Are Skecher Shoes Good? (6 Hacks To Know)

Skecher Shoes Good

Shoes are an essential part of our outfits. The different types of shoes available on the market undeniably make our lives better, and our different styles stand out. Undoubtedly, we cannot do without shoes. We’re no longer in the stone age period, are we?

Our reliance on shoes is unmatched, so we must find the best pairs to make life comfortable. Also, running, walking, and exercise need the best pair of shoes.

Who wants to wear a pair of shoes that keeps them from doing their daily activities? That would be a huge inconvenience!

Are Skecher Shoes Any Good?

A while back, I’d purchase shoes without worrying about the brand. All I thought about was the price. I had to find out the importance of high-quality shoes the hard way.

One time I went running in a generic pair of shoes. My feet were sore, and my ankles hurt terribly after the run. (Honestly, I didn’t even hit my usual goal).  

I decided to see a doctor, and he advised that I switch up my running shoes. I was a bit adamant but later discovered that the kind of shoes I was wearing was the cause of all my issues.

On the same visit, I noticed that the doctor had a pair of shoes right by his desk. He said he uses them to jog in the evening when he gets off work. Then, I saw that they were Skechers. So, I decided to purchase from the brand.

So, are Skecher shoes any good?

I’d give that a solid yes. Skechers are stylish, colorful, and high-quality. Above everything, Skechers are affordable and comfortable. Skechers has all you need. Skecher shoes come in many forms, offering comfort and style wrapped up in one.

Buying shoes is not an ordinary task. Like clothing, shoes must display your sense of style and offer the best cushioning for your feet.

Skecher shoes take away every worry by providing options suitable for men, women, and children. Here are some interesting facts before getting into the brilliant features making Skecher shoes the best in the market.

A Brief History of Skecher Shoes

Skechers came into the market in 1992 under Robert Greenberg (founder of LA Gear). Robert stepped down as company CEO to focus on the Skecher brand.

30 years later, the growth of technology has gone beyond anyone’s imagination. There are now better technologies for shoe production. The Skechers brand is under Sketchers USA, Inc. and is the United States’ third largest footwear brand.

What are the Perks of Skecher Shoes?

Skechers are excellent shoes for all individuals. But before I tell you all about it, here are a few reasons why I’d buy Skechers over most other brands.


We all want shoes that keep our feet happy. Skecher shoes do not disappoint as they have comfortable and flexible soles. These same soles have memory foam technology, sensitive to temperature and pressure.

Besides, they are a perfect fit, increasing comfort for everyone that wears Skechers.

Diverse Uses

Skechers come in various types and colors. Such diversity helps us match Skechers with different outfits to the mall, jogging track, and walking around the neighborhood.

Alluring Style and Design  

Skecher shoes are commonly known for their stylish nature. There are cute options for kids, feminine shoes for the modern woman, and functional, fashionable options for men.


Even though Skechers have unique features, they are considerably priced. Every store carrying the Skecher brand offers pocket-friendly prices.

Are There Different Options for Skecher Shoes?

Yes. In fact, the options would blow your mind. Skechers have a long list of collections featuring different styles, types, and designs of Skecher shoes. I’ll take you through a few standard collections for men, women, and children.

Arch Fit

The arch fit collection has shoes for men, women, and kids. Shoes in this collection are podiatrist-certified. The support on these shoes is top-notch as it uses data collected over 20 years.

The shoe styles in the arch fit collection have a removable and supportive insole with enough cushioning. Therefore, walking with shoes in the arch fit collection is a breeze.


Foamies are excellent for everyone. They are water-friendly, easy to slip on, and perfect for summer. Best of all, they have many color options from black to pink and everything in between.

Skechers Street

The shoes in this collection are eye-catching and attention-grabbing. If you’re into a hip-hop-like look, these options are perfect. I particularly love these shoes because Skechers have them in neon colors too. I love making a statement, and the options here are to die for.

Max Cushioning

As the name suggests, shoes in this collection have cushioning as you’ve never seen before. It feels like walking on clouds since the sole is so thick. No more discomfort caused by twigs and stones as you go on a hike. 

4 Tips on Choosing the Best Skecher Shoes

There are several options available, no lie about that. However, how do you choose the best pair of Skechers?

Shoe Size

Some shoes only have slim fits, while others have options for people with wider feet. When choosing a pair of Skechers, ensure the type of shoes caters to your specific size.


I love Skecher shoes, and I trust that you will too. Therefore, have a budget in mind when going into a Skecher shoe store. If you don’t plan ahead, I can’t guarantee that you won’t walk out with more than you wanted to get.

Tastes and Preferences

When it comes to fashion, everyone is allowed to have their own style. Besides, whatever makes you happy when you buy it will serve you for many years.


With Skechers, every collection has a different style and design. Skecher shoes have a breathable mesh, removable sole, and max cushioning. Never settle for less. Always go for features that will improve functionality.

How Much Do Sketcher Shoes Cost?

Skechers are pocket-friendly. Women’s shoes cost between $24.99 for slides to $205 for sneakers. Men’s shoes cost up to $45 for sandals and $205 for running shoes. Kids’ shoes are also quite affordable, with Skechers ranging between $19 to $79 for girls and boys.

Shoe prices depend on:

  • The style and design
  • Additional features
  • Shoe collection

Once you buy from Skechers, there’s no need to worry. Unworn and defective Skechers are returnable within 45 days of purchase if you’re not on the membership list. However, members have up to 90 days to return defective Skechers.

Skechers are top on the list of affordable, high-quality shoes. Moreover, the features are excellent and all pairs of shoes fit perfectly.

The Bottom Line

It’s a genuine concern whether Skechers are good shoes or not. I sure hope I helped answer any questions you had about the brand. To recap, Skechers are affordable, and their designs go above and beyond to satisfy all their customers.


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