Is Urban Outfitters Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Urban Outfitters Furniture Good Quality

If you’re ever in need of durable, high-end, beautiful furniture, then you must check out Urban Outfitters Furniture. 

The brand is one of the country’s leading outfits for classy furniture that fits your lifestyle. 

Urban outfitters have their hands in many pies with many customers lined up. 

But is their furniture good as they claim it is?

Urban Outfitters is popularly known for its fashionable apparel line, which offers its customers stylish clothing of the highest material. Their furniture line is a sight of wonder, with different sorts of bespoke materials that highlight their class to give them an elegant end look. 

Are you interested in purchasing any of Urban Outfitters furniture, and you’re searching for an honest review about the brand? Grab a glass of wine and read on. This article is for you. 

We will outline unique features about the furniture line, alongside problems faced by fellow users of the furniture, so you can decide on facts.

Brief History of the Urban Outfitters Furniture

Urban Outfitters furniture is a trustworthy brand focused on producing high-end quality furniture for your home. It’s just not limited to furniture. They offer bedding, bath, art, decor, rugs, lighting, and draperies – the entire nine yards on home interior decor. 

The company was first started as a retail store with the initial name, “Free People.” It was then renamed Urban Outfitters and registered as a company in 1976. 

Besides Furniture, Urban Outfitters, Inc. holds different stores, including the Vetri Family restaurant, Anthropologie, Terrain, and BHLDN. 

Its furniture is produced from materials found locally in the forests around America. 

Its finishing is centered on quality aesthetics to boost the profile and personality of the customer. With many years of experience in the industry, the brand is currently a household name in furniture making.

Common Problems with Urban Outfitters

With the high quality and massive diversity in providing quality furniture for the home, there are still noticeable problems associated with the brand. 

Some of the most common issues faced with Urban Outfitters Furniture include:

Hugely Overpriced

Although Urban Outfitters furniture is made with top-quality materials, their prices are unreasonably placed high. 

The price of its Noreen Valet Storage Mirror, for instance, goes for $169, a price that is usually overpriced for a regular storage mirror. 

In their defense, Urban Outfitters management claims that the price resonates with the high-quality materials used in manufacturing their furniture. 

Notwithstanding, there are days when they do flash sales/offer discounts on furniture prices. 

This does not dispute the fact that their prices are on the high side compared to similar products from other brands. 

Misplacement of Deliveries

Besides furniture, Urban Outfitters also have their hands in other enterprises. Clothing apparel, home goods asides furniture are other business enterprises Urban Outfitters sell. 

While this may be a good business tactic, they often mistake the delivery of items. 

Many customers complain of receiving pieces from their clothing line instead of the furniture ordered.

If you want a piece of furniture from their store, be prepared to face this kind of issue. It may not be regular, but it is a possibility. 

Sofas Lose their Firmness Quickly

One of the top products from their factory is their tailor-made sofa.

A sofa owner gets a sofa hoping that it will serve for a long time. 

However, most of their customers complain bitterly of the sofas giving out within a short time. It is one of the shortfalls of the brand that continues to bring a bad review. 

One of the issues with them is the dragging of feet by the workers.

Issues with Customer Service

Perhaps a general issue that is faced by other brands, but Urban Outfitters furniture has a severe problem with their customer care. 

Either customer waits long hours before an agent answers the call, or the complaint won’t just go through. Other times, the agent that answers may sound clueless or unwilling to help

Tips for Buying Furniture from Urban Outfitters

The idea of getting good and affordable furniture is becoming to sound like a mirage nowadays. With helpful guidance, you can spend your money well on getting good furniture. Some of them include:

Work with a Budget you Create before going to the Showroom

Urban Outfitters is well known for building some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture in the US. 

It is essential that you create a budget, listing the type of furniture you want and how much you are willing to spend on it before proceeding to the store. 

Not doing this could mean you spend more than you intend to.

Focus on the Functions of the Furniture, Not Aesthetics

Yes, you’re in search of befitting furniture from Urban Outfitters. Yes, they are beautiful.

However, if you do not focus entirely on the purpose and strength of such furniture, you may be setting yourself up for a future of regrets. 

For example, if you’re buying a recliner, you should instead focus your attention on what the recliner can do, how long it can last, and if it can withstand pressure from continuous use. 

You will see beautiful pieces of recliners at the store, but if you want to use them for a long time, you should check out the functionalities of the recliner. 

Watch out for Quality

There’s no need to deny it. Buying any piece of furniture from Urban Outfitters is because of the aesthetics. Who doesn’t want to make his home look beautiful and classy?

But one needs to be aware of the quality of materials used in manufacturing the furniture. 

Do a comprehensive inspection of the furniture carefully and slowly through each finishing. It may be a painful process, but you should take time to go through it before budgeting for the same piece of furniture in the nearest future. 

Value of Urban Outfitters Furniture

Here are some reasons why Urban Outfitters furniture is still in high demand by customers. 

High Quality

All furniture from the brand is presumed high quality, and a happy user prefers to spread the word of referral by mouth to their friends and family.

Classic Designs

The furniture from this company comes in lovely designs that can appeal to a customer’s mood or personality. 

There are many designs to pick from that the customer may have difficulty choosing which one appeals to them the most. 


Urban Outfitters is fast becoming more popular with the elegant finishes that their furniture carries. 

They offer a vast collection of designs for their customers to pick from, and you can become a client under the brand. 

Asides from the beautiful designs, they have lots of stores in different parts of the country where you can walk in and make a selection.

If you love the good stuff, then you should consider patronizing them.


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