Are Uberhaus Faucets Good? (Complete Guide)

Uberhaus Faucets Good

If I need to replace my kitchen and bathroom faucets, I ask the plumber about Uberhaus faucets. If they hesitate, that’s the end of our working relationship. That is a clear indicator that they do not know much about faucets.

Why? You might ask. Uberhaus faucets are a renowned brand in the faucet industry. There is no better way to prove you are inexperienced than saying you do not know about the Uberhaus brand.

This popularity is justified because Uberhaus faucets are inarguably high-quality, highly functional, and visually pleasing.

Uberhaus have been in the industry for a healthy amount of time. Here is something fascinating about them. The Uberhaus brand is a private brand under Rona. Rona was founded in 1939.

That is a long time to be in the industry. The company operates under Lowes Canada as a leading home improvement company. Therefore, they understand everything that involves kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Uberhaus offers the best kitchen, bathroom, tub, and shower faucets. They are suitable for sinks anywhere in your house and in commercial establishments.

The big question is, are Uberhaus faucets any good?

Uberhaus faucets are worth the buck. They are highly functional and easy to operate. Compared to other faucet brands, Uberhaus ticks numerous boxes for those looking for high-quality faucets. From single handle to double handle faucets, Uberhaus faucets are top of the list.

Are Uberhaus Faucets Easy to Operate?

Nobody loves installing faucets that don’t work or are hard to operate. Uberhaus faucets operate using lever technology.

The “Terra” 2-handle Lavatory faucet is an excellent example of easy-to-use fixtures. You can quickly turn these faucets on and off without much force.

The spout is a high arch to allow enough space to use the sink. Faucets must also be ADA approved. This means that they are easily accessible by people with mobility issues.

Fortunately, Uberhaus complies with such regulations by making their handles and spouts accommodative for everyone.

Are Uberhaus Faucets Good?

Style is essential, and Uberhaus does not disappoint on aesthetic appeal. However, other features also matter.

A good example is faucets having the pull-down feature. Uberhaus kitchen faucets, like the single-handle Zen kitchen faucet, fall under the pull-down faucet category. 

Uberhaus also offers its customers options such as the high arch and medium arch faucets. Depending on where you are placing the faucet (kitchen sink or bathroom sink), the variation is helpful.

Bathtubs would do better with medium arch faucets because the distance is less from the faucet to the tub. If you are running some hot water, it won’t have cooled down before getting into the bathtub.

Uberhaus faucets also have single and double handle options. Many people prefer single handles because they are easier to operate.

In addition, Uberhaus faucets have ceramic valves. This prevents the faucets from dripping. After installation, most faucets tend to start leaking (which is annoying).

You definitely won’t experience this with Uberhaus faucets. The manufacturer designs them properly for full functionality.

Are Uberhaus Faucets Durable?

The durability of faucets is exceptionally vital while selecting the best fixtures for your house. Durable faucets do not have to look drab.

Uberhaus ensures the outlook is just as good as the durability. The finishing determines how long it will take to wear out or how far the damage will go.

To eliminate any issues, go for chrome finishes on your faucets. Uberhaus has these options too. Unless your design theme cannot accommodate chrome, avoid bronze faucets.

The surface of bronze faucets is a coating and not metal. Whether you like it or not, the coating will scratch and chip with time.

The “Andrea” vessel faucet has a chrome finish. Therefore, this faucet would be perfect for residential and commercial establishments.

The Cost of Uberhaus Faucets

One aspect that should guide you in selecting faucets is the price tag. These bathroom and kitchen fixtures should not be too cheap. They should also not be overpriced. Some brands tend to charge exorbitant prices for pieces that won’t last long.

Uberhaus has every customer in mind. There are affordable options and some high-end faucets as well. You can get the “Andrea” vessel faucet for $220.

If this does not fit within your budget, the “Terra” lavatory faucet line is much cheaper. There are fixtures costing $49.99 and others going for $119. Their Zen kitchen faucet goes for $199 per unit.

Remember the saying “cheap is expensive?”. Why get a faucet that will require constant repairs because it keeps dripping?

Invest in a good Uberhaus faucet to prevent constant plumbing trips to your house or establishment.

What Is The Flow Rate On Uberhaus Faucets?

The flow rate is essential in regulating water wastage. We tend to spend a lot of time at the sink if the water does not have a constant water flow.

That is a thing of the past with Uberhaus faucets. Most of their pieces have a flow rate of between 1.5 gallons per minute to 2.0 gallons per minute.

Additionally, Uberhaus faucets are WaterSense certified. These bathroom and kitchen faucets save up to 30% water and energy (for heating water). While washing hands or dishes is necessary, wasting water is unacceptable.

What Is The Warranty On Uberhaus Faucets?

Warranties are a great assurance that the products on sale are of top-notch quality. For some Uberhaus faucets, customers get a limited lifetime warranty.

Other Uberhaus pieces like the “Andrea” vessel faucet come with a five-year cartridges warranty. As long as you have done the installation properly and used the faucet for its intended purpose, the store will gladly replace your faucet.

If you have been buying bathroom and kitchen fixtures for a while now, you know that anything can happen. In case anything goes wrong with your Uberhaus faucet, contact the store or manufacturer for the best warranty service.

Issues of faucet damage from product use and improper cleaning are not included in the warranty.

What I Specially Love About Uberhaus Faucets: Uberhaus Faucets Overview

I have an endless list of things I love about Uberhaus faucets. However, some features, in particular, catch my attention. They have led me to fall in love with the Uberhaus brand.

Let me tell you why.

The Price of Uberhaus Faucets

Some brands have overpriced faucets. Mostly, the prices do not match the quality of some fixtures. With Uberhaus faucets, though, you get value for your money.

The Quality

We can determine quality by checking the finish and the functionality. The flow rate is perfect. The spout is well placed, and the handles are convenient to reach.

I would totally recommend Uberhaus faucets.

Anything I Don’t Like? Uberhaus Faucet Cons

I will be honest about this. The only thing I don’t like is the limited variety. Uberhaus faucets are great, but we need more options.

I would advise the manufacturers to give more options, especially the latest pull-down faucets. Other than that, everything gets a stamp of approval.


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