills in a raw or unwashed state. Once denim is immersed in water, it’s no longer raw. 

G-Star Raw jeans are the best in the raw denim class as they’re unique, original, comfortable, and age well. Additionally, raw denim has a lesser carbon footprint than washed jeans. 

However, it will help if you are very careful with raw jeans during washing as the pigmented colors can easily transfer to surfaces and clothing. 


A great advantage with all jeans clothes is their durability. Their longevity results from the strong denim material that’s more resistant to wear and tear. 

You can be sure that your trousers won’t split or wear out while you’re on your daily errands. Additionally, G-Star Raw uses premium quality zippers and buttons on its jeans. 

You won’t suffer from a wardrobe malfunction while donning a pair of G-Star Raw jeans.

Right Fit

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans only to find that it’s either too big or too small for your size despite the size tag saying otherwise? We’ve all been here.

Fortunately for you, G-Star Raw is a premium denim manufacturer that offers jeans in specific length and width dimensions to accommodate all body shapes and sizes.

Are There Better Offers on eBay or Amazon?

No. You can get the best offers from G-Star Raw online and selected retail stores and boutiques worldwide. If you’re planning on buying G-Star Raw products that are considerably cheaper than what’s offered by the company, then it’s probably fake.  

Amazon and eBay have a good collection of G-Star Raw jeans, which are affordable. For example, the G-Star Raw Women’s 3301 Low Rise Skinny Fit Jeans command $58 to $130 on Amazon.

The G-Star Raw Powel Jean Raven jeans have a $78 price tag on eBay. Most G-Star Raw trousers on these online stores are slightly cheaper than what’s listed on G-Star Raw’s website. 

You need to be very cautious while buying one. And, I’m not insinuating that jeans on the Amazon and eBay websites are fake; rather, G-Star Raw products aren’t cheap. 

Furthermore, don’t be surprised to find all sorts of fake apparel in these stores.

Final Remarks

You can never go wrong with a G-Star Raw denim. The company’s disruptive innovation is shown in its efforts to make unique and raw denim jeans. 

Raw denim allows you to break them in, giving you authentic and longer-lasting jeans. 

For those of us that feel that the industrial breaking in of jeans has negative effects on the cloth’s quality, cost, and durability, G-Star Raw jeans are for you. 

I wouldn’t consider G-Star Raw jeans as expensive given the great dedication, commitment, and environmental sustainability involved in making one. 


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