4 Problems With Ural Motorcycles (Explained for Beginners)

Ural Motorcycle Problems

If you have been seeking a new motorcycle, it’s likely that you have come across the Ural name. This motorcycle brand has been in business since 1941, when it was tasked with building motorcycles to help the military during World War One. For decades the Ural brand has been producing motorcycles many know and love. 

Yet, as with other motorcycle brands, they do experience their fair share of problems despite their extensive experience in the industry. When looking for a new motorcycle, you must analyze and evaluate all positives and negatives associated with a brand. 

That’s why we thought it wise to tell you 4 common problems seen with Ural motorcycles. If you know these problems, you will be able to determine if a Ural motorcycle is perfect for your needs, preferences, and wants. 

What Are The 4 Common Problems Seen With Ural Motorcycles?

Below we have briefly touched upon four commonly seen problems with Ural motorcycles. 

1. Fuel Component Problems

Fuel component problems can cause many issues with a motorcycle. For example, carburetor issues can lead to ignition problems, performance problems where power output is too low, and a cracked engine block. 

In addition to this, certain fuel components like the petcock, the carburetor, and the fuel filter can cause fuel flow problems, which can cause a bike to experience idling issues and stalling. 

With Ural motorcycles, fuel component problems are commonly seen. One of the most prevalent problems owners have experienced is associated with fuel control issues with faulty petcocks that have caused a buildup inside the fuel tanks. Additionally, there have also been problems with fuel entering the cylinder through the intake because of faulty valves.

2. Electrical Issues

When you have a motorcycle with electrical issues, you can run into numerous problems that you likely don’t want to contend with while driving. A motorcycle with electrical problems can cause accidents, electrical fires, starting issues, battery acid leakages, and blown fuses. 

Many Ural motorcycle owners have reported experiencing problems with the brake light switch. The biggest issue with this switch is that on many models, it is faulty and keeps the lights on; others have stated that their brake switches corrode on the inside and easily break. 

Other electrical issues that have been commonly noted include turn signal interval faults were left or right turn signals hyper flash, and many models are not equipped with a low fuel gauge or low fuel light. Moreover, the lighting in the speedometer is not bright enough for drivers to see at night. 

3. Mechanical Problems

There isn’t anyone who wants to purchase a motorcycle with mechanical problems. Ural motorcycles can be expensive depending on the model you purchase, so you will likely be upset if you don’t know about the mechanical problems that are commonly seen beforehand. You don’t want to spend a verifiably small fortune on a bike that isn’t going to give you your money’s worth. 

A few Ural motorcycle enthusiasts have in the past reported their disc brakes breaking during high altitudes and because of overheating issues. Additionally, many have noted final drive failure, transmission failure, broken swingarms, failed main bearings, driveline failures, and clutch actuating rod failures.

Moreover, a few other notable mechanical problems a few motorcyclists have experienced include speedometer reading failures, drenched air filters when riding in the rain, and air pump bursting issues on first use. Most Ural motorcycles also require frequent maintenance and oil changes every 1,500 miles. 

4. Design Issues

You likely don’t want a motorcycle that has numerous design issues. Design issues can make driving a motorcycle incredibly uncomfortable and frustrating, and unpleasant. Design issues can also cause the bike to not be as durable as it should be and can cause mechanical parts to sustain damage. 

There are a few design issues that many Ural motorcyclists have noticed in recent years. Some of the issues most often seen include poorly designed drum brakes that provide little stopping power and a battery that is incredibly difficult to get to when replacements need to be completed. Others have found faults with the odometer reading being in kilometers, with there being no key blanks, and that you can’t use the two-wheel drive when the bike isn’t moving.

Additionally, other design features that annoy motorcyclists include difficult steering, trunks that have water leaks, can only operate with expensive premium fuel, and the stock tractor seat is uncomfortable.  

What Do Ural Motorcycles Do Right?

Since we have looked into the common problems associated with Ural motorcycles, we can look at what the brand does right. This will allow you to make an accurate educated decision about if this motorcycle brand suits your needs and lifestyle. Since the brand has been operational for more than four decades, their motorcycles do have a few highlights. 

  • Ural motorcycles are not known for their speed. Instead, they are known for being incredibly convenient if you like the freedom of being able to drive with a companion, whether that be a human or pet. 
  • Unlike other motorcycle companies, Ural offers an extensive range of graphics and colors, which provides an aesthetic appeal that other brands don’t. You can choose between two different camo options, three darks color options, and nine premium colors.
  • Another positive about Ural bikes is that they have a place for a full-size spare tire with a cargo rack. This is not often seen with motorcycles and is one of the defining features that sets this brand apart. 
  • Another attraction for many is that Ural motorcycles can go off-road to places not many other motorcycles can go. 

What Do Reviewers Think About The Ural Motorcycle Brand?

There are some positive reviews surrounding Ural motorcycles. Yet, there are many customers who have experienced issues with a Ural motorcycle and have pointed out the areas that could be reviewed and improved upon. 

A few Ural motorcycles have notable mechanical issues that have been causing concern when driving. For example, one review was quoted as saying: 

“I went to push the motorbike out of the garage, and I heard this scraping sound coming from the front end. I pulled it back in and pulled out the front pads or what was left of them. The actual pad material was as thin as a credit card and had started to touch bare metal.”

In addition to this, some customers have experienced breaks with their Kickstarter. One reviewer was noted as stating:

“I gave it what I would consider to be two or three soft kicks and then one hard one. I didn’t kick it like a mule, just a normal one. The entire arm snapped off.”

How Much Do Ural Motorcycles Cost? 

2021Ural 2WD Gear-Up$18,999
2020Ural cT 750$15,549
2019Ural 2WD Gear-Up$16,999


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