Why Are Diesel Jeans so Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Diesel Jeans so Expensive

Diesel Denim jeans are among the best designer jeans currently in the market. 

A classic, well-trimmed, straight pair of jeans with a nice top that can get you set for the day is part of its assurances to its customers. 

It’s no surprise that their jeans come in different variations and qualities, which is excellent. 

Just like there are numerous variations between designer jeans and regular fashioned denim, Diesel as a brand stands out. 

Diesel is a well-recognized European brand, specifically Italian, with lots of flagship stores globally. Their primary markets are the USA and Japan. They also produce other clothing items, including accessories and footwear too. 

Diesel as a luxury brand was started in 1978 by Renzo Rosso but launched its first ad campaign in 1991. 

Currently, the brand markets its jeans and other clothing materials under two different names, Diesel and Diesel Black Gold. The brand caters to everyone; men, women, and children. 

However, just like the top designer denim jeans, Diesel offers its denim at a premium price as a luxurious brand. The price tags attached to their jeans are not regular, including the kids’ section. 

Despite this, they still cater to many customers, especially here in the United States.

Why are Diesel Jeans so Expensive?

The average price of regular Diesel denim costs around $150-$250 retail price, and if we consider other factors, it’s the cheapest you’d get among designer jeans. 

With the ever-rising demand for high-quality items, coupled with the effects of the pandemic, the prices have risen above $200 pre-COVID-19.

Here are some facts or reasons (whichever you may choose) behind the top price placed on Diesel denim.

Choice of Material

While many jeans manufacturers rely on cheap materials to make their denim, Diesel uses top fabric materials like cotton and heavyweight denim materials for their jeans. 

They also include spandex, elastane, and other relevant fibers that prevent over-stretching while still maintaining durability, comfort, and elasticity on the jeans. 

With these extra materials used, the cost of production will be high and is usually reflected in the final retail price. 

Diesel’s technology in combining a soft material like cotton to create a denim jeans collection is another reason you may be shocked at its prices. 

Trademark Design

If you are a lover of denim, you’ll understand that Diesel’s designs on its jeans are among the top designer styles in the market. 

A popular design you may have heard of is the Gruppe, a top-rated super slim jeans made of cotton in the majority and elastane to add to its stretch.

Gruppe’s design is a mid-height waistline, with a combination of a zip fly and a button for the closure. 

The trademark feature of this design is the five-pocket style inspiration, two zippers on either ankle region, and a star-patterned wash print which gives it a classic and relaxed look. 


There are some rumors that Diesel jeans are all handmade, especially the final stitchings. 

The finishing seams, especially the double linings that go round the edges, are a testament that they use only professionals to manufacture the denim. 

Many people on Quora think Diesel makes jeans that appeal to a particular class and have to increase the price to sustain production costs. 

A fit that takes all Body Types

The Diesel jeans come in different fits like Waykee, Thommer, Larkee, Thanaz, Theppar, and Sleenker. 

These fits are designed to accommodate different body types. A well-fitted pair of jeans can bring exposure to your personality and style.

Not many jean manufacturers are conscious of producing a pair of jeans that fits perfectly.

How expensive are Diesel Jeans?

A look at Diesel’s official website shows that the prices of their custom jeans start from $105 and above. 

However, the price differs based on some factors, like if you’re shopping on the online store or offline platform. 

The prices may also change if you’re buying from another dealer. 

Is the Expensive Diesel Jean Worth It?

I must have answered this question initially about Diesel being a luxury brand that prefers to cater to people who want to pay high for quality designs. 

While it is arguable that paying the price as high as $200 for an excellent quality pair of jeans is weird, it also means you’re buying the brand. 

Diesel as a brand has been in production for more than 20 years, and their experience of providing comfortable, soft, and non-stretching jeans will always account for the high price. 

Besides, they are well-known, and you’re paying for their expertise.

How to know if the Denim Jeans are High-Quality?

There are many jeans makers out there, and many people find it challenging to get high-quality jeans when shopping. 

Here are the top three tips to help you know if the jeans you’re about to pay for are top quality or not. 

Attention to Tiniest Details

Even the tiniest details matter a lot in denim jeans. When I’m referring to details, it’s more than just the finishing touches. Before you proceed to buy, check the following areas:

  • Stitching, especially alignment and thread color. There is the double stitching and single stitching. The double stitching is preferable (which is used on all the Diesel jeans), but the single variant will do fine. 
  • Belt loops. Check if they are raised and tucked nicely.
  • Branding
  • Buttons and rivets.
  • Placement of pockets. 

Nice Fades

The denim jeans you’re about to go for must be able to fade friendly after a few washing. 

Some people prefer high-contrast fades; the vintage fades will do fine, too. 

Whatever style of fades suits you should look pleasing to the eye and not like it was passed through a high wash press.


If you’re a lover of jeans that bring out your shape, it is only reasonable to choose denim that fits you nicely. That means you also need to know your body size, shape, and fit too. 

A good jeans maker will ensure the components of the jeans will fit your body type well without giving much room for adjustment. 


As an Italian luxury brand, Diesel will probably be among the top manufacturers that will still produce high-end fashion jeans for a long time. 

Their fashion is mainly tailored to the younger generation. That doesn’t mean you might not find some vintage-styled fashions for the older generation, though. 


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