6 CLEVER Ways to Remove Brand Name from Bag (for Beginners)

Remove Brand Name from Bag

Regardless of the type and size, bags usually have different patterns, names, brands, and characters stitched into them.

Organizations use unique patterns, names, brands, and characters to advertise, decorate, and create unique bags.

Most bags are fantastic; however, people may dislike their names. This is because some of the names sewn on bags employ odd colors and are displeasing to the eye.

Therefore, it is essential to remove names that are not visually appealing.

There are various clever ways that can be employed to remove tacky brand names from different bags. The appropriate method depends on the material utilized to create the bag and the design. Keep reading for more.

1 – Using an Iron

Are you wondering how you can eliminate a brand name from your bag? The steps below will guide you through the entire process.

You need an iron, a towel, and a flat surface. An example of a flat surface is a table. The towel should be placed inside the bag to ensure the iron does not damage the other parts of the bag. Heat the iron until it is hot.

When using the iron technique, ensure that the bag is wet. Iron the name or the letters on the bag for a few minutes. Peel and scrape the name or letters when the bag dries.

Another critical step is to place a wet cloth over the name. Then iron continuously until the damp cloth dries completely.

The next step is to peel and scrape the name from the bag using a sharp object such as a knife. This should be done repeatedly until the brand name is completely removed. However, this is a long and tiresome process because you have to repeat the steps several times.

For bags made using nylon fabric, washing them using cold water is essential. Avoid using hot or warm water because this can damage the bag. The nylon bag should be laid down while wet and not dry.

Plain paper should be placed on top of the target area. Also, ensure that a shiny film is not present on the paper before ironing it.

When using the iron technique, applying the right amount of heat is advisable to avoid damaging the bag.

It is the best approach to use when the bag is created using natural cloth.

2 – Using Solvents

Another common method utilized to remove unique patterns and names from bags is solvents. There are several solvents that can be used to perform this task. Examples include adhesive remover, olive oil, nail polish, and alcohol.

Soak your bag in a solvent and wait for several minutes before commencing the actual removal process. The solvent will dissolve into the letters of the name, making it easy to remove.

Then, use a sharp object like a knife to scrape the soaked name from your precious bag. After removing the name, use clean water and soap to wash the bag. This is essential to get rid of the solvent.

Before using any solvent to remove a name and patterns from your bag, test it to see whether it stains your bag. Testing should be done on the inside part of your bag or any hidden area.

Solvents may make the area underneath the name appear dull. Therefore, it is crucial to apply beeswax, especially on leather bags.

  • Nail Polish Remover

The first solvent is a nail polish remover. This solvent is appropriate for computer bags and other nylon bags.

Nail polish remover should be rubbed on the name or the target area using a cotton ball. This should be done continuously until the name disappears.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

If the nail polish method does not work, try the second technique: rubbing alcohol on the name. This can be done by dipping a sponge into alcohol and then using the sponge to remove the name.

However, a nail polish remover may be more effective than rubbing alcohol.

Nevertheless, alcohol and nail polish should not be applied on the reverse side of the leather bag because they may not be effective. Make sure that you use them directly on the brand name.

  • Olive Oil

The third popular technique is using olive oil to remove the name if it was written on the bag using paint. Nonetheless, if olive oil is ineffective, you can try a substitute called Vaseline.

You should also be careful when using solvents to get rid of names with odd colors. Solvents can easily damage the bag’s fabric.

Solvents may work great on some bags but may ruin some parts of your bag; therefore, choose the solvent to use wisely.

One of the precautions when using this method is to wear a mask to avoid inhaling the fumes that may emerge from the solvent. The fumes may be harmful to your health.

Since leather bags are made using unique ingredients and materials, solvents may remove or fail to remove the decorations.

Some people argue that getting rid of names from leather bags is impossible. Others claim that combustible liquids such as kerosene and gas can be utilized to remove names from leather bags.

However, you should be very careful not to burn some parts or the entire bag.

3 – Using a Patch

Unattractive names can be easily removed from bags using a patch. A patch is an effective technique that can be used to get rid of names from bags because it covers the name completely. If you do not have a patch, you can purchase it from the store or online.

A suitable material that can be used to cover up names is a ribbon. You should ensure that the patch or ribbon is large enough to cover the name completely. Also, ensure that the ribbon used has an attractive color.

Avoid using bulky patches because they can ruin your bag. Instead, consider using patches that do not add to the bag’s thickness. You can use a thinner sort of patch called an applique.

The applique or patch should be laid on top of the name. First, ensure that your bag is laid on a flat surface, such as a table, before placing the patch on its name. The patch can be attached at different angles depending on your taste and preference.

A safe and recommendable patch to use is reflective tape. You can cover the name of the bag using reflective tape. The tape is useful because it improves visibility while in the woods, walking, or working in low-light or high-traffic places.

Due to the high costs of bags, use reflective tapes and other techniques carefully. Choose the appropriate method that will not ruin your bag.

Some bags, such as jute bags, are extremely hard and rough. The patch technique may be effective because jute cannot tolerate heat.

Since removing names from jute bags is challenging, you can get rid of them by just covering them with more visually appealing names or materials. Therefore, patches are the best method to remove unattractive names from jute bags.

4 – Using a Paint Thinner or Remover

You may be lucky if the name is written using paint. It can be easily removed using a paint thinner or remover.

However, this method should be used carefully because the bag may be destroyed by the thinner or odor produced by the paint.

This method is appropriate for removing names from bags that are extremely hard and rough, such as jute bags. It is also ideal for plastic bags. You can easily change the name and color of plastic by painting over the bag.

5 – Using WD-40

This method is appropriate for bags made using hard nylon, and the names are silkscreen.

WD-40 should be applied to the name you want to remove. The chemical should be left for some time to pool.

Use a clean towel to scrub the name after the chemical has pooled. This should be done repeatedly until the name disappears.

6 – Using a Sharp Knife

A sharp object such as a knife can be used to remove names printed on bags using rubber.

Rubber print can be easily scraped away using a sharp knife. However, this should be performed slowly and gently to avoid damaging the fabric.

You can also apply a small amount of dry cleaning fluid or solvent called perchloroethylene to remove any leftover residue. The solvent should be allowed to soak before rubbing the residue with a moist sponge.

After removing all the rubber, wash the affected area using water and laundry soap. Then dry your bag.

However, ensure that no rubber is left before drying the bag because heat can cause the rubber to spread to other parts of the bag.


Different methods can be utilized to remove names and other unique patterns from bags. However, the method used is determined by the material employed to manufacture the bag and the material used to print the name on the bag.

It is advisable to buy a bag that interests you to avoid the hassle of removing names and other patterns from your bag. The process of removing a name from a bag requires a lot of resources, energy, and time.

The easiest names to remove are those that are embroidered into the bag. You only have to remove the threads. However, you can remove names from any bag by selecting the appropriate method.


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