Why are AGOLDE Brand Jeans So Expensive? (Here’s the Thing)

Why are AGOLDE Brand Jeans So Expensive

For decades now, jeans have been the go-to style for many people, whether rocking the casual or formal look. AGOLDE brand offers far more than the standard varieties of jeans. Although the AGOLDE brand manufactures high-quality jeans, their premium pricing is not approachable for everyone.

AGOLDE jeans are 100% made from cotton. Unlike other jeans made using synthetic fibers like Spandex and Tencel, the cotton fabric is generally expensive.

AGOLDE manufactures exceptional jeans. The brand pays attention to detail and brings quality jeans to the board that meets the clientele standards – wondering why AGOLDE brand jeans are so expensive? Find out whether these jeans are a worthy investment here.

How Expensive are AGOLDE Brand Jeans?

AGOLDE jeans pricing range between $124 to $178. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is exceptionally hectic. Some jeans may appear to look so good but be super uncomfortable. This brand provides a wide range of styles and offers durability.

AGOLDE brand’s location is in Los Angeles, and apart from jeans, they produce many other products. They manufacture their jeans under friendly production methods to preserve the environment. They do this by using laser technology, ozone, and high-efficiency wash machines.

Each pair of jeans that AGOLDE manufactures is purely from organic cotton, and it’s true to size as well. They produce pretty casual and easy-to-wear jeans, which are also good in quality. These jeans are a bit pricey, but that is the case for many high-quality products.

Another reason this jeans brand is expensive is that 90s fashion inspires it. The primary feature of these jeans is that they are mid-rise loose-fitted bottoms. AGOLDE jeans are authentically retro, and this is a feature that denim lovers adore.

Do I Get Value for My Money From AGOLDE Jeans?

When it comes to durable, perfect retro, and no-stretch denim, AGOLDE has it all together. These are jeans you will rock when you feel your best because they offer value for your money. The jeans are tight, but at the same time, they have a flattering fit.

AGOLDE has a variety of jeans, and it all depends on what looks best on you. The classic designs and the quality that these jeans offer are worth the investment. The designs are highly versatile because they come in different washes, from black to blue to faded gray to white. It all depends on what you prefer.

The jeans are non-stretch, so you have to purchase your exact size, or they will not fit you. AGOLDE jeans offer a well-fitting characteristic in that they fit in all the right places and leave you looking all nice.

Instead of a zipper, AGOLDE jeans have a button fly. These jeans are perfect for petite and thick people because of their relaxed fitting, which cuts right at the ankle, making them fit well.

AGOLDE is a brand that stands out because it takes the authenticity of the past and reimages it for the future.

Are the AGOLDE Jeans Superior to Others?

Jerome Dahan has been the owner of the AGOLDE brand since 2014. He has been focusing on high-profile partnerships and exclusive collaborations to propel the brand and generate more sales.

The brand has some exclusive collaborations with a few remarkable denim gurus today. The creative director Karen Phelps is one of the denim experts who have been playing a massive part in making AGOLDE stand out among other brands.

AGOLDE is a known brand that produces the best silhouettes with a non-stretch fit due to their 100% cotton composition. This brand stands out because of the following significant reasons:

  • The ability to utilize environmentally friendly materials
  • The availability of high-waist jeans that are accessible to all body sizes
  • They have fashion-forward and classic silhouettes
  • Their superior and personal high-rise fits
  • They offer a relaxed and enjoyable denim experience

AGOLDE jeans are easy to wear, and their crafting makes them comfortable enough for all-day wear. These jeans have a unique weaving that stretches vertically in the fabric. This feature offers maximum comfort and ensures that the jeans do not lose shape.

What Do I Need to Know Before Purchasing AGOLDE Jeans?

You’re supposed to familiarize yourself with several things before investing in these jeans. The unique features of these jeans create a classic, vintage and innovative look. Due to the high-quality craftsmanship and keenness to pay attention to detail, AGOLDE brand jeans have a lot of attention across the globe. 

Below is everything you need to know before purchasing the following types of AGOLDE jeans to get value for your money.

90s Mid Rise Loose Fit

These jeans are probably the most worn from the AGOLDE brand. The sizing of mid-rise fit runs big, so you will have to purchase two sizes smaller than your actual fit. If you wear a size 26, you should consider choosing size 24 of the mid-rise pants.

The pants should be a high rise in that they hit your belly button when you wear them. Also, keep in mind that these jeans are non-stretch; therefore, picking the right size matters greatly.

90s Pinch Waist High Rise Straight

The jeans have an accurate sizing. Make sure you pick the correct size. They are heavy-weight, non-stretch, and have a 100% cotton shell. 

These jeans are innovatively crafted, and you will feel their good quality from just touching them. Lastly, they have a high-waist design that complements their straight leg feature.

AGOLDE Riley Jeans

They have a button fly with a button closure system.

They also feature a modern high-rise straight-leg silhouette with authentic non-stretch denim. These jeans have a design that cuts to the ankle length.

90s Pinch Waist Straight

You should first feel the quality of these jeans because they have a composition of 100% organic cotton.

They are vintage-inspired and have a classic button fly. The jeans are high-rise, non-stretch, and have a relaxed close-fitting top.

Where Can I Find Better Deals for AGOLDE Jeans?

AGOLDE jeans offer incredible fashion for men and women. They offer a wide selection of their jeans in many stores, whereby you might be lucky enough to get free shipping. 

The stores provide these designer jeans at lower prices and offer free returns to their clients.

These are stores where you can get the best deals on AGOLDE jeans.

  • Nordstrom 
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Bloomingdales
  • Revolve
  • Lyst
  • Shopbop

After making a purchase, confirm that your AGOLDE pair of jeans are authentic.

Final Word

Purchasing AGOLDE jeans will make you obsessed with them because they are worth the investment. The first time you wear the brand, they fit perfectly like you’ve had them all your life. 

Check their customer reviews online if you need further proof that this brand is worth the investment.