Why Are Amiri Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why Are Amiri Jeans So Expensive

Jeans are one clothing material that never seems to go out of vogue. While they have changed in style over the years, jeans still remain the go-to clothing for most people. Perhaps this patronage is due to its durability, comfort, and above all affordability. 

So why are Amiri jeans so expensive when compared to other brands?

Several reasons make them command such high prices. For one, popular celebrities, from Justin Bieber to Kendrick Lamar, Future, Lil Baby, and others, all patronize the brand. Also, a massive amount of detail goes into the production of each pair of jeans. Finally, the price goes up pretty fast because it is an American brand, and there are high tariffs on imported luxury items, 

Why are Amiri Jeans so costly?

Here are some of the significant factors behind the crazy price tags on these jeans.

They are a famous brand

When a brand becomes famous, the prices go way up, as with most things. It’s a no-brainer why the jeans line is also expensive.

In the early stages, though, you could find jeans by Amiri at about $600. But now, some of them are worth over €2,000 in different parts of Europe. Amiri jeans have rightly become a global brand in a seemingly short period.

Each pair of jeans is unique

Another critical factor here is the hard work in making the clothing and the materials involved.

In production, some of the jeans by Amiri are hand-stitched. Therefore, there is an enormous attention to detail in ensuring that each product is unique.

Locality plays a considerable part

For lovers of the brand who live outside the USA, Amiri jeans are more expensive. It is no surprise why that is.

Retailers’ tax policies and import duties for the American clothing line contribute to the standard costs. As a result, any purchase of Amiri products is often at a higher price.

Foreign exchange rates affect prices

Typically, forex is a telling factor among many international markets. Likewise, Amiri jeans may sell higher or lower based on the current money conversion rate.

Sometimes, the price difference could vary as much as €400 for each piece. It all depends on the Forex conversion from USD to EURO.

How much does a pair of Amiri jeans cost?

Suppose you want to go shopping, it is only normal to have a budget for expenses. The same applies when you indulge in buying a pair of designer jeans by Amiri. Because, that is some costly shopping, to be honest.

However, in all, a pair of Amiri jeans is usually within $1000 to $2000. For example, the MX1 layered-detail skinny jeans cost up to $1,300. Meanwhile, you could spend as much as $2,800 on the Star-patch slim-fit jeans if you like to ball. You still have the more affordable Logo-patch skinny jeans at $630.

Some Famous Amiri Jean Models

Let me introduce you to some of the famous models by the clothing brand. Here they are in no particular order.

The L.A. track

The L.A. track is a genuine signature design by Amiri named after its city of origin, You can easily recognize it with a remarkable stripe on the sides and a left knee cut. This feature makes it a unique model among others.

The “Shotgun”

It may interest you why the producers call it the Shotgun. This name originates from using a shotgun on each of these jeans to give it a unique design.

So, it is easy to see why this set of jeans costs so much. The Shotgun is another top Amiri model from the time it takes to the ammunition rounds shot.

The MX1

The MX1 is another model by Amiri prominent for its design detailing. For most, the MX1 model is a huge favorite.

First, the production method involves pinning the material on a surgical table. Followed by measurement, inspection, and cutting, the MX1 comes to life. As a result, each pair of these jeans also needs special hands to apply all those patches you see.

In addition, the custom “AMIRI” leather patch at the back results from intricate hand stitching. Likewise, the distressing of the jeans is also hand-crafted.

It is a widespread belief that the MX1 jeans draw inspiration from the L.A. lifestyle and culture.

The MX2

You guessed right. The MX2 model is a successor to the MX1 model by Amiri – a big brother if I might add. Likewise, this model also has an exhausting amount of detailing.

However, MX2 still stands unique, with the jeans having zippers on the sides and the knees. In all, the MX2 jeans are extra special.

Tips for handling Amiri jeans

Unlike other jeans, these types of denim are pretty delicate. So, if you get your hands on a pair of Amiri jeans, here are some tips you can use.

  • Prevent using a washing machine on Amiri jeans to avoid shrinking risks. Instead, take it out to a dry cleaner. With dry-cleaning, you can take out even the most aggressive stains.
  • From time to time, hang your jeans outside. This practice allows the jean material to “breathe” and avoid storing up moisture.
  • Keep the kneepads of Amiri jeans from getting wet. This measure is to avoid damaging the delicate leather kneepads. Moreover, leather does not do well in moist conditions.
  • You might want to wear your jeans by Amiri for a while before pairing them with costly sneakers. Else, the fresh denim ink in the material could drip onto your shoes and ruin them.


In summary, Amiri jeans are a set of unique denim jeans with roots in the USA. As a result, they are pretty popular among American celebrities. However, their most outstanding feature is the fantastic fashion designs done by hand. Hence, the value placed on Amiri jeans keeps the market price high.

Although €1000 on a piece of clothing sounds crazy to some, Amiri jeans are worth every penny you spend. It is extra comfortable and super cool to style. Therefore, giving you confidence money elsewhere cannot buy. So, pick up a pair of Amiri jeans today and start rocking your clothing.


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