Is Thomas Cole Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Thomas Cole Furniture Good Quality

Absolutely! Thomas Cole is a collection of top-quality mattresses and furniture designed by HOM in collaboration with some top furniture developers worldwide. 

For your information, HOM ranks among the top furniture manufacturers in the United States, with retailers serving customers majorly in the upper midwestern states of South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, among others. 

Despite Thoma Cole furniture being top-quality, the brand has acquired some negative reviews from buyers.

Some common complaints from customers include delayed deliveries, poor quality on some products, a dishonest HOM protection policy, among others. 

Should you still buy Thomas Cole with such challenges? Keep reading to find out. 

Manufacturer of Thomas Cole Furniture

As highlighted in the introduction, Thomas Cole involves a collection of mattresses and furniture designed and developed by HOM in collaboration with top manufacturers globally. 

HOM Furniture is reputable for its emphasis on value and quality and for producing a range of styles to fit different tastes, from modern home decor and furniture to traditional. The furniture here includes a porch, patio, and indoor furniture. 

With Thomas Cole furniture, you’ll get furniture that makes your home and room a more comfortable place to rest, entertain, or work, regardless of whether you prefer traditional furniture, classic, or latest furniture trends.

The good thing is that the company avails the Thomas Cole furniture collections online. You can also access them from any of their stores. 

Why Purchase Thomas Cole Furniture?

Certain furniture types need to fill different needs and expectations in our offices and homes. It’s also obvious that even when you highly rate a specific brand, you might still find other products not being to your standard. 

However, quality furniture brands will cut across the board whether you like the brand or not.

Let’s consider the reasons why you should purchase Thomas Cole furniture:

Quality Furniture

If there is one thing Thomas Cole furniture is reputable for, it’s the quality of furniture available. The company offers sophisticated style paired designs with great comfort. All the furniture by Thomas Cole comes with a durable frame. 

One quality product by Thomas Cole furniture is the Master Sofa. This product features 4-complimentary feather-filled accent pillows. The sofa is also upholstered in trendy grey/blue fabric that adds life to any living room. 

Below are reasons why the Master sofa and others from Thomas Cole are top-quality:

  • They have a coil in cushion seating
  • The furniture is engineered from a hardwood frame for durability
  • They have a wood feet
  • Designed with reversible seat cushions
  • They have a steel spring suspension

Protection Against Furniture Accidents

Very few companies and brands offer a warranty on their product to protect you from any damage. This means that you’re on your own when your furniture gets damaged by forces beyond your control, even a few hours after purchase. 

However, HOM is so confident in its Thomas Cole furniture that it offers two different furniture protection plans: the HOM Guard program and the HOM Guard Plus program.

The HOM Guard program, which is more affordable, offers a 3-year warranty against staining from drinks, food, and pet and human bodily fluids. 

The HOM Guard Plus program is more risk-free since it protects against accidental damages like rips, tears, water rings, and the manufacturer’s defect for 3-years from the delivery date. 

Even though the warranty is an extra cost, we recommend that you consider taking it to secure your furniture. 

Doesn’t Stain Easily

Apart from high-quality Thomas Cole furniture, most chairs are designed with leather fabric that doesn’t stain easily. 

Even if you were to accidentally splash a few drops of coffee on the furniture, you could easily wipe it off without leaving any evidence of what happened. 

Customization Option

With Thomas Cole furniture, you have various material, and upholstery options to select from that can update your living room and create a more personalized space for friends and family. 

There are all types of furniture to match your functionality and style needs. HOM capitalizes on the growing affection for individualism in furniture design to develop excellent choices that meet the customer’s needs. 

You have a chance to express yourself through trim, unique upholstery, fabrics, and finishes. 

There is also an option of selecting the comfortability level perfect for you and your family. 

Problems With Thomas Cole Furniture

Despite Thomas Cole being a top-quality furniture brand, some customers have expressed frustrations. Before buying any Thomas Cole furniture, it would help to understand the challenges that the furniture presents:

Delayed Deliveries

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the delivery of furniture upon purchase. When buying the furniture, they are promised quick delivery within days. 

However, after making payments, some get their furniture delivered after months. This is frustrating, especially when there is no communication from the company about the delivery status. 

Poor Quality for some Products

Even though most Thomas Cole furniture is top-quality, some customers have reported issues with their products. 

In one instance, a customer experienced issues with their purchase within 3-months of ownership. When they asked to exchange the furniture, they were told it was a clearance item and was no longer available. 

However, HOM is doing everything possible to improve the quality of its products. 

Unclear HOM Protection

Even though the company offers a 3-year warranty against staining from drinks, food, and pet and human bodily fluids, some reviewers expressed frustration with the plan. 

According to the reviewers, they were promised coverage in case of damage, but the company brought up a list of exceptions that weren’t there initially. 

They, therefore, consider such actions to be dishonest, unethical, and misleading for such a big brand. 

Reviewers Opinion

As a brand, Thomas Cole is highly-rated, thanks to its quality, durability, stain resistance, and customization option. 

Some reviewers like Thomas Cole furniture‚Äôs concentration on value and effort to produce a wide range of styles that meet different tastes. 

However, a group of reviewers has expressed frustration with the brand for delayed deliveries, poor quality on some products, and a dishonest HOM protection policy. 

Overall, Thomas Cole is a reputable brand that we recommend for your comfort. The top-quality of the furniture is enough reason to draw you to the brand. 


There is no question that Thomas Cole furniture from HOM is among the top brands in the industry. 

The brand has different products ranging from modern home decor and furniture to traditional ones. 

Thomas Cole furniture is also durable, thanks to the hardwood frame used to make it. Feel free to transform your living space with this furniture. 


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