Are Wen Chainsaws Any Good? (Explained for Beginners)

Wen Chainsaw cutting wood

A simple search on the internet for the best chainsaws will reveal hundreds of products. However, how do you see through the claims and choose a reliable product?

This article will shed light on Wen’s chainsaws and guide customers through every essential they need to know about them. 

Wen has been in the tool-making business since 1951. It is appropriate for everyone who needs a high-quality chainsaw at a steal. Wen electric chainsaw is suitable for all homeowners who desire a reliable tool to handle simple cutting jobs all around the house. 

Are Wen Chainsaws Good?

Wen Chainsaws are the ideal solution for all simple cutting jobs around the house

It is easy to use, as all you need to do is press the starter and squeeze the trigger since it is an electric saw. Wen has performed excellently in delivering a chainsaw that is easy to use for everyone.

The chainsaw is ideal for handling lots of firewood. However, being an electric chainsaw, it cannot saw down big trees. It would be best if you got a gas-powered chainsaw for this. 

However, Wen will not disappoint when clearing up the yard and doing light jobs around the house or farm. 

Who Makes Wen Chainsaws?

When searching about the best chainsaws, you will likely come across Wen. The company has made a name for itself in producing high-quality power tools. 

WEN has become a player in the power tool industry, with headquarters in Elgin, Illinois. 

It was founded in 1951 by Nick Anton. In addition to chainsaws, Wen makes other power tools like electric engraver, electric soldering gun, electric jigsaw, and many others. 

Wen tools are manufactured in China with branches in California and Illinois. 

Are Wen Chainsaws Affordable?

Considering that Wen chainsaws have great features that attract a lot of users, it is not surprising that Wen makes the most affordable chainsaw in the market.

Wen offers an expansive range of chainsaws to suit various needs. 

Users who want an affordable product can get the 16 inch Wen chainsaw for less than $100. Some high-end options are available at around $200. 

Some stores, however, can offer discounts and free shipping, which will make the price much more affordable. 

User Reviews of Wen Chainsaw

Several customers have had a lot to say about their experience using this reliable power tool. However, many of them only have positive things to say about this. 

On Amazon, one of the gigantic eCommerce websites, Wen Electric chainsaw, had a total review of more than 1200 and an overall rating of 4.5 stars. 

While I need to tighten it after every use, it has been an excellent experience so far” were the words of a reviewer. He further said the saw is light and can easily be handled with one hand while cutting. 

What a fantastic chain that came with the saw. While it is not light, the saw is easy to handle and does everything required, mentioned another reviewer. 

This reviewer however complained that the sound could be a nuisance. To this end, he advises people to use earplugs while using it. 

Another reviewer shared that the saw is robust and quickly fell some trees as though it were a knife cutting through bread. 

However, this user complained that many parts of the saw are made of plastic instead of steel.

Another reviewer said that the saw was easy to put together after unboxing, as long as you stick to instructions on the user manual. 

Finally, he advised users to read the instructions to understand using the saw.

It is, however, not all rosy with Wen chainsaw as the manufacturers have some areas they need to improve on. A disgruntled customer complained about the poor customer service experience with Wen furniture. 

Even with the two-year warranty, all efforts to reach the company proved abortive. It will be nice if Wen can improve on its after-sales support. 

However, this is peculiar with most companies, but we hope Wen will make an exception soon. 

Pros of Wen Chainsaw 

  • Ability to withstand the rigors of daily use
  • Well written instruction with accurate illustrations 
  • Pretty light in weight
  • Many users love the automatic oiler system
  • Visible oil level, so you need not open the tank to see it. 

Cons of Wen Chainsaw

  • Possibility of oil leaking out of the reservoir, which is a gravity problem 
  • Some parts of the saw was made of plastic 
  • One might need to tighten the chain after every couple of cuts

Is Wen Chainsaw Easy to Use?

Wen is a power tool, so one should not struggle to get the hang of it. The good news is Wen made handling and use of its chainsaw easy for all.

 Many users share their experience using the chainsaw.

According to a user, Wen cuts like a gas-powered saw. With this, you can use it to reach any point in your yard within a 100-foot cord. 

Another user revealed that the weight is reasonable and easy to maneuver. Also, the safety lockout is intuitive – it’s easy to figure out. 

According to another reviewer, the chain tension adjustment is easy, and you don’t need any unique tool for it another reviewer said. 

Is Wen Chainsaw Durable?

Before investing some money in your Wen chainsaw, you want to get the most out of it. As a result, expecting to get some decent years from your device is not too much to ask. 

According to one user, the saw is fantastic and will do an excellent job of handling simple tasks around the house so you can buy with confidence. 

However, Wen could have done better by not including plastic in parts where steel is appropriate. Thankfully, not many users have complained about parts breaking down. 

With this, it is safe to say you can expect many years of useful life with this chainsaw. 

Is Wen Chainsaw Reliable?

Not many users complained of the chainsaw breaking down or not doing the intended job. It works pretty well for an electric-powered saw and handles simple jobs around the house.

According to a user, the saw is durable, and all parts hold up well. Also, another reviewer said that it cuts like a gas-powered saw. 

This saw is a beast, and I never expected much since it is electrically powered – were the words of another delighted reviewer. He concluded that the saw is powerful and will handle various jobs around the house.

It is a nice little chainsaw capable of everything thrown at it and never disappoints. The reviewer concluded that the performance of the saw is excellent. 

Another reviewer, a first-time user, had a series of nice things to say about the chainsaw. It performed excellently in chopping off the tree, the weight is good, and I can easily maneuver it. The user concluded that the power is enough for the job, and the safety lock isn’t complicated. 

The chainsaw ran like a champion and handled some six-inch log without issue. 

Wen Chainsaw Warranty

Any reputable company will not have an issue standing by its product for some years. 

Thankfully, Wen did not disappoint as all its electrical products, including the Wen chainsaw, come with a two-year warranty. 

This warranty will take care of all common issues alongside any manufacturing defect. However, the warranty doesn’t cover faults that develop from careless use. 


When it comes to producing high-quality electrical equipment, China has been blazing the trail. As a result, WEN products have continued to meet and even surpass users’ needs. 

Many users rate WEN’s chainsaw highly, so you are sure it will meet your needs. However, your needs will determine the results you get from the saw.

Professional contractors, woodworkers, and farmers who need a chainsaw for heavy jobs need to go for a gas-powered chainsaw. 

WEN’s chainsaw is affordable and perfect for everyday household users, but not for professionals.


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