Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Dsquared Jeans So Expensive

Dsquared jeans is a reputable brand started in 1995 by Dean and Dan Caten. It began developing men’s wear like pants and shirts at the time. Today, the company has become a top choice brand for women’s wear, men’s wear, and accessories. 

There is no denying that the company has invested in research and innovation to develop quality and durable jeans. However, the high quality presents a cost challenge to the buyers. Dsquared jeans are very expensive compared to other brands in the industry. 

You’ll be very lucky to get a pair of jeans for less than $500. Alternatively, you can buy similar-looking jeans at a lower cost. However, be warned that the quality might not be the same. 

Here, we help you understand why Dsquared jeans are highly-priced. 

How Expensive Are Dsquared Jeans?

Without question, Dsquared jeans make it to the list of the most expensive jeans on the market. You’ll be surprised to come across jeans going for as high as $2000. With this amount, you can buy 100 pieces for some brands. 

But the advantage of investing in Dsquared jeans is that they’re designed for durability and quality. You can wear your jeans for as long as five years without any signs of wear or tear. 

You can buy women’s jeans for at least $430 for the dark rinse wash Jennifer jeans. Other models, such as the patchwork eash L.A. jeans, go for as high as $2355. The price range for men’s jeans isn’t very different from women’s. 

If you expect to buy kid’s jeans cheaply, you’re up for a rude shock. Everything from Dsquared jeans bought from their site is priced highly. 

Where Can You Get Legit Dsquared Jeans?

You’ll come across Dsquared jeans at any place that sells streetwear fashion or contemporary luxury brands. Since Dsquared is a contemporary designer having a global following, it’s easier to find their jeans at some of the best department stores worldwide. 

Some of the most popular stores where you’re almost guaranteed getting Dsquared jeans include Saks Fifth Avenue, Farfetch, and Matches Fashion. You can also find the jeans on the company’s site. 

The company has 113 stores globally, including flagship stores in Dubai, Saint Moritz, Greece, and Milan. 

Spotting Fake Dsquared Jeans

Dsquared isn’t exempt from fake items like many other streetwear and luxury brands. The only guaranteed way to purchase a genuine product is to buy from Dsquared or a registered stockist.

Having some skills to identify fake Dsquared jeans could help you land the best deal. Below are ways to spot fake jeans:

Under Priced Jeans

Most people own fake jeans without even realizing it. Just because the jeans were listed as authentic where you bought them doesn’t guarantee it to be so.

You should also be very skeptical of the jean’s price. Although Dsquared jeans don’t appreciate or maintain their value after long-term use, don’t expect to buy them at a 99% discount. 

Avoid jumping on deals that are too good to be true.  

Branding Errors

A common mistake you’ll identify in fake Dsquared jeans is that the brand name is misspelled or has branding-related errors. Fake product manufacturers do this intentionally to avoid copyright issues. 

We recommend looking for simple mistakes in the brand’s typeset, logo placement, and font. You should always familiarize yourself with Dsquared branding to avoid landing fake jeans. 

Poor Quality

Dsquared clothes, including jeans, are known for their top-quality thanks to the “made in Italy qualifications.”

If you find jeans that haven’t paid attention to manufacturing or are cheaply developed, you should avoid them from the first instance. Most fake products are poorly designed and made. 

Some things to look out for include unusual labels, incorrect stitching, and cheap fabric. 

What Materials Are Used To Make Dsquared Jeans?

Dsquared brand is full of casual sophistication. The brand is often considered made in Italy and born in Canada thanks to two brothers, Dan and Dean. 

Their love for top-quality Italian tailoring style pushed them to start the brand. The company’s jeans have gained a huge following in the fashion industry thanks to the exquisite mix of materials used. 

And apart from jeans, you can also buy quality Dsquared pants, bags, hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, and other products. 

Some jeans are entrenched in denim combined with other materials such as fur, leather, and cotton. One top design consideration for the Dsquared brand is comfort. 

Buying Dsquared jeans guarantees you material durability. The jeans are also easy to wash. 

What You’ll Not Like About Dsquared Jeans?

If you check online reviews, you’ll find several negative reviews and complaints about this brand. It would help if we point out some of the complaints to help you make a wise purchasing decision:

They Are Expensive

As we have seen, Dsquared jeans are very expensive. For your information, it’s hard to come across jeans going for less than $500. 

However, the jeans guarantee good quality and unrivaled durability. 

Poor Customer Support

Some reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s customer support. One customer specifically complained about making an order that was later canceled without their permission. 

Upon inquiring, he was told they would get back to him within the day. However, no one reached out. 

Many people find no point in buying from a brand where the support team doesn’t value customers. 

Delayed Deliveries

If you’re a customer that wants your jeans to be delivered immediately when you make an order, then Dsquared isn’t the best option for you. When you make an order, you’re promised delivery within four days but don’t get the order until about 14 days. 

However, this isn’t the case if you decide to buy from a retail store. In this case, you just walk in, pick your jeans, pay for them, and walk back home. 

Final Thoughts

Dsquared jeans is a reputable brand started by Dean and Dan Caten. Since 1995, the company has focused on research and innovation to stay on top of the market. 

This is shown by the high quality and durable jeans it produces day in day out. However, with this top quality comes high prices. For your information, you might require at least $500 to buy a pair of Dsquared jeans. 

Please follow our tips above to determine fake Dsquared jeans. This will enable you to get quality for your money. 


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