Is Stanley Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Stanley Furniture Good Quality

Stanley furniture puts a lot of effort into crafting multicultural furniture design. The furniture maker tries as much as possible to incorporate diversity into the furniture.

But is the brand’s furniture any good?

Stanley uses first-rate materials in manufacturing its furniture products and the finishing sets the pieces apart from options from similar brands in its category. A lot of time, effort, and expertise go into creating unique designs and styles with appealing aesthetics and smooth functions. 

Some of the company’s designers and craftsmen are the best and most talented experts in the furniture industry. 

There are several values that distinguish this furniture maker, and below is a detailed review of the brand and everything you need to know.

What’s Unique About Stanley Furniture?

Every furniture brand has something unique that sets them apart from the lot, and Stanley is no exception.

Some of the major attractions with the furniture company include the following.

Calving and Craftsmanship

If you want to own a piece of furniture that’s more of an artwork than a functional tool, Stanley furniture is a great choice. 

It pays detailed attention to craftsmanship and style. 

The company is known to replicate the artistic nature of different cultures. Most of its furniture pieces reflect the cultures predominant in the environments of its customers. 

Most Stanley furniture pieces communicate French and Italian inspiration. Some of the products also promote some international motifs and styling.

Internationally Sourced Leather

Stanley sources the leather materials for its sitting room and dining room pieces from Sweden, Austria, and Italy. 

The leather works are made with durability in mind. 

Stanley’s leather selection process is nothing short of painstakingly thorough! This makes the leather upholstered furniture last longer than the average furniture product due to their high quality.

Lower Prices

Unlike many brands in the same category, Stanley furniture comes at lower price points. 

Some of the brand’s furniture products are offered at $150, and some high-end pieces like sofa and wing chairs are in the range of $600 and $1000.

Also, unlike most brands that focus on limited product lines, Stanley has a wide range of products. 

The furniture maker has furniture products for the dining room, bedroom, and several other varieties.

Superior Finishing

Due to its insistent on first-rate craftsmanship, most pieces of furniture have some of the best finishing in the industry. 

Stanley furniture uses Italy-sourced polyester coating and matte finish walnut polish for many of its pieces. 

The finishing is more durable than most other brands. 

The luster also reflects better, due to the polyester. Also, the fabrics are poly fiber, which is shinier and more durable. 

Stanley uses high-performance fabric for its upholstery as well.

Common Problems of Stanley Furniture

Stanley has several appealing qualities. But the brand also has issues with its products. 

Thankfully, many of the problems are not too serious.

However, some of the problems can set you back considerably, especially if you are buying the furniture on someone’s behalf. 

Here are some problems you should pay attention to when buying Stanley furniture.

Outsourcing Operations

Stanley sources workmanship abroad. 

The company uses manufacturers in China, Vietnam, and other countries in the fabricate process. 

Although it doesn’t affect the quality of the furniture, it matters to customers who prefer to use locally made furniture. This is particularly the case with users who want something that communicates their heritage. 

Outsourcing of fabrication also complicates the operations. It makes it difficult to meet certain customer expectations.

Production and Replacement Issues

Stanley discontinued its American operations in 2021 after the company was sold to Vietnamese cooperation. 

The company claims that plans are in place to restore operations. 

But it might pose a challenge to owners who want to get a repair or replacement during this period. 

Most retailers don’t provide these kinds of services.

Damaged Merchandise

Although Stanley makes great furniture products, it seems to have a reputation for shipping damaged goods to customers. 

Many buyers have complained of receiving damaged goods from Stanley. This situation usually stems from assembling and outsourcing. 

If you want to buy a piece of Stanley furniture, do your due diligence. Check for damages and secure a commitment from the retailer that would allow you to get a replacement if the piece breaks down within a short period. 

Poor Quality Control and Response

This company hardly accepts responsibility for faulty products, and that’s usually because it outsources most of the production process. 

For this reason, it is difficult for the company to handle any problem locally. 

In most cases, any problem customers encounter from the use of their Stanley products ends up as the users’ responsibility. 

It is usually difficult to get the company to fix such problems for you.

Tips for Buying Stanley Furniture

Before you buy Stanley furniture or any furniture at all, you must arm yourself with some knowledge to avoid making mistakes or buying pieces with poor value. 

Here are some valuable tips to help you make the best purchase decision from this brand.

Conduct Extensive Research

Since Stanley is currently owned by a Vietnamese company, it is crucial to conduct quality checks to ensure the furniture you want to buy comes with the best materials. 

Ask people who already own similar pieces of furniture to find out the quality and problems peculiar to the type of product you want to buy.

Understand the Return and Repair Policy

Recently, Stanley moved its operations abroad. This means that any issue you have with your piece may take longer to get resolved. 

It is best to ask about the company’s return and repair policy to be on the safer side. You don’t want to be stuck with a faulty product that you have to take responsibility for.

Avoid Mixed Fabrics in Your Furniture

This tip is not limited to Stanley furniture alone. 

Generally, mixed fabrics in furniture result in a shorter lifespan of the product. 

It is best to buy furniture products with 100% fabric. This prevents the fabric from pulling apart. Besides, it keeps the look uniform through the lifespan of the furniture. 

Wrapping Up

Stanley Furniture Co. has been around for over 90 years. 

The manufacturer has continuously provided high-quality pieces of furniture to many generations of customers in its lifetime. 

The several years of excellent craftsmanship and manufacturing still speak to the quality of the company’s products. 

To sum up, Stanley Furniture is a great choice. Furniture owners who don’t mind buying outsourced furniture would find it valuable. 

The prices are much lower than many competing furniture brands, and the company pays great attention to design and style.


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