Are UNIF Shoes Good Quality? (5 Hacks To Know)

UNIF Shoes Good Quality

When shopping for shoes, it can be challenging to know if they are good quality. In many cases, you have no idea who ”actually” made your shoes, making it hard to tell if they are worth your money. The same goes for UNIF shoes!

The quality of UNIF shoes is top-grade as they are made from high-quality materials and are well put together by a team of skilled workers. These shoes are durable, comfortable, and easy to walk in.

UNIF shoes are often priced at a premium. And more often than not, due to the high price tag, the quality of these shoes often comes into question. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely faced the same predicament.

After extensive research and dozens of reviews, I have finally narrowed it down. There are several tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that the shoes are of good quality. Read on to learn more about UNIF shoes and how to tell if they’re worth the salt.

4 Hacks to Tell if UNIF Shoes Are of Good Quality

If you’ve ever come across someone in UNIF boots, you know that the brand stands out for its quirky and alternative style. “Ur Not in Fashion’ shoes are known for their understated yet sophisticated aesthetic and supreme comfort— ideal for office wear or casual outings.

The price tag is often in the 3-digit spectrum, which inspires skepticism. Are these shoes worth paying top dollar for? Join me as I journey through 4 proven ways that will convince you why you shouldn’t question the quality of UNIF shoes.

1. UNIF Shoes Premium Grade

The price tag should be a key giveaway. Whenever we see an expensive item, our minds decipher it as high quality. And this is due to the influence of everyday market dynamics that advise our purchasing habits. Typically, the higher the quality, the bigger the cost.

And given the high prices of UNIF shoes, if we follow the same market model, we can safely conclude that quality has something to do with it. Surely, no one would spend hundreds of dollars on a questionable pair.

2. UNIf Shoes are Made of High-Quality Materials

UNIF shoes are made with high-quality materials that give you a comfortable wearing experience. All UNIF shoes are made with 100% genuine leather upper and super dense foam platforms reinforced by a rubber sole on the bottom. It not only makes them durable but also comfortable, lightweight, and easy to walk in.

As a plus to the ‘green’ community, all materials used in manufacturing UNIF shoes are ethically-sourced. And if there’s one thing we know about sustainable fashion brands, it’s their ethic to produce high-quality products without compromising style, comfort, and fit. And UNIF doesn’t fall short of this.

3. UNIF Shoes are Durable

The hardware on UNIF shoes is made to be very durable. The end-product is a shoe that’s well put together.

For instance, did you know that an adult shoe should have at least 8 -10 stitches per inch as a general rule? The stitching on UNIF shoes is superbly done – passing this test. Counting the threads could also enable you to draw the line between a legit pair and a counterfeit one.

Deep rubber treads line the bottom of the rubber soles, enhancing the shoe’s anti-slip properties. Zip-up boots have bulky branded UNIF zippers that fasten the shoe on your leg. Lace-up versions come equipped with round tonal laces that intertwine through branded metal UNIF eyelets to facilitate the easier adjustment.

Ankle straps are padded for a super cozy fit and feel. Clasps are securely held in place by rivets driven through the leather upper.

Sometimes we read reviews of someone complaining that a part of their UNIF shoe comes undone on the first wear. At the same time, we cannot definitively attribute this issue to poor production practices because other factors are in play, such as long shipping distances and poor freight handling.

4. UNIF Shoes Are Made with High Standard

UNIF shoes are made by skilled workers who ensure that they end up with nothing but the best. Because the brand doesn’t mass produce its wares, we can safely assume there is minimal production pressure to meet daily quotas.

Because this team of professionals has adequate time to focus on a task, they can channel their effort and time into doing a good job.

Where to Buy UNIF Shoes?

You can buy UNIF shoes from the brand’s official site. It is the most trustworthy source for quality products. They always have an updated catalog showcasing their whole collection and the price for each piece. These shoes are usually fresh out of the factory.

You can also buy a pair advertised as ”used” on online e-commerce sites. These are usually from private sellers who are advertising through the e-store. These are the most tricky to purchase because it’s hard to tell the actual quality of the shoe from the uploaded pictures.

If you can organize to meet with the seller in person, you will get an opportunity to inspect the shoes in person and cut shipping costs. But if the seller is far away, contact them and request more pictures and information. Don’t settle until you’re satisfied with the quality of the UNIF shoes.

I would recommend that you inspect how the shoes are advertised. New UNIFs will set you back a good hundred dollars. Second-hand pairs are a bit over half the store price.

And be wary of UNIFs with a very low price tag. They could be a knock-off or, worse still, in terrible shape.

The Bottom Line

These shoes are made from top-grade materials by professional cordwainers, shoemakers, and cobblers. From the design phase to the finished product, emphasis is placed on durability, comfort, and aesthetics.

Now that you know that UNIF shoes are good quality shoes. You can go ahead and get yourself a pair. And the next time you hear someone question the quality of UNIF shoes, you know what to say.