Are Society6 Rugs Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Society6 Rugs Good

Whether at home or work, a rug plays a critical role in your feeling. Our mood and the look of our environment are influenced by the look on the floor of our surroundings. 

Installing rugs in homes and offices improves the overall aesthetics of the environment. As a beginner, it’s common to wonder which rug is best for you.

Society6 has played a significant role in distributing creative works through its products. The company added a new product to their lineup about six years ago called society6 rug. It is the perfect rug for everyone who wants to express their taste through the rug. 

The6 rug is a new model of the popular area rugs used in homes, complexes, and offices.

Despite the beauty and aesthetic appeal of the arts crested on these rugs, there are still mixed feelings about the quality, values, and prices of Society6 rugs. 

This article gives you an overview of society6 rugs and everything you need to know to decide whether to buy their rugs or not.

Overview of Society 6 Online Store

Society6 is an online platform that provides opportunities for independent artists to sell their work through product integration

Visitors would select a design that appeals to them the most, and Society6 would crest the design on any product they wish to purchase.

Products offered for sale by society6 include apparel, tech accessories, furniture, wall art, bed, bath items, and other simple products. 

These products are customized to the taste of the visitors. Society6 has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California, USA. 

All products are made and shipped from different locations throughout the United States to meet demands.

One question that bothers new users is whether it is safe to buy from Society6. 

Society6 is a registered company with a reputation to protect. They have had loyal customers who have been with the platform for over six years. 

Besides, the artwork promoted on society6 is the creative intellectual property of real people. The platform is credible and safe for you to patronize.

The Quality of Society6 Rugs

Society6 rugs are one of the most popular products of the company

Over the past six years, the product has gathered thousands of online reviews where users share their experiences with the product.

If you wish to adorn your homes and office with the artistic craft of professional artists, Society6 rugs give you the perfect platform to make it a reality

The rugs are soft and comfortable. 

When you check reviews online, you will read thousands of reviews commending the rug for softness. 

The texture and softness make it easy to clean. Simple vacuuming, wiping, and general cleaning are enough to keep the specks of dirt out.

Society6 rugs are durable and feature designs that withstand the pressure of use. 

They also have a balance of quality and price. It makes it easy to pick a model for every kind of floor.

How Hard Or Easy Are Society6 Rugs To Use?

Society6 rugs are soft and easy to lay. 

The earlier models of society rugs were a little thinner than the newer versions. The Society6 now features thicker rugs than the earlier versions. 

However, the thickness does not reduce flexibility or softness. It is easy to move society6 from one area of home or office to another.

What Areas Of The Home Is Society6 Rug Good For?

Due to the diversity of designs, society6 rugs work for any home area you desire to adorn. 

If you want to have them in the laundry room, kitchen, bathroom, entrance, and high-traffic spaces where you need an easily cleanable rug, they perform excellently. 

They are easy to clean, making them ideal for any home area, including outdoors.

Are Society6 Rugs Good For Offices?

Most people who bought Society6 rugs purchased them for homes or offices. 

The combination of affordable price and quality makes it ideal for a place with high human traffic. 

It works for any area of offices, including the outdoors. 

Diversity and customization is a good advantage for office space, and you can easily achieve this with Society6 rugs. 

Just give them your desired design and they will breathe life into it. 

Above all, the size fits under the door without bulging or squeezing.

How Long Do Society6 Rugs Last?

The lifespan of Society6 rugs depends on the volume of human traffic. 

If it is used in a place with moderate traffic, the thickness of the rug prevents rug matting. It also has a lesser shedding problem compared to other area rugs of its kind

On average, you should be able to use the rug for up to three years if properly maintained. 

However, it is best to change your rugs every 18 months for a healthy lifestyle and cleanliness.

What Do The Reviews Say About Society6 Rugs?

You will find thousands of Society6 rug reviews online – most of the reviews border around quality, price, and designs. 

Several customers have voiced their displeasure about the price to the quality factor. Some users feel it’s too pricey, while some agree that the price fits the value they derive from the product. 

However, if you consider the creative art crested on the product, you’ll understand the reason behind the price. Everyone who appreciates beautiful work of art will know that it doesn’t come on a platter of gold. 

If you are looking for high-end rugs, Society6 rugs may not be what you want. 

However, Society6 is a great choice if you want an affordable rug with good design and quality.   

How Well do Society6 Rugs Hold Their Value?

Exceptional customer service is one of the most outstanding values you will enjoy with Society6. 

They have one of the best customer relationships and customer services in the industry

Customers who have problems with their products get prompt responses from the customer service unit. The quality Society6 customer service offset any negative reviews customers have about their product. 

They encourage users to reach out for immediate refund or replacement. They also offer a return policy for all products purchased from the platform.

Some Popular Society6 Rugs and Price

One of the most popular designs of society6 rug is the woven polyester chenille and the woven cotton. 

They have hundreds of rugs for users to choose from. 

They offer rugs in various sizes based on the intended function. It’s available in 2′ x 3′, 4′ x 6′, 6′ x 9′, 8′ x 12′ and the price ranges from $49 to $499.


Society6 has its upsides and downsides. 

The price may be high for some customers, but the creativity in the design and arts compensate for the high price. 

Society6 has found a blend of design, quality, and price. It makes their rug an ideal choice for beginners looking for a rug that is the best fit and offers a great experience.


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