Why Are APC Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are APC Jeans So Expensive

If you’re looking for well-fitting jeans, then APC jeans might be the best option you have. The brand has dedicated resources to designing and developing fitting and durable women’s and men’s fashion. 

APC understands what works for their customers thanks to the long-term production of jeans since 1987. However, many customers have pointed out that the quality of the jeans isn’t worth it compared to their market price. For instance, to get quality jeans from APC, you should at least have $250. 

Apart from being expensive, there are no other complaints related to the brand. But why are these jeans so expensive? Keep reading for answers. 

Price of APC Jeans

You should forget about affordability for brands that consider themselves luxury fashion houses. Unfortunately, this is something that happens with APC jeans. If you think you’ll get the jeans cheaply, it’s time to reconsider your thoughts. 

Since APC considers itself a luxury retailer of women’s and men’s fashion, the high price tag that comes with their products shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

We went through the company’s site to determine the price of both men’s and women’s jeans. Under the men’s jeans category, it’s almost impossible to buy anything for less than $240. Prices go higher with increased quality. 

Women’s jeans also cost almost the same price range. The average price for jeans under this category is $265. 

However, some customers have raised concerns that the price of these jeans is not worth the quality. Nonetheless, APC is a good brand, especially if you’re used to it. 

What Materials Does APC Use?

APC is known for selling raw denim and treated denim jeans. Let’s consider them below:

Raw Denim

Raw denim has 100% cotton and contains a sheen on it. It’s also untreated and begins as a very stiff material that loosens with time.

If you buy raw denim jeans, we have no doubts that they’ll fit you tightly. With time, it molds your body and stretches out to conform to your body figure. 

Raw denim is effective if you refrain from washing it for at least 3-months. The fiber will break if you wash it sooner, thus losing its effect. These jeans are also unisex. 

Treated Denim

Unlike raw denim, which is 100% cotton, treated denim is 2% polyurethane and 98% cotton. Therefore it experiences some stretch. 

Since treated denim doesn’t shrink or loosen, don’t size it down or up. It’s also available for both men and women. 

Where To Buy APC Jeans?

If you want to purchase APC jeans, there are several platforms to access them. One thing to note is that the prices of these jeans vary per platform. 

In some cases, you must factor in the shipping costs after buying your jeans from some platforms. Below are top platforms to get your jeans:


Who doesn’t know eBay? Alongside Amazon, they’re the best e-commerce platform globally. And eBay isn’t left behind when it comes to APC jeans. 

On eBay, you can buy APC jeans for as low as $20 and as high as $500. A good example is the APC dark denim men’s 29, which costs $20. 


Here is another popular fashion platform that has been around at least since 1901. Nordstrom offers different clothes and shoes for men, women, and kids. 

It’s, therefore, one place you can order quality APC jeans. The good thing here is that you’ll get free shipping and returns. 

However, some customers have complained about the high prices of APC jeans on the site. For instance, getting jeans for less than $150 is very difficult. 

Mr Porter

Buying APC jeans on Mr. Porter is just as expensive as Nordstrom. After going through the site, the lowest price we noticed for APC jeans was $210. This is higher compared to the prices on eBay. 

However, just like Nordstrom, you can initiate a jeans return with ease if it has an issue. 


We’re sure this isn’t the first time you’re heard of Farfetch. On the site, you can get jeans for both men and women. 

However, prices aren’t as friendly as those on eBay. For instance, don’t expect to buy men’s jeans for less than $150. 

Washing APC Jeans To Maintain Denim Quality

How should you wash your APC jeans? The reality of the matter is that your APC jeans need washing, so you should avoid the autopilot of throwing them carelessly into your laundry bag.

Be warned that overwashing the jeans may cause them to fade unnaturally and prematurely. We recommend that you leave your denim jeans for about 6-months before washing to prevent damage. 

Instead, you can spot clean marks using a toothbrush or leave them in a freezer to kill bacteria. 

However, if you decide to wash the jeans, avoid throwing them in the laundry with a full load. Washing them with your hands can provide the best results. 

Remember to rinse the jeans at least three times to ensure they’re completely clean. After washing and rinsing the jeans, allow them to dry well. You can even iron them after drying. 

What Should You Consider While Selecting The Best APC Jeans?

With various APC jeans and sites offering them available, it might be difficult to select jeans that meet your needs. And with an increase in online scams, you might just land fake APC jeans if you aren’t careful. You might consider several factors to land the best deal for yourself. 

It would help to balance between quality and price. High-quality APC jeans happen to be very expensive. It also translates into high durability. 

Instead of buying your jeans from sites such as Nordstrom and Farfetch that are expensive, you can try eBay for the same product quality. 

Stick to the sites we have recommended above to avoid being scammed with fake jeans. 

It would also help to select jeans with durable denim materials. Even if you buy them expensively, it’ll be worth it since you might wear the jeans even for over ten years. 

Final Thoughts

APC brand offers some of the most fitting jeans in the fashion industry. We can expect quality products for a company that opened in 1987 thanks to constant research and innovation. 

However, some customers have complained that the quality of the jeans isn’t worth it considering the high prices. Checking the APC site, we found that most jeans are valued at over $250. 

Apart from the high prices, there are no other complaints, and the brand is worth your attention.


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