Why Are Buckle Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Buckle Jeans So Expensive

Getting the right clothes for yourself can sometimes appear tedious, especially when you have a variety of reputable jeans brands to choose from. A question arises whether you should buy quality but expensive jeans or cheaper but low-quality ones. Well, everything depends on what you’re looking for. 

Buckle is among the most popular brands and retailers of medium to highly-priced footwear, accessories for fashion, and casual apparel. The company operates under the name “The Buckle” and runs at least 449 stores in 42 US states. 

For a company whose mission is to create the most enjoyable shopping experience for customers, it beats logic that their jeans are somehow expensive. But why? At least according to the company, their jeans are versatile, comfortable, and fitting. 

Let’s explore more information related to the brand. 

How Expensive Are Buckle Jeans?

Even though Buckle jeans aren’t as expensive as some known high-end brands, they boost premium quality that you won’t find in some of those brands. Since being founded, the company has maintained its heritage and production of quality jeans thanks to constant research and innovation. 

It doesn’t come by surprise that you can get some quality Buckle jeans for $50 to $200. The prices vary depending on whether it’s men’s, women’s or youth jeans.

The price also varies depending on where you buy the jeans. For instance, you can buy quality jeans from eBay for as low as $9.99. However, jeans from eBay are subject to some shipping fees. 

Can You Get Better from eBay and Amazon? 

Absolutely! If you check on Buckle’s Amazon page, you’re likely to get cheaper deals than those found on Buckle’s official website. 

The jeans on the Buckle site are categorized as designer jeans, thus commanding a higher price tag. 

The same thing applies to eBay. For instance, you can get the Buckle denim women’s element blue distressed pockets jeans for as low as $9.99 on eBay. This is a deal you’ll never find on any other platform. 

If you have ever purchased a new pair of jeans from any Buckle store, then you can relate to how cheap the jeans are on Amazon or eBay. However, be warned that eBay contains both new and used Buckle jeans, thus the lower prices. 

Are Buckle Jeans Superior To Other Jeans?

There is no denying that Buckle is dedicated to offering quality jeans. And for your information, it also focuses on producing other products such as coats, jackets, pants, shorts, sweaters, tops, among other clothes. 

Even though Buckle jeans are excellent when it comes to durability, it wouldn’t be correct to conclude that they’re superior to other brands in every aspect, including fit, pricing, and comfort. However, they are designed to guarantee a good fit and comfort individually. 

They’re moderately priced, at least relative to some major brands. For instance, there are a few sites and stores where you can get quality jeans for $54.95. 

Are There Negative Reviews from Customers?

We went through some online reviews, and well, we’re here to report that Buckle jeans aren’t a perfect brand, at least according to some customer opinion. Quite a number of customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the brand in different aspects. 

One customer specifically pointed out that the jeans are designed with poor-quality materials. They complained that their jeans ripped easily after wearing them for a short period. 

Others also raised an issue with the pricing of the jeans. According to the customers, the quality of these jeans isn’t worth the money. 

There were reported cases of poor customer service, especially when processing refunds or returns. In some cases, customers were forced to wait for about 2-3 weeks for support to process their refunds. 

Where Can You Buy Affordable Buckle Jeans?

Every customer desires to acquire very quality products at an affordable price. Sadly, this isn’t the case, especially if you purchase jeans from Buckle’s site. On Buckle, you should at least have over $50 to get quality stuff. 

However, all isn’t lost since there are other places you can buy Buckle jeans cheaply. Check them out below:


Poshmark is one platform where you can get quality Buckle jeans for below $50. For instance, the Buckle union jeans blue size 29 is available for as little as $19. Where else can you get such a deal? 

The good news is that you can even make payments with Paypal. 


Who doesn’t know eBay? This great platform has so many cheaper things, including Buckle jeans. For your information, the jeans on eBay happen to be even cheaper than those on Poshmark. 

Where else can you get the Buckle “Element Stretch” 33/35 jeans for less than $20? However, shipping fees apply to most products. 

Buckle Jeans Buying Tips

Purchasing Buckle jeans can be simple if you have the right information. But first, you need to understand that a brand is best because it has invested years of research and innovation in developing quality products. For this reason, you should only focus on buying a reputable brand of which Buckle jeans is part. 

We also recommend that you go for jeans designed with quality fabric for maximum durability. Remember, classics never fade. 

It would help to understand your size and only purchase jeans that fit you well in height and waist size. 

Even though it’s good to experiment with new stuff, you’ll be in a better position buying what you already know. Ask for referrals from friends and family if you ain’t sure about the best Buckle jeans. 

Lastly, stick to your budget and purchase only what you can afford. As we have seen, Buckle jeans don’t come cheaply. You’re better off if you save some money for other things. 

Final Remarks

Buckle stands out from other brands in that it focuses on creating the most enjoyable shopping experience for customers. 

However, it has attracted criticism from reviewers who have pointed out its poor customer service, high pricing, and poor-quality materials.

With the pricing, you can get cheaper jeans from Poshmark and eBay. Before you make any purchases, ensure you have the above buying tips at your fingertips. 

All in all, Buckle is a good jeans brand worth your attention. 


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