Why Are Daybeds So Expensive? (Explained for Beginners)

outdoor daybed

I recently shifted into a new house and oops! My king-size bed takes nearly the entire bedroom space. I thought to myself, what if I get a daybed, set it up with pillows, and use it as a regular and a daytime bed? That would do.

When I checked through various online retailers’ sites for prices, I took a deep breath! I never knew daybeds can be that expensive. 

I had to inquire from various retailers why they sell daybeds at such hyped prices. Based on the responses I got, here is what I can conclude. 

Daybeds are versatile in usage and come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can fit them anywhere and use them as a regular bed, daytime bed, or couch. Therefore, manufacturers have a bit of luxury about them and tend to price them higher to match their multipurpose.

But don’t be put off, you are sure to get what you paid for. We are going to explain how expensive these products are and what you stand to gain so that you can figure out if they are worth the money. 

How Much Are We Talking About?

Well, we only mean daybeds are expensive considering the sizes and purpose they are designed for. Otherwise, their prices are not higher than that of ordinary beds or a couch. 

Most of the daybeds fall in the price range of $200 and $400. If you start with smaller sizes, you can get one for as little as $100. However, it is possible to find daybeds with a price tag below $100, more so at Amazon. 

Though some daybeds come with mattresses, most of them don’t. Even the ones that come with mattresses, people replace them with sitting poor quality. Therefore, our price range is exclusive of a mattress. 

How Much Does a Daybed Mattress Cost?

 In 99% of cases, daybeds don’t come with a mattress and you will have to order separately. The ones that come with mattresses often come with low-quality, generic, or not removable.  

While there is no specific requirement for a daybed mattress, you do not want to buy just any mattress. There are certain attributes that are specific to daybeds than other types of beds.

You have to get something firm, comfortable and durable. As you would expect, the higher the quality the more likely it will cost you. 

Even if you purchase a daybed with a mattress, you will have to replace your mattress when it ages. Therefore, knowing how much a daybed mattress costs is very important.

So, how much should you expect to spend on a daybed mattress?

Depending on the quality of materials, design, and size of the mattress, most daybed mattresses typically cost from $100 – $250. More expensive ones can cost up to $500. 

The expensive options include extras such as adjustable bases, high-quality form, and free bonuses. If you add the price of a mattress to that of the bed, you can see how high the cost of a daybed can get. 

Are Daybeds More Expensive Than Regular Beds?

No. Though daybeds are expensive, not that much. Most daybeds cost way below an ordinary bed or even a couch. They are smaller in size compared to ordinary beds and most couches. 

Regular beds are usually expensive. Remember it’s where you will spend half of your life, so you need it to be of high quality.

If you go for the top quality and luxurious ones, regular beds can cost you $3,000 and more. However, you can get some mid-range ordinary beds for as low as $500. But if you want a standard regular bed, aim to spend $1,500 and more. 

Thankfully, daybeds can be used in place of ordinary beds. Since they can fit anywhere, including your living room, manufacturers have a bit of luxury about them. 

They are manufactured in a variety of styles and colors that can be used to match your living room, bedroom, office, small studios, or guest room decor. This explains why they are often associated with high-end manufacturing. But as we have seen, the cost is not as much as that of an ordinary bed. 

More often than not, the retailers that sell regular beds are the ones that sell daybeds. You can check and compare their prices at Amazon and Walmart.  

What Do I Get For My Money?

Generally, buying a daybed is purchasing a couch and a bed in one. They serve two purposes; sleeping and seating.

Daybeds come with a lot of versatility. They are small in size and are ideal for your dorm room, small studios, guest rooms, and your basements. You can also move them around easily since they are not heavy. 

The frames of daybeds can be made out of metal, wood, or a combination of wood and metal. Most of them are designed with backs and sides resembling that of a couch and can be used as a couch.

Daybeds mostly come in twin sizes (39 in × 75 in = 99 cm × 191 cm), designed to fit 75 inches by 38 inches standard twin-size mattresses. However, some are large enough to accommodate a full-size mattress measuring 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. 

A standard couch is 90 inches wide, 34 inches high, and 38 inches deep. Meaning, daybeds are smaller than traditional couches. If you don’t have lots of space in your living room, daybeds are the perfect option for seating. 

They can seat one or two people, or even more if you have some people towards the back of the furniture. However, given that they are smaller than couches, they aren’t great for sitting many people at once. 

That said, daybeds are a useful multipurpose tool. You can use it as a seat to relax in your living room during the day. At night, it can serve as your normal bed, or your kid’s bed, or even a visitor’s bed. 

Do All Daybeds Have a Trundle?

Many daybeds are designed with the option of being trundled. A trundle bed is a two in one bed designed to hold twin mattresses and sleep two people. Trundle beds usually take little space since you can simply pop out or slide the second bed when you need to sleep two and push it back when you don’t. 

Daybeds don’t come in king-size or queen sizes, you can use a pop-out trundle to provide a wider sleeping space by enjoying a pop trundle at one edge. 

The main reason for getting a daybed with a trundle is to save space. That is, you are getting two beds that can be stored in a space enough for one bed. 


Though daybeds seem expensive, they are very versatile and worth the prices. If you have limited space in your house, you can use them in place of an ordinary bed or a couch since they can be used to sit and sleep.

Given that they can be used anywhere in your house, they come with luxurious feels to match your home decor. You can try one now and see how you conserve a lot of space.