Why Are Abercrombie Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s The Thing)

why are Abercrombie Jeans so expensive

What comes to mind when you hear of Abercrombie Jeans? If you know nothing about this brand, you’re certainly in the right place. 

Abercrombie jeans are quality products from Abercrombie & Fitch, a company that has been a specialty retailer of quality fragrance, outwear, and apparel. Every pair of jeans here are designed to inspire the confidence of their global customers and make them feel comfortable. 

Abercrombie & Fitch dedicates the right amount of time daily in redesigning the best-selling fits having the right stretch amount. And while the brand is generally good, it appears to be a little overpriced. 

But why the high prices? Keep reading to get answers. 

How Much Does Abercrombie Jeans Cost?

We took time to go through the Abercrombie & Fitch site, and trust me, the company has many jeans on sale. However, there is a challenge to do with pricing. 

We rate the pricing as moderate since it mainly falls between $50-$100. We can attribute these prices to the quality and durability of Abercrombie jeans. This is not as cheap as some known brands that go for less than $50 and certainly not as expensive as others that go for as high as $150. 

The brand also has several physical stores that sell the jeans at the same price. If you purchase orders over $150, you’ll receive free shipping.

Abercrombie Jeans Online Return and Exchanges

There is a high chance that you’ll love the order you make from Abercrombie & Fitch. However, in case you don’t, the company has put mechanisms in place for you to make a return. 

Upon making a return, you’re subject to a refund. To receive a refund, you should initiate an online return within 60-days of order shipment. 

You’ll only be refunded for your jeans if you return them in resalable condition together with a copy of the original invoice. If you initiate a refund but experience some delay in action, feel free to contact customer support. 

Where To Buy Quality Abercrombie Jeans?

Let’s say you have money and are looking for a reliable seller of Abercrombie. Where would you go first? 

The truth is that there are so many platforms where you can purchase Abercrombie jeans. But how many of these sites are legit? 

Abercrombie & Fitch

This is the company’s official site and certainly the first place you should go to buy quality Abercrombie jeans. Most jeans on the platform have a price range of between $50-$100. 

The benefit of buying your jeans here is that you’re guaranteed a return and exchange arrangement if the jeans don’t fit you. You’ll also get free shipping for orders above $150. 

And apart from the online platform, Abercrombie & Fitch also has several physical stores in the United States and other parts of the world where you can walk in and buy as much as you want. 


The list can’t be complete without this giant e-commerce platform. For your information, eBay has a reputation for having the cheapest products. 

You’ll be surprised to get quality jeans such as the LA27402 women’s jeans for $12 and vintage Abercrombie 00’s premium jeans for $7.99. 

Without question, eBay is the best place you’ll get quality Abercrombie jeans at a low price. However, the purchase you make is subject to a shipping fee. 


Amazon and eBay are like e-commerce twins. Almost everything you get on eBay is also available on Amazon at almost the same price. 

You might also be subjected to a shipping fee for orders you make on Amazon. 

What Do Reviewers Say? 

We checked online and found mixed reviews regarding the brand. There are many positive reviews, with some reviewers pointing out the top quality of Abercrombie jeans. At least according to them, the jeans are long-lasting. 

Many of them felt comfortable wearing the jeans. And on top of that, they claimed that the jeans smelled nice when new. 

Other reviewers were also happy about the company’s straightforward return procedure. One customer specifically pointed out that they initiated a return and received a refund on time. 

However, other reviewers felt the brand didn’t meet their expectations. A good number of them complained that the jeans are overpriced for the quality they offer. According to them, they could easily get better jeans for less elsewhere. 

Altogether, Abercrombie is a good and reputable brand worth trying. 

Abercrombie Jeans Buying Tips

The buying of Abercrombie jeans isn’t any different from that of other brands. Whether you’re a first-time or regular buyer, you should go through their site to understand the return and exchange policy. This will help you if you purchase a product that doesn’t meet your expectations. 

The material of the Abercrombie jeans you select is also critical. We recommend that you select quality and heavy fabric. This will guarantee you high durability. 

You should also focus on your budget by only buying what you can afford comfortably. There is no need to spend a lot on clothes and miss out on other important things such as furniture and utensils. In fact, you should consider buying your Abercrombie jeans cheaply on eBay and Amazon to save more. 

If you’re planning to buy jeans online, you should be aware of scams and fake quality. Most people pose as sellers to scam uninformed customers. Others have mastered the art of selling fake Abercrombie jeans cheaply to ignorant buyers. 

Stick to reputable and legit sites such as Abercrombie & Fitch. 

The Final Thoughts

As we have seen, Abercrombie is a reputable brand designed and sold by Abercrombie & Fitch. The company has for a long been a specialty retailer of quality fragrance, outwear, and apparel. And through dedication, research, and innovation, every pair of jeans is designed to inspire the confidence of their global customers and make them feel comfortable. 

And even though the brand boasts some good features, they appear to be overpriced. For your information, most jeans go for $50-$100. However, we still recommend the jeans to any potential buyer. 

If you want to access cheaper options, we recommend eBay and Amazon. Follow the buying tips above to get the best deal.


Abercrombie & Fitch Co. 

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