Are Waeco Fridges Any Good? (5 Hacks To Know)

waeco fridges good

For most campers, myself being one of them, any camping expedition isn’t worthwhile without fresh food and cold beer! For this, you need to have a good camping fridge/freezer. Waeco, currently rebranded as Dometic Waeco, has been building camping fridges for years! However, the question that begs an answer is, are Waeco fridges any good?

Dometic Waeco offers some of the best camping, caravan, and boat fridges. The Demotic Waeco CFX fridges are known for their energy efficiency and great designs. The brand is at the forefront of providing fridges that meet most of the requirements demanded by campers, boat, and caravan owners.

Any camper knows how important having a good fridge can be. While there are a variety of manufacturers out there, very few can compete with Waeco CFX. Read the following article and find out why the brand stands out from most others in the market.

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1. Are Dometic Waeco Fridges Energy-Efficient?

Energy efficiency is critical for any appliance, especially while on the move. We can all agree that any portable fridge draining your battery is a mistake you should not make. 

Luckily, this is the area Waeco straight up annihilates most other brands. Very few, if any, portable fridge brands can match Waeco regarding the energy efficiency of their fridges. While the older Waeco CFF fridges were already more efficient than most, the newer Dometic Waeco CFX fridges take the game to a new and unrivaled level.

Dometic employs compression technology to make the most of the power you feed its fridges. 

The compressor has variable speed and regulates energy use depending on ambient temperature. Cooler climates demand less electricity than hotter climates.

When the fridge chills down, the compressor shuts off once the insulated body achieves the desired temperature; the compressor restarts as the temperature rises. 

The compressor does make some noise during cooling. However, this is something you will experience with most portable fridges.

The compartments also have LED lights that turn on when the lids open. They’re also eco-friendly and shut off automatically when the compartment lid closes.

2. How Does Dometic Waeco Fridges Work?

The Dometic Waeco, CFX series fridges have two temperature settings. The first is a built-in LED panel in the fridge/freezer. 

The two LEDs show the temperature of each container with a Set, +, and – button.

The left LED flashes when you click the Set button once. Then you use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the temperature. Using the Set button again enables you to change the second compartment.

You may also change the display brightness and the fridge/freezer temperature unit.

The fridges come equipped with Wi-Fi. If you have internet access, you may use a smartphone app to operate the device. So you don’t have to keep getting up to fiddle with it continually.

Generally, the temperature settings on your fridge/freezer should be OK. Some users have observed that the inside temperature does not always match the display temperature. When this occurs, the change is generally merely a degree or two.

The units’ temperature range is -22 to 10°C. The ambient temperature impacts this range. It works well at temperatures between 43 and 16 degrees Celsius. It may not be able to reach its frigid extremities at the ambient end.

3. What is the Design of Dometic Waeco Fridges?

What strikes you immediately about this small camping fridge/freezer is its ruggedness. Dometic has created a durable fridge/freezer that can withstand the rigors of travel. Especially the CFX range.

The unit is more stable due to the strengthened corners. Of course, the corners are the most likely to get smacked by objects when you move the fridge/freezer. Reinforcement maintains them in excellent shape and increases durability.

Design-wise, there’s a lot to like. The Dometic Waeco CFX fridges include convenient side handles for carrying. These handles also retract automatically, so no worries about them becoming stuck. You may also separate them to fit the fridges into small spaces.

The fridges include two separate sections, each with its thermostat. Substantial insulation helps to keep the heat in each section. It enables you to maintain each compartment at a separate temperature.

Using one compartment to chill and the other to freeze food may cause minor complications. The food closest to the barrier in the cold section may end up freezing. It’s not a serious problem and only occurs when the compartments are significantly different in temperature.

The lids of each container may be removed and reversed, which is innovative. Instead of rotating the whole fridge/freezer around, you simply lift the cover.

Two wires mesh baskets fit into the sections. These allow you to separate the contents and keep them from touching the unit’s walls. Using them, however, reduces interior space. The CFX fridges are sturdy portable fridges/freezers with smart design choices.

4. Do Dometic Waeco Fridges Have Operational Versatility?

The Dometic Waeco fridge/freezer excels in operational versatility.

Its dual thermostats make it a very flexible appliance. It doesn’t even have to be a fridge/freezer. You may choose the temperature that is only a freezer/freezer or a fridge/fridge.

You may also remove the wire mesh baskets. Removing it allows you to store more items.

5. What Additional Features Does Dometic Waeco Fridges Have? 

The Dometic Waeco CFX comes with several extra features and additions that may entice you.

Perhaps the most attractive of them is the strong protective travel bag. The bag protects the device while you’re carrying it. That means you can prevent all of the minor marks and nicks that might reduce its resale worth.

The bag also has a handful of useful storage compartments. Furthermore, you can keep the fridge/freezer within the bag while the appliance operates. The mesh in the bag helps the device stay aired at all times. It also features a gap that allows access to the device’s handle.

A USB connector is another ingenious addition offered by the portable fridges/freezers. While the fridge is in use, you may use it to charge your mobile devices. It consumes a bit more energy than usual, but the refrigerator is still more efficient than the majority of its rivals.

Finally, the refrigerator/freezer comes with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee. The compression has a two-year parts-only warranty.

Final Verdict

Are Waeco fridges any good? They are not only good but among the best available on the market, especially the CFX range.

The Dometic Waeco CFX portable fridge/freezer is one of the most popular models available on the market. It is undoubtedly one of the most energy-efficient fridges available, making it appropriate for longer camping excursions. Because of this, as long as you control your use, you should not have any problems with it depleting your RV battery.

It’s also a well-built fridge/freezer with many useful functions, such as an app controlling the thermostat’s temperature. It is an appliance that can accommodate a considerable amount of food and beverages for camping excursions lasting more than a few days.

Of course, when the compressor kicks up, you’ll have to put up with a little background noise. But this is a problem with all portable refrigerators/freezers of this kind.

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