Why Are Acne Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

Why Are Acne Jeans So Expensive

Acne jeans are designed and developed by Acne Studios, launched in 1996 by Jonny Johansson. For your information, Acne Studios happens to be a multidisciplinary fashion house reputable for producing ready-to-wear lines, accessories, denim, and footwear collections. 

And while the brand focuses on delivering quality clothing with a serious environmental strategy, their jeans happen to be very expensive. We can attribute the high prices to the top quality and high durability displayed by the jeans. It, therefore, means that the high prices might be worth it all the same. 

Keep reading to understand why Acne jeans happen to be so expensive. 

How Expensive Are Acne Jeans?

It’s difficult to get affordability from a reputable brand. As we have seen, Acne jeans are more expensive compared to some reputable brands, thanks to their high durability and exemplary quality. But how expensive are these jeans? 

If you’re expecting to get Acne jeans for less than $200, we’re sorry to disappoint you. For your information, the Acne site has jeans priced in Euros. 

The cheapest jeans on the site go for 200 EUR, which translates to about $200. This is expensive, considering that you can access similar-related jeans for about $30. 

However, the quality displayed by Acne jeans makes everything worth it. You can buy both men’s and women’s jeans

Are There Better Deals on eBay and Amazon?

We checked on both Amazon and eBay to see how Acne jeans are priced. With Amazon, we didn’t come across any Acne jeans on offer. Therefore, Amazon isn’t the best place to look for Acne jeans, leave alone getting better deals. 

However, you can opt for eBay. Here, Acne jeans are priced cheaply compared to the Acne Studios site. 

On eBay, you can get Acne jeans for as low as $24. In fact, most jeans are priced below $100. 

And better still, you can even buy similar-related brands from either Amazon or eBay at a lower price. 

All in all, remember the higher the price, the better the quality, whether it’s on Amazon, Acne Studios, or eBay.

Are Acne Jeans Legit?

Most online buyers are very concerned about the authenticity of any online brand or platform. So if you’re concerned about Acne jeans, we can confidently say that the products are safe and legit. 

We haven’t come across any scams or complaints from anyone or online platforms. According to the online reviews, when you order Acne jeans, they’re delivered on time with the expected quality. 

Since the brand also appears at Paris Fashion Week, it guarantees a certain level of authenticity you’ll never find in other brands. 

So yeah, we promise that you’ll get quality for your money. 

Why Purchase Acne Jeans Despite Being Expensive?

Why would you put your money into something that is highly priced when there are cheaper options. Below are reasons why:

Top Quality

When a customer pays expensively for some luxurious product, they expect top-notch quality without question. So if you still doubt the quality of Acne jeans, don’t! Because the brand promises to deliver comfort, excellent quality, and detailed design in every jeans they produce. 

Acne goes further to offer assurance to anyone who buys their jeans. This is a 12-month guarantee on Acne products, something you’ll rarely find in other brands. It means that if your jeans experience some defects within 12 months, you can call Acne Studios for repair, refund, or replacement of the jeans. 

Acne Studios also employs quality materials combined with flawless tailoring and excellent craftsmanship to manufacture their jeans. The fit of the jeans is also excellent. 

Unlike other brands, you don’t have to worry about Acne jeans losing their appearance or color after wearing them for some time. Generally, the brand lives up to its expectations and standards. 

Reliable Customer Support

Most online customers prefer to buy from a platform that has reliable and responsive customer support. Luckily this is what you’ll get from Acne Studios. 

With Acne Studios, you can reach support through different avenues, including live chat, email, toll-free numbers. If you prefer using email, then use Customercare@acnestudios.com. 

You can contact customer support from Monday to Friday between 6 am-8 pm. On weekends, you can call between 6 am-5 pm. 

Return Policy

Customers find it convenient to purchase from an online platform that offers an effective return policy. This way, they can make purchases with confidence in the hope that they’ll return the products easily to the seller if anything unexpected happens. 

With Acne Studios, you have two return options. First, there is an in-store return where you return your product by simply visiting the store. This process is quite straightforward.

The second option involves packaging the product, putting it on a return label, and dispatching it back to the seller’s address. 

However, before returning the jeans, you must file a return request on the company’s site. You should provide all the relevant details about your order. 

Quick and Free Delivery

It’s frustrating to buy anything online and wait for over one week to receive the order. This won’t be an issue if you purchase anything from Acne Studios. 

In some cases, you’re likely to receive your order on the day you make a purchase. Normally, it’ll take about 2-3 business days to deliver the order. However, international orders might take 3-5 days for processing and delivery. 

For your information, Acne Studios makes deliveries globally. The company delivers jeans to at least 64 countries, including China, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, Malaysia, Spain, Netherlands, and Canada. Just check their website for the availability of deliveries in your country. 

You’ll also enjoy free delivery treats regardless of where you are. You should expect your jeans for free deliveries after 3-5 days. 

However, you can also opt for an Express Delivery Service within 1-2 business days at a fee. 

The Final Thoughts

Acne Studios was launched in 1996, and since then, it has grown into one of the best fashion brands boosting revenue of over $300 million annually. The company produces ready-to-wear lines, accessories, denim, and footwear collections.

One challenge you’ll face with buying Acne jeans is that they’re very expensive. However, their quality and durability are almost guaranteed. 

The brand also boasts reliable customer support, a well-laid-out return policy, and quick delivery. There is no reason you wouldn’t invest in Acne jeans despite the high prices. 


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