Using Dexos Oil in Different Cars? (8 Car Brands Check!)

Using Dexos Oil in Different Cars

If you love cars, you understand the difference between regular oil and Dexos oil. I love the better things in life, and Dexos oil is how I choose to spoil my four-wheeler.

Getting a car to run is the bare minimum. Most people do not think much about the type of oil they use on their cars. They overlook everything else as long as it doesn’t cause damage and performs its intended purpose.  

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How Much Does Dexos Oil Cost?

The price of Dexos oil depends on the brand and the quantity of oil in the bottle. Dexos is generally more expensive than ordinary and synthetic oils. You can get Dexos oil at around $6.99 for one quart. Professional series full synthetic Dexos costs $48.99 for five quarts.

You can get stores and brands offering discounts such as $107.80 for a six-pack of Dexos oil. Remember, the prices differ according to brand and the quantity of the oil you purchase.   

Can Dexos Oil be Used in Any Car?

The answer to this is a strong yes. You can use engine oil that’s non-authorized as long as your vehicle specifications allow it (check the vehicle’s manual). Many vehicles require certifications from ILSAC and API.

Fortunately, the standard of Dexos oil surpasses most international standards of certification. That qualifies it for use in any car.

However, it is best to note that Dexos1 is used in gasoline engines while Dexos2 is better for diesel engines.

Can You Use Dexos Oil in a Chrysler?

Dexos is useable in a Chrysler. Although most vehicle manuals for Chryslers do not include Dexos oil in their list of oils, it is completely fine.

Dexos is API approved, and that is one of the requirements in the manual. Honestly, this oil cannot harm your Chrysler. It is approved for use on many GM and non-GM engines.

After all, Dexos oil helps engines to run better, and who wouldn’t want their Chrysler in better shape?

Can You Use Dexos Oil in a BMW?

Most definitely. Apart from Dexos oil being approved for general and non-general motor vehicles, it runs up to 100,000 miles.

This mileage is achievable, especially if you are driving a BMW LL04. With Dexos, your car stays lubricated as it increases mileage between oil changes.

Before using Dexos oil on your car, it is vital to go through the vehicle manual to cross out any significant issues associated with certain oils.

I promise you that Dexos oil is safe for BMWs. It is just a new generation oil that needs getting used to.

Does Ford Use Dexos Oil?

Ford is among the newest companies to switch to this new oil. Ford (and other renowned automakers) understand the importance of using oil that helps engines run more efficiently.

Ford acknowledges that it is possible to go up to 10,000 miles between oil changes. Newer Ford models have an oil-life monitoring system that aids the Dexos oil in performing much better.

Your car always alerts you whenever it needs an oil change. Therefore, Dexos oil would be perfect for your car.

Ford has made improvements to its engines to accommodate better oils, such as Dexos. 

Can You Use Dexos Oil in a Jeep?

For a 2.4L Jeep, the oil you use has to meet the following standards:

  • API-certification
  • SAE OW-20
  • FCA Material Standard MS-6395

The Jeep manual does not directly discourage the use of Dexos oil. It simply gives recommendations. However, it is safe to use Dexos since it meets API certification standards.

The only thing to stay alert about is oil changes. Dexos oil will work perfectly for your Jeep If you keep those in check.   

The emphasis is on API certification and FCA standards. 

Can You Use Dexos Oil in a Toyota?

Dexos has fewer impurities than regular oils. This makes it better for your vehicle. Dexos is a General Motors product, which is an automaker like Toyota.

Restricting the use of Dexos on Toyotas is an issue of manufacture loyalty and not inefficiency. The viscosity and properties of Dexos make it excellent for your Toyota.

Dexos takes up to six months in low mileage vehicles before it reduces inefficiency. If you are more likely to go six months without changing the oil in your car, Dexos is your best bet.

Ensure you get Dexos oil from reputable brands. Some companies make oil blends, which include 99% regular oils and 1% synthetic oils.

Can I Use Dexos Oil In A Nissan?

Most Nissans require oils that will boost vehicle performance and protect them in the process. As every other manufacturer, Nissan recommends the use of Nissan oils.

However, that doesn’t mean that Dexos will harm your Nissan engine. That’s far from the truth. Dexos will work perfectly if you replenish it every 7500-10000 miles.

Before settling on Dexos for your Nissan, check the vehicle manual for information on viscosity and oil change rates. Nissans don’t require synthetic oils, but it is recommended in high-volume car models.

Remember, Dexos lasts longer and is resistant to contaminations and breakdowns.   

Can You Use Dexos Oil In A Subaru?

According to the Subaru manual, you should use oils that meet API, SAE-XW XX, and ILSAC standards. Fortunately, Dexos oil passes this part of the test.

Choosing an oil and filter that agree with Subaru specifications is more important than the brand you use. That aside, Dexos oil would be excellent for your Subaru, regardless of the make.

Most Subaru owners love to use their cars for extraordinary purposes like racing and off-roading. Dexos is the perfect oil for such activities. 

Try and find a good Dexos oil that is fully synthetic for your Subaru (you’ll thank me later).

Can You Use Dexos Oil In A Honda?

Like many other cars, Hondas allow the use of Dexos oil. Synthetic oils will do magic to your vehicle. Although Honda has its own line of oils, it wouldn’t hurt to use Dexos on your car.

The quality of the oil you use on your Honda determines how long it will run. Dexos oils are high-quality approved oils that will boost your car’s performance. It is definitely safe for Hondas.  

Since many companies recommend manufacturer oils for their cars, it is vital to read the manual before using Dexos.

Most of the time, it is a matter of staying on brand rather than incompatibility. 

Final Thoughts

Dexos is not a brand. It is an oil product that works for most car types and brads. Although it is a General Motors (GM) product, Dexos is excellent for most vehicles.

Every vehicle comes with a manual, and it is vital to stick to what the manual says. More often than not, Dexos will meet the certification standards. However, it does not hurt to be sure. Various factors can affect the price of Dexos oil:

  • The brand you buy from
  • The quantity of the oil
  • The type of the oil (full or partly synthetic)

Before settling on a brand, ensure it is compatible with your car’s specifications.


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