Why Are Boyfriend Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Boyfriend Jeans So Expensive

It was not until the late 50s to early 70s that menswear-inspired fashion became increasingly popular. Initially, women wearing items that were menswear-inspired was a rebellious political statement. Marilyn Monroe was the first woman to start the boyfriend jeans trend, which got the ball rolling.  

Today, boyfriend jeans are very common. Their unique designs and hip nature make them a hit among female fashionistas. Many brands incorporate boyfriend jeans into their clothing item options online and in walk-in stores.

Boyfriend jeans are loose-fitting. Therefore, many people find them comfortable while still maintaining a sense of style. Boyfriend jeans are a bit expensive, but that is expected. They are in style, comfortable, and perfect for women of different shapes and sizes.

How Expensive are Boyfriend Jeans?

A regular pair of jeans can cost you less than $20, depending on the store you buy them from, the quality, and the brand. However, you must be deep asleep if you believe you can get high-quality boyfriend jeans for that price.

It is essential to mention that every store prices their boyfriend jeans differently. Nonetheless, let me tell you why you’ll be spending more on boyfriend jeans than any other pair of jeans.

Boyfriend jeans have been designed specifically with a men-inspired look in mind but for a feminine fit. It is allowed to pick your boyfriend’s pair of jeans and style them as you wish. However, manufacturing the pair of jeans from a designer’s perspective allows for perfect tailoring.

The pair of jeans will have a flattering fit and retain the loose and baggy look of boyfriend jeans. Additionally, the fabric is softer, and the lived-in feel makes boyfriend jeans a perfect fit for wearing on fun adventures.

Most popular brands of boyfriend jeans cost upwards of $100. You get impeccable quality, maximum wear, and unquestionable style for that price.

Can I Find Better Deals for Boyfriend Jeans on eBay and Amazon?

When it comes to boyfriend jeans, you have unlimited options. eBay and Amazon stock these jeans from various companies like Levi’s, Kut From The Kloth, Zara, and Old Navy, to mention but a few.

These online stores are approved vendors for boyfriend jeans. That aside, buying from an official online clothing website saves you the stress that could come from buying substandard items.

The saying, “Cheap is expensive,” holds a lot of water when it comes to clothing item purchases. When purchasing high-quality branded boyfriend jeans, you will not regret spending the extra money. It is an investment that will last you years and make you feel and look good. (I can attest to that).

What Do I Get for My Money?

With boyfriend jeans, several features are eye-catching and style-approved. These features include:

  • Impeccable design
  • Perfect and relaxed fitting
  • Good length
  • Diverse style

Boyfriend jeans are certainly not boring. They are an excellent option if you dread the tight fit that comes with many pairs of jeans. Moreover, with boyfriend jeans, you get to look feminine in an extraordinary way.

Different options like tattered, low waist, mid-rise, high rise, and many more are available in various stores. The color variety is also vast since you can get light blue, white, deep blue, and black versions of boyfriend jeans.

Issues like warranties and return policies differ from one store to the next. Here’s where my advice to buy from a credible and official website comes in. Most well-known clothing stores have the best post-purchase services and policies for customers.

You don’t want to end up with a faded, torn, and zipless pair of jeans (that you cannot return) after wearing them once. That would be a complete waste of money.

Are Boyfriend Jeans Really Superior to Other Jeans?

We are used to seeing typical jeans designs all over town. Boyfriend jeans break the monotony and offer a breath of fresh air, style-wise.

Fashion is all about pushing boundaries, and that’s precisely what boyfriend jeans do. The loose fit is flattering for all body shapes. Besides, the high cut also allows your shoes to shine. You can style boyfriend jeans with sneakers, a pair of heels (my favorite), brogues, or sandals.

Shopping for your first pair of boyfriend jeans can be daunting, but once you get the basics right, you will make a loud fashion statement. It took me some time before getting the perfect boyfriend jeans, but I finally got my dream pair a week ago.

The superiority of boyfriend jeans comes with the soft, lived-in feel and impeccable design that ensures the fit is loose but flattering for women’s curves. Every pair of boyfriend jeans aims at making women stylish and comfortable. Therefore, a lot of detailing ensures comfort and style are achievable.

An interesting phenomenon is that women can wear boyfriend jeans, but men cannot wear them (not that they would want to anyway). That shows the level of customization that goes into manufacturing women’s boyfriend jeans.

What Else Do I Need to Know Before Making an Informed Buying Decision?

I doubt you would be willing to pay good money for mass-produced, unloved, and drab-looking ordinary pairs of jeans. On the flip side, getting a pair of boyfriend jeans that are stylish, comfortable, and design-approved sounds good, right?

Every reputable clothing brand ensures that their boyfriend jeans exude sophistication, uniqueness, versatility, and comfort.

Their teams of designers work to ensure their boyfriend jeans look better than the pair you borrow from your man’s closet. This design requires precision, an eye for quality, and a love for fashion to pull off designs popular among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

Remember, the pocket, crotch size, and length make a perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, so there’s no room to mess up the design.

Every woman needs a pair of boyfriend jeans in their closet. You can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. Moreover, boyfriend jeans provide a unique look for different women. So, you don’t need to worry about standing out. Boyfriend jeans do all the heavy work for you.


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