Is Sam Moore Furniture Good Quality? (Explained)

Sam Moore Furniture Good Quality

Absolutely!! Sam Moore is a middle-end American manufacturer of solid, good quality, and mid-priced furniture. The company uses high-quality lumber and offers amazing furniture customization options through its Customer’s Own Material (COM) option. 

Furthermore, you’ll get hundreds of custom fabrics and finishes that you can choose from. The company remains true to its craftsmanship, American tradition, and quality. 

For its price range, Sam Moore’s furniture meets or exceeds the industry’s expectations for quality. 

So, should you buy from them? Maybe yes, maybe not. Read on to find out more.

Who Makes Sam Moore Furniture? 

Sam Moore Furniture Company manufacture Sam Moore furniture in their Bedford, Virginia factory. Sam Moore has been making upholstered furniture in the US for more than 80 years. 

The company is a subsidiary of the much larger Hooker Furnishings Company

The fashion-forward company specializes in custom cover-to-frame customized sofas, sectional seating, settees, and chairs. 

Other furniture companies under the Hooker brand include Bradington-Young, Shenandoah Furniture, H Contract, Accentrics Home, Pulaski Furniture, Samuel Lawrence Furniture, and Prime Resource International. 

Why You Should Buy Sam Moore Furniture

We all have different expectations and voids in our homes or offices that particular pieces of furniture must fill. Secondly, a person that prefers a certain product might not rate another product particularly highly. 

However, good furniture aspects will surely cut across the board whether you like a brand or not. 

This section will look at the strengths that should draw you towards buying Sam Moore furniture. 


Sam Moore Furniture uses durable plywood and hardwood materials to make sturdy frames, arms, upholstery, and a myriad of furniture items that guarantee durability. 

It’s an excellent company synonymous with middle-end furniture at a pocket-friendly price. If you’re in the furniture market looking for customizable ottomans or sofas at a friendly price, Sam Moore is the right place. 

The company is so confident in the quality of its products that it offers a lifetime warranty on cushion cores and frame parts.


Sam Moore’s Simply Me customizable upholstery program spearheads the company’s upscale customizable furniture. And with a growing affection towards individualism in furniture design, Sam Moore has the customer in mind with some excellent choices

You can express yourself through custom fabrics, unique upholstery, trim, and finishes.

With over 250 styles to choose from, the company offers more than 500 fabric and leather options that can be tailored for you.

Additionally, you have 20 multi-step hand finishes for exposed wood. Some products also allow you to pick personalized nailhead trimming and stitching.

You can also select the comfortability level that suits you so that your piece of furniture expresses your style and feel. 

Let’s take customizable cushions as an example. You’ll have three options to choose from: the Classic, Down Plush, and Spring Down Luxe. 

The Classic is made of polyurethane foam and bonded fiber. The Spring Down Luxe is the higher-end product of the three and has a coil spring system in polyurethane foam and fiber compound. 

The Down Plush is made of polyurethane foam covered in a down-proof ticking. 

Sam Moore customizable furniture is tailored for virtually any middle-end budget without a reduction in the level of comfort that you’ll get.

Fair Pricing

The Sam Moore brand is an affordable subsidiary of the Hooker Furniture Company. 

And while some may assume that their furniture is affordable because of cheap or dubious production processes, it’s not the case with Sam Moore. Sam Moore remains true to its heritage of offering excellent handcrafted furniture at affordable pricing. 

The company prefers to retain its market share by being friendly to its customer base with the best products as a reward for their years of loyalty.

Environmental Sustainability

There’s a present trend in the US whereby consumers prefer buying commodities from environmentally friendly and sustainable companies. And all through its existence, Sam Moore has been unwavering in its efforts to conserve the natural environment around its facilities. 

The Company Practices Include:

  • Improving the use of natural resources in its production by maximizing the use of wood materials 
  • Forming partnerships with equally environmentally conscious partners
  • Lowering their carbon footprint
  • Creating public awareness campaigns on conserving the natural habitats

Sam Moore Furniture is EFEC certified by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA) for its efforts towards environmental sustainability.

A Common Problem With Sam Moore Furniture

The Company Repairs Broken Furniture Instead of Replacing

Sam Moore Furniture states that it’s upon them to determine whether a piece of furniture should be replaced or repaired. 

You might find yourself repairing your sofa on multiple occasions when it’s clear that replacing the item is a better solution. 

They’re very strict on how you can use your warranty cover. Some might say that such conduct is unfriendly and unfavorable for business, but that’s what they offer.

What’s the Warranty on Sam Moore Furniture? 

Whether Sam Moore’s customer-friendly warranty results from the company’s confidence in its furniture or the result of its love for its customer base is debatable, the company has a very good and functional warranty cover for its products. 

The cushion cores and frame parts have a lifetime cover against workmanship and material defects. The catch is that the furniture should be in its original upholstery and the claim filed by the first owner as it’s non-transferable. 

Mild wearing, fading, and flattening of the foam core are normal and therefore not covered.

All recline mechanisms and springs have a 3-year cover for the original purchaser. 

Filling materials and battery packs are covered for a year. 

What’s Not Covered In The Warranty

  • Any defects that result from the use of aftermarket detergents and cleaners on the furniture
  • Any defects resulting from the wrong use of the furniture
  • Pick up and delivery charges for externally sourced inspections and repairs.
  • Fading of the leathers or fabrics

What Do Reviews Say?

As a brand, Sam Moore Furniture is well-rated for its durable, pocket-friendly, and customizable furniture. Some reviewers like the brand’s honesty and its efforts to remain true to American heritage while adopting modern furniture designs concurrently.

However, the brand is a mid-end furniture manufacturer, so you shouldn’t expect the same quality of comfort that you would get from Stickley or Sherrill furniture.

So Should You Buy It?

Yes! If you weren’t certain whether you should buy your preferred piece of furniture from the company, you could go ahead with the purchase. 

Factors such as furniture comfortability and good customer service are sufficient to draw you to the company.   

Wrapping It Up!

Sam Moore Furniture Company continues to make the best-handcrafted upholstery. 

These range from classics to modern styles that compete equally with the middle and high-end pieces. 

Remember that constant care and proper usage are key factors to ensure the longevity of any piece of furniture. 

With Sam Moore Furniture, you’ll experience fewer cases of furniture faults that result from workmanship errors. It’s a great brand that remains true to its American roots.


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