Are Rubi Faucets Good? (Explained For Beginners)

Rubi Faucets Good

If you’re wondering whether Rubi faucets are good and worth anything, you’re certainly in the right place. 

For your information, Rubi faucets are among the most practical, durable, and authentic faucets you’ll ever come across. The company designs its faucets to focus on increased performance and longevity. 

What is even more exciting about the Rubi faucets is that you can select from kitchen or washroom faucets, depending on your needs. 

For you to understand how good Rubi faucets are, keep reading. 

Are Rubi Faucets Easy To Clean?

Absolutely! Rubi faucets are easy to clean and maintain. Cleaning the faucet is critical for its durability. 

If you do regular cleaning, the company’s chances of granting a warranty in case of damage are high. Poor maintenance can lead to your warranty being disqualified. 

To clean your faucet components, use a soft cloth, warm water, and mild soap. If you do it well, you’ll be able to remove stains, soap accumulation traces, and dirt.

After cleaning the faucet, rinse using a dry and soft cloth. This will also help restore its original luster. 

Are The Retailers Reliable?

Rubi has a strong and reliable network of at least 250 retailers. The retailers have a proven record of offering advanced and advantageous after-sales service. 

All the retailers focus on development and healthy growth, where diversity plays a significant role in showcasing the company’s ambition towards the American market. 

It’s very easy to come across a retailer within your locality. 

Does Rubi Have Enough Market Experience?

Rubi has at least 50 years of experience in the faucet business. The company has a long tradition of excellence under the Soligo family. 

The long experience has contributed to a more diversified operation, at least for the past ten years. 

The company boasts a dedicated team of marketing, research and development, sales, support, and design focused on the training, follow-ups, product experience and the success of its authorized dealer network. 

The specializing and experience in kitchen and bathroom faucets are responsible for creating reliable and efficient products that guarantee quality performance for many years. 

Are Rubi Faucets Well Designed?

All the Rubi faucets undergo quality designing before manufacturing. The company boasts a team of experienced and qualified engineers who guarantee quality designs.

If you buy any faucet from Rubi, you’ll notice that it reflects the effort and work involved in the manufacture and design of equally operational faucets.

Thanks to the many years of proven expertise, the development and research team has put Rubi at the forefront of developing eco-responsive and innovative products. 

The company has also mastered the art of combining modern style with great efficiency.  

Rubi Faucets Warranty

The company has a limited lifetime warranty for its bathroom and kitchen faucets. The warranty protects against manufacturing defects, dripping, and leaks. 

The warranty is also applicable in case of a material defect for PVD matte black, chrome, PVD gold, PVD matte black, or matte white faucets. 

If your faucet drips, leaks, or becomes defective in workmanship or finish during the warranty period, Rubi replaces or repairs the defective parts at no extra cost. 

What happens if the faucets are no longer on the market? In such a case, the company won’t replace the parts but rather make a similar replacement product with an equivalent market value. 

To make a claim, you need to provide the place and date of purchase, a brief cause of claim description, and the original invoice. 

Omitting any of the above is likely to invalidate your claim request. 

What Are The Top Rubi Faucet Models?

If you check online or from your local retailers, you’ll get a variety of Rubi faucets on sale. Let’s consider some top Rubi faucets worth your attention:

Single-Lever Professional Style Faucet RCH91D2MCC

Without question, this is among the top-quality faucets we recommend for your kitchen needs. If you buy this product, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty.

It can support a pressure of 60 psi. It also comes with two-jet spray heads. 

You’ll fall in love with this faucet, thanks to its flexible spout. It’s also highly durable, thanks to the solid brass construction. 

Endricks R-Single Lever Faucet RLO91D2ERBK

The Endricks R-single lever faucet is another top-quality product with a limited lifetime warranty. It comes with pull-down two-jets spray. 

The solid brass construction guarantees very high durability. It can support a flow rate of 2.2 GPM.

Nina Single-Hole Faucet RNI91D2SBK

The Nina single-hole faucet supports a flow rate of 1.5 GPM. It’s a single-hole professional kitchen faucet that comes with a two-jet spray head. It also has a flexible silicone spout. 

The faucet is highly durable due to having solid brass construction. 

Rubi Faucet Durability

Like normal faucets, Rubi faucets also boast a lifespan of 15-20 years. Remember, almost all Rubi faucets are designed with solid brass, which is highly durable. 

However, with constant maintenance and care, expect the faucets to increase their lifespan. We recommend cleaning the faucet using a clean cloth and then drying it with a soft cloth. 

You should also ensure that any damaged parts are repaired immediately. This includes leaks from the faucets. 

If you experience damage on parts and leaks within the warranty period, Rubi might make a replacement or repair at no cost. 

Is Rubi A Good Brand?

Whether you’re seeking bathroom or kitchen faucets, Rubi has the best quality products for you. With at least 50 years of experience, the company has invested enough resources in research and innovation to provide faucets that align with user needs. 

As we have seen, most models come with a limited lifetime warranty. It’s uncommon to come across such a deal. If some damage occurs to your product within the warranty period, you can get a replacement or free repair. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and reliable faucet, think no further than Rubi faucets. These faucets are designed with solid brass material making them highly durable. 

With a long list of over 250 retailers, getting faucets within your locality becomes easier. Rubi also boasts over 50 years of innovation and research, thus quality designs. 

You stand a chance of getting a limited lifetime warranty upon purchasing any Rubi faucet. This gives you security in case there is damage beyond your control.

Feel free to buy any of the products we have recommended above. 


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