Is Schnadig Furniture Good Quality? (Explained For Beginners)

Schnadig Furniture Good Quality

Schnadig has done quite well in the furniture industry and is one of the major furniture brands to reckon with.

The company’s furniture is well-known for giving spaces (rooms, parlor, offices) an elegant look.

Beyond the classy look, is Schnadig furniture of good quality?

Yes, Schnadig furniture is highly recognized due to its great style and quality. Customers are often drawn by the adorable and classy designs of the furniture.

In this quick guide, we will look at Schnadig and the different types of furniture products available from the company.

Schnadig Furniture Background

Schnadig Furniture was bought in 1908 by Mr. Schnadig where he worked as a salesman and his brother handled manufacturing. 

After the demise of his brother, Mr. Schnadig brought in Lawrence Schnadig, his brother’s son, to take over the management of the company.

While having to maintain the original vision and standards of the founders, Lawrence has elevated the status of Schnadig. 

However, Lawrence Schnadig has never attributed his success to his experiences as a salesman. Instead, he states that it is all consistency and a lot of hard work.

Is Schnadig Furniture Good Quality? 

The furniture-making company uses mahogany to create good-quality furniture pieces.

Apart from making eye-catchy designs, the manufacturer also makes aesthetically pleasing products that tend to last long.

One of the core values that Schnadig is known for is its high quality.

In the past, the furniture maker used general wood to create the interior framework. It also used 90 percent of a fabric pile known as Mohair.

Some of its vintage furniture is still available for sale today. 

In recent times, more and more people tend to go for modern furniture designs. 

Thankfully, Schnadig has mastered the art of altering traditional and contemporary designs to appeal to the taste of its customers.

Schnadig Furniture Category

Schnadig provides numerous designs for every room in a home, office space, and more, meaning the company serves customers from across a broad market.

The furniture category is based on the following:

  • Rooms in a home or office
  • The style
  • Collection
  • Color

Rooms in a Home or Office

Schnadig specializes in making furniture for the bedroom, dining room, and living room. Some of these include king-sized beds, chairs, sofas, and more.

It also makes furniture products that are specifically designed to suit offices. 

The Style 

The manufacturer tends to style its furniture pieces based on what its customers find appealing. 

This can be clearly seen in some of its remarkable pieces such as the Schnadig rectangular table, the Schnadig sleigh table, and more.


Attractive aesthetics is a strong point for Schnadig. It is usually difficult for customers to say no to the products because of the beautiful colors they come in.

Regardless of your current interior décor, you are sure to find a color scheme that matches your space whether it is in your home or office. 

The furniture company also manufactures upholstered beds, love sofas, and tables. It also makes low seats that are suitable for use both in homes and offices.

Prices of Schnadig Furniture

The value of each piece of furniture from Schnadig is solely dependent on its condition and styling.

Most of the products such as the rectangle cocktail table range from $600 to $1000. You can find most of the used furniture pieces selling for anywhere between $400 and $600.

Potential Problems with Schnadig Furniture

Peeling of Leather Upholstery

This tends to happen after a considerably long time, particularly for furniture with leather covering. 

However, this seems to be a common problem for most leather furniture and not just related to Schnadig alone.

For this reason, individuals who want to buy leather furniture should also keep in mind that they will need to refurbish it in the future.

Difficulty in Getting a Replacement

Getting a replacement for faulty furniture parts can be quite difficult. This is often related to the poor communication between customers and the company.

How to Pick Your Next Schnadig Furniture 

Many people tend to be carried away by the eye-catchy designs that Schnadig furniture pieces have come to be known for. 

This can make customers buy furniture products that are not really suited for their purpose. To avoid this mistake, it is crucial to consider certain factors when buying any furniture piece. 

Here are a few tips to help you pick your next Schnadig furniture that will be worth your while.

Only Choose Furniture Products that Your Space Needs 

It is important to consider the type of furniture that will suit the specific needs of your space. 

Keep in mind that most furniture pieces made by Schnadig often come in big sizes. 

In other words, you should buy what can fit into your space without too many modifications or alterations to your existing arrangement.

Working with Your Budget

It is not very helpful to buy products based on trends. 

Instead, it makes more sense to always work within your budget. And that goes for furniture products too. 

Unfortunately, many people tend to buy what seems to be in vogue. The problem with going with the trend is that trends typically don’t last. 

Thankfully, Schnadig has products that can suit just about anyone’s budget. 

The manufacturer has both expensive and moderately priced products, so it is usually not difficult to find something that matches your budget. 

To get the most out of your purchase, it is advisable to conduct price research and compare prices across the categories before deciding which products to buy. 

This can help you to save more money on your next purchase.

Plan for the Future

Most customers often buy Schnadig vintage furniture with the hopes of reselling it in the future.  

Interestingly, many of the brand’s vintage products appreciate over time. Keep in mind that some vintage furniture products can be quite expensive, so always go for what you can afford.

Wrapping Up

Schnadig takes great pride in creating and maintaining high-quality furniture with a blend of creativity and craftsmanship. 

It is no surprise that many furniture outlets or stores have plenty of the brand’s furniture collection on display. 

Schnadig has a goal of making good quality furniture for both home and office use. And this, it has accomplished as evidenced by its teeming customers from around the globe. 

In adding to high-quality and long-lasting products, the manufacturer is also known for including excellent aesthetics in its products.


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